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OF Mice and Men Chapter 1 Vocabulary Unbridled Spurious (fake) spasmodic circumspect Perennial (constant ) Efface (erase) muddle (confuse) diffuse (deliver)

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1 OF Mice and Men Chapter 1 Vocabulary Unbridled Spurious (fake) spasmodic circumspect Perennial (constant ) Efface (erase) muddle (confuse) diffuse (deliver) Brigand (robber) Commandeer (take)

2 uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked Unbridled (Wild)

3 counterfeit, false, bogus Spurious (fake)

4 intermittent, occasional, irregular spasmodic

5 careful, prudent, cautious circumspect

6 persistent, recurring Perennial (constant )

7 wipe out, obliterate Efface (erase)

8 confusion, disorder, hopeless mess muddle (confuse)

9 to spread out, to disperse diffuse (deliver)

10 bandit, outlaw Brigand (robber)

11 to seize, take over Commandeer (take)

12 Chapter 1 When George and Lennie approach the river, why does George not want Lennie to drink too much water? What does George want Lennie to remember? Why does Lennie have a dead mouse in his pocket? Why does George order Lennie not talk when they get to the ranch? What happened to all of the mice that Aunt Clara gave him? Why have George and Lennie run away from Weed? If George can be better off without Lennie, why does George continue to stay with Lennie? What dream do George and Lennie share?


14 Vocabulary Define the following words Scourge (beat) Brusque (rude) Pantomime Scoff Imperious Liniment (ointment) Scowl (frown) Cesspool Morose (serious) Mollify Pugnacious ominous

15 Scourge (beat) To whip; criticize severely or lash Anything that causes annoyance Brusque Blunt; to the point; to speak harshly

16 Pantomime Gesture without speech Scoff To make fun of; mock

17 Imperious Controlling; overbearing Liniment (ointment) Liquid used to rub and relieve pain

18 Scowl To have a gloomy and threatening look; a frown Cesspool A place for filth or sewage

19 Morose (serious) Expression of gloom Mollify To soften feelings or temper; to make one feel better emotionally

20 Pugnacious One who likes to fight Ominous Foretelling of evil or harm


22 Chapter 2 1.How do we know that the boss of the ranch is not a working man? 2.Why does the boss have a problem with George answering questions for Lennie? 3.Why did Curly originally pick on Lennie? 4.What warning did George give Lennie, and why? 5.Why does Lennie feel uncomfortable at the ranch? 6.How do the ranchers deal with animals they feel are worthless? 7.Who gives George and Lennie the information on the ranch?

23 Chapter 3 Vocabulary Wry hoosegow Bemuse Reverent Reprehensible Rapt Tart Subdue Gnaw Euchre Rigid Cultivator rheumatism

24 1.Wry – bitterly; devious in purpose 2.Hoosegow-slang for jail 3.Bemuse (confuse)- to bewilder or confuse 4. Reverent(respect)-deeply respectful 5. Reprehensible-(criminal); worthy of blame

25 6. Rapt-(think)carried off mentally to another place; daydream 7. Tart-woman who flirts with many men Subdue-to hold down bring under control Gnaw-(bite)chewing; biting

26 Euchre-a card game Rigid-(stiff)having no movement; inflexible Cultivator-farm equipment used to break soil, and remove weeds Rheumatism-disorder characterized by pain and stiffness

27 Chapter 3 Questions 1.What makes Slim such an important figure? 2.How did George and Lennie get together? 3.What made George change the way he treated Lennie? 4.How does George describe men who travel alone? 5.What did Lennie get that made him so happy? 6.Why does Carlson feel that Candy’s dog should be killed, and how is he planning on doing it? 7.Why was there so much tension in the bunk house as Carlson killed the dog?

28 Chapter 3 Question Continued 8. How do the men describe Curly’s wife? 9. Why is Curly so anxious to find his wife? 10. Why is making a stake so important to George? 11. Why are all three men so amazed at the dream? 12. Why does Candy want to join their dream? 13. Why do you think Candy feels he should have killed his own dog? 14. Why did Curly attack Lennie? 15. Who do you think should be blamed for the fight between Curly and Lennie and why?

29 Chapter 4 Vocabulary Maul Aloof Fawn Irritate Regard Sullen Contempt Indignation Scorn Avert Appraise crestfallen

30 1. Maul – (bruise) beat badly, injure 2.Aloof – stand off from, impersonal 3.Fawn – grovel; bow down to suck up to

31 4. Irritate (anger)- to provoke towards anger 5.Regard(look)- to view with concern 6.Sullen (grouchy)- in a bad mood; crabby 7.Contempt (hate)- strong and intense dislike

32 8.Indignation – displeasure over an occurrence 9. Scorn – to be disgusted by 10. avert- to look away from

33 11. Appraise (estimate) to evaluate the value of something 12.Crestfallen (disappointed) – frustration over an unsuccessful act.

34 Chapter 4 Questions 1. What is ironic about Crooks position at the ranch when compared to the other ranch hands? 2.Why does Crooks feel that he can talk to Lennie safely? 3.What does Lennie and Crooks have in common? 4.How did Crooks show evidence of George’s theory of a man who is alone? 5.What mistake did Crooks realized he made when he told Lennie that George was not coming back? 6.How does Crooks feel about his life on the ranch? 7.What did Crooks cause Lennie to worry about?

35 8. How was Crooks past similar to George and Lennie’s dream? 9. What was Crooks’ opinion of Lennie’s dream? 10. What offer does Crooks make and why? 11. What is Curley’s wife’s excuse for flirting with other men? 12. Why did Curley’s wife suddenly pay attention to Lennie? 13.What power did Curley’s wife have over the three men and how was she able to get that power? 14. Why did Crooks change is desire to join Candy, George and Lennie?

36 Chapter 5 Vocabulary 1.Jeer (tease) 2.Woe (sadness) 3.Earnest (truth) 4.Complacent (satisfy) 5.Contorted (deform) 6.Writhe (twist) 7.Discontent (unhappy) 8.Snivel (weep) 9.Lynch 10.Soothe (comfort)

37 Chapter 5 Vocabulary Jeer (tease)- to make fun of; mock; criticize Woe (sadness) - grief; depress Earnest (truth)- honest; serious in Purpose

38 Complacent(satisfy) –accepting of one’s Situation Contort (deform) – reshape, reposition change form Writhe (twist) – to turn as from pain Discontent (unhappy) - dissatisfied

39 Snivel(weep) – soft cry; whimper Lynch- put to death by unauthorized authority Soothe (comfort) – to put at ease or calm

40 Chapter 5 Questions 1.What happened to Lennie’s pup? 2. What dream did Curley’s wife have for herself? 3.What impression do you have of Curley’s wife? 4.How did Curley’s wife make Lennie feel comfortable enough to talk to after he was warned not to?

41 5.How did Lennie kill Curley’s wife? Why is this considered the climax of the story? 6.Although Lennie is mentally challenged, why is he able to realize the seriousness of his actions? 7.As Curley’s wife lay dead in the hay the author says, “and the meanness, plannings, discontent, and ache for attention were all gone from her face.” What does the author mean? 8.Who discovered the body of Curley’s wife?

42 9.What was George hoping would happen to Lennie and what did Candy believe they should do? 10. Candy was worried about the dream. How did George respond to Candy’s concern and why? 11.What is George’s dream now and why? 12.Why is Slim so worried about the authorities arresting Lennie?

43 Chapter 6 Vocabulary 1.Scud (dash) – to move quickly 2.Retort(answer)- to make a statement of response 3.Belligerent (temper)- Pugnacious; feisty; one who like to fight 4.Monotonous (bored)- to be done until bored 5.Jar (shock) – to be surprised

44 Chapter 6 Questions 1. Who does Lennie see and why does he see this vision now? 2.What did Aunt Clara and the rabbits represent? 3.What is Lennie worried about and why? 4.Why didn’t George give Lennie “hell” this time?

45 5.How did George kill Lennie and why this way? 6.Describe how each man reacts to seeing Lennie dead? What does this tell you about people?

46 Characters As you read, write and describe character Name Physical Description Characteristic George MiltonWell defined facial features; small in height; strong hands ; tan face; thinks quickly on his feet Father figure (takes care of Lennie); in control Lennie SmallTall (huge); sloped shoulders; shapeless face Acts like a little kid; forgetful; not that smart; unaware of his own strength Old Swamper (Candy)Old ; has no right hand; hunched over; tall; white scruffy beard Likes to gossip Stable buckBlack(African American); has a humpback Has intelligence; avid reader; less than to the rest of the men (gets very little respect Ranch bossWore high top boots with spurs; stands in a position of power; dressed well

47 Characters As you read, write and describe character NamePhysical Description Characteristic Curly (boss’s son)Brown face, brown eyes, tightly curled hair, glove on his left ; short Likes to fight; challenge; arrogant Swamper’s dogOld sheep dog; blind; gray patchy fur because of the moths Harmless Curly’s Wife“purty”(pretty);wide eyes; wears red on nails and lips; full lips; hair in curls; wears a light cotton dress with red mules Likes to be noticed; likes to flirt SlimTall; long black hair; blue jeans short denim jacket; moves with confidence; gives advice; strong; handsone Gets a lot of respect; serious; knowledge; good listener; careful how he moves

48 Characters As you read, write and describe character NamePhysical Characteristics Characteristics CarlsonBig stomach; powerful (strong) straightforward speaks plainly

49 Journal Entries Define a friend. What makes a person a friend? Can a friend ever become like family? Yes or No? Why or why not? If so, then how? (4/28/11) You are being picked on by a bully at school, but if you fight back, you will be expelled. Do you fight back? Why or why not? (5/10/11) You are an extremely poor person. Do you hope for a brighter future? Why or why not? (5/16/11) An old lady in need of assistance lives alone on your street. Your family tells you to leave her alone because old people are useless. Do you help her? Why or Why not?

50 There is a lonely boy at school who does not talk to anyone. All of your friends will laugh at you if you are nice to him. Would you talk to him? Why or Why not? You are the only female in a group of males or the only male in a group of females. The others will not speak to you, and they seem to be whispering about you behind your back. How would you become friends with them? What would you do? The dog becomes a symbol. In what way was the dog a symbol?

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