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Weekly Lesson (Unit 2) 1 Nephi 1–6, 9. Devotional Hymn: Prayer: Thought:

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1 Weekly Lesson (Unit 2) 1 Nephi 1–6, 9

2 Devotional Hymn: Prayer: Thought:

3 Ponder the following questions: When have you felt like you received a blessing from Heavenly Father that was intended specifically for you? Now that you have studied 1 Nephi, what do you think “tender mercies” means?

4 The Lord’s tender mercies are extended to those who exercise faith in Him. Scan 1 Nephi 1 and identify the verse in which this truth is taught.

5 To summarize 1 Nephi 1–6, 9 answer the following questions: From what you learned in the chapters you studied this week, how did the Lord extend His tender mercies to Lehi and his family? What examples of obedience and faith were shown by Lehi and his family? When have you seen the Lord extending His tender mercies to you or to someone you know?

6 Look for examples of the Lord extending His mercy to the faithful as you study the Book of Mormon throughout the year.

7 1 Nephi 2:16, 19 Although Nephi did not murmur, what evidence is there in 1 Nephi 2:16 that leaving Jerusalem may have been difficult for him? What evidence do you see that even though Lehi and his family were obedient to the Lord, life was not easy for them? (See 1 Nephi 2:4, 11.)

8 Share an example of a time when, like Nephi, you called upon Heavenly Father and experienced a softening of your heart through the Spirit or of a time when you received a testimony of something the Lord said.

9 When we call upon God, He can soften our hearts to believe His words. Consider what you can do to strengthen your testimony and gain personal assurances, as Nephi did.

10 1 Nephi 3:7 What principle does 1 Nephi 3:7 teach concerning obedience to the Lord’s commandments? According to what you read in 1 Nephi 1–6 and 9, what were the results of Lehi’s and Nephi’s obedience to God’s commands? When has the Lord prepared a way to help you obey a commandment?

11 Ponder one area in which you can more fully demonstrate your obedience to God.

12 Next Unit (1 Nephi 7–14) In the next unit, you will study the visions of Lehi and Nephi. Lehi and Nephi’s visions of the tree of life are applicable to our lives today. Nephi’s account of his vision includes descriptions of the birth, ministry, and Atonement of Jesus Christ; the discovery and colonization of America by the Gentiles; and the loss of important truths from the Bible and their restoration through the Book of Mormon. Nephi’s account of his vision concludes with a description of the Restoration of the gospel.


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