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Multipurpose Aerial Drone for Bridge Inspection and Fire Extinguishing Raquel Remington Ramon Cordero Daniel Villanueva Larry March Adviser: Dr. Ibrahim.

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1 Multipurpose Aerial Drone for Bridge Inspection and Fire Extinguishing Raquel Remington Ramon Cordero Daniel Villanueva Larry March Adviser: Dr. Ibrahim Tansel

2 Problem Statement and Motivation Building the next Bridge Inspection and Fire Extinguishing drone Design a release mechanism that is more efficient for the chemical fire extinguisher. To make the inspection of bridges safer for engineers and inspectors. To allow fighter to be more efficient in extinguishing of small fires.

3 Impacts on Safety Inspection - Crane Inspection - Smoke Stack Inspection - Power Line Aerial Inspection - Pipe Lines - Wind Farm / Wind Mill Aerial Inspection - Roof top damage Inspection - Solar Panel Inspection - Refinery Flare Tip Inspection - Bridge Aerial Inspection - Search and rescue - Insurance companies to inspect damage - Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone injuries Fire Extinguishing -Small fires -Chemical extinguishing testing

4 Impacts on Economy Air drone are the next technology Easy access Fast delivery Quick access Hard to get places No waiting Unmanned Availability to be tract and real time video No life risk Hard to get places Photograph by amazon Photograph by DHL

5 Markets The quad copter industry is changing rapidly. The market is expanding as technology improves and costs decrease, and it can be difficult to keep track of what companies are even making the various models out there.

6 Proposed Structural Design

7 Mechatronic System Auto pilot: Pixhawk 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 Processor running NuttX RTOS 14 PWM/servo outputs External safety button for easy motor activation Multicolor LED indicator High-power, multi-tone piezo audio indicator r-pixhawk

8 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit 5 Hz update rate 25 x 25 x 4 mm ceramic patch antenna Rechargeable 3V lithium backup battery Low noise 3.3V regulator I2C EEPROM for configuration storage Power and fix indicator LEDs Protective case 38 x 38 x 8.5 mm total size 16.8 grams gps-ublox-with-compass

9 Telemetry kit (radio ste) Frequency : 915 or 433 MHz Interchangeable air and ground modules Micro-USB port Allows for Remote collection of the Autopilot’s Data radio

10 Video/OSD system Sony HAD 520 line camera MinimOSD on-screen- display-board 5.8Ghz 200mw video transmitter/receiver pair Two 900mAh LiPo batteries (one for the air, one for the ground) osd-kit

11 Electronic Speed Controller Constant Current: 45A Input Voltage: 2-6 cells Lipo(7.2V-24V) Output: 5.5V/6A Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Poles Brushless Motor Motor Plugs: Female 4.0mm Bullet Connector Weight: 58g Turnigy_Multistar_45_Amp_Multi_rotor_Brushless_ESC _2_6S.html

12 Power supply Capacity: 8000mAh Voltage: 6s/ 22.2V Weight: 1105g Dimensions:195x50x55 mm o_tech_8000mAh_6S_25_50C_Lipo_Pack.html

13 Power distribution board 4 female Deans connectors/ 1 XT60 connector Sends power and signals to the different electric speed controllers to power the different motors Regulates a failsafe power source to the autopilot r-power-distribution-board-1

14 Power module Supports up to 10s LiPo battery Maximum voltage supported 45V Maximum Amperage supported 90 amps module-apmpx4-support-to-10s-battery.html

15 Brushless Motors Kv 480(rpm/v) Weight 154g Max Current 31 A Resistance 62(mh) Max Voltage 22(V) Power 680(W) Diameter C (mm)48 Can Length D (mm)33 Shaft Ø (mm)6 Length B (mm)33 LiPo max6 Rpm=480(rpm/V)*25.2V =12096

16 Radio controller Spektrum DX8 Radio Controller 8 channel radio Spektrum ARB8000 High resolution radio receiver 3DR PPM encoder Receives PWM servo outputs of the R/C receiver and encodes them into a PPM pulse suitable for the autopilot products/8-channel-ppm- encoder-version-2 oducts/Default.aspx?ProdId=SP M8800 https://www.spektrumrc. com/Products/ px?ProdId=SPMAR8000

17 Autopilot/radio set upPower Set up

18 Proposed Designs of Release Mechanism Designed: Solidwork s 2013 Manufactured: 3D Printing Material: Polyactic Acid (PLA)

19 Final Design

20 Mechatronics: Release Mechanism Programming: Arduino Software & Mission Planner

21 Release Mechanism Test Initial Design TestFinal Design Test

22 Force Analysis - Rotors Required lift of rotors ▫ ▫Weighs 49 N  Solving dictates that thrust per rotor must be greater than 12.23N ▫  Solving for the radius yields:  Radius of rotors must be greater than 0.055m

23 Force Analysis – Release Mechanism Forces acting upon the grippers ▫  Rearranging yields:  Mass of extinguishing grenade is 1.4 kg.  Force is 3.43N per gripper

24 Thermal Analysis Updraft temperatures 1 – 60-100°C Carbon fiber maintains integrity up to 2200°C ▫Epoxy resin can soften at temperatures above 100°C PLA can withstand temperatures up to 150°C Fire extinguishing grenade - 82°C Recommended operating temperatures of 60- 70°C

25 Von Mises Stress Simulation Stress QualityStress (kPa) Maximum117 Minimum112 Average114

26 Strain Simulation Strain QualityStrain (µε) Maximum29 Minimum28 Average28.5

27 Factor of Safety Simulation

28 Deformation Simulation Deformation Quality Deformatio n (µm) Maximum0.258 Minimum0.245 Average0.250

29 Fabrication Structural Skeleton ▫Carbon Fiber tubing and plating  Manufactured to specifications Electronic Components ▫Prefabricated Release Mechanism ▫3D printing in PLA

30 Testing

31 Total Costs - $1284.26 ItemIndividual Cost ($)QuantityTotal Cost 3DR Video Kit189.991 XT60 Male Connector1.251 480 KV Motor18.00472.00 3DR Pixhawk199.991 3DR GPS79.991 Deans Male Connector1.0044.00 ESC 20 AMP with SimonK25.994103.96 IRIS + Battery Pack39.991 Power Board15.001 3DR Radio Set100.001 PPM Encoder24.901 APC Propellers8.001 Carbon Fiber Tubing41.253123.75 Propellers2.8025.60 Carbon Fiber Disk (large)41.95283.90 Carbon Fiber Disk (small)31.951 Motor for Claw24.991 3D Printing175.001

32 Sustainability Carbon Fiber Structure ▫Repurposed or downcycled Lithium Ion Battery ▫Recyclable though doing so drives the cost of lithium up 5 times PLA Plastic Components ▫Recycled chemically and remanufactured to PLA filament

33 Standards ASME Code of Ethics SI System of Units FAA UAS Standards ASTM Composite Standards IEEE SA Consumer Electronics Standards


35 Questions?

36 References 1 Clark, Terry, Janice Coen, Mary Ann Jenkins, David Packham. "Modeling the Links Between Fire and Wind." UCAR.

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