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Chapter 2 notes With class activities/discussions.

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1 Chapter 2 notes With class activities/discussions

2 Pre-Test True False 1. Emotional Health is not related to your physical health. 2. Once a person adopts personal values, they remain firmly fixed for a lifetime 3. The best thing to do is to reject illogical or unpleasant feelings you may have. 4. Most emotionally healthy people do not need help from others- they stand alone on there own two feet

3 Cont. 5. The primary problem people have in making new relationships is the fear of being rejected 6. The best way to solve a problem is to think up a solution and to concentrate all resources in making it work. 7. A mentor is a person who is a neutral party that helps resolve problems between two parties.

4 Chapt. 2 vocab. Emotional Health – the state of being free from mental disorders Thoughts – Mental process in which a person is always conscious. Cortex – Upper portion of brain where all thoughts occur Values – Set of rules for behavior know right from wrong. Status – standing or rank within a group

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6 Mean girls social status tables gGM gGM

7 Cont. Emotions – feelings that occur that express events that occur or have occurred Emotional Intelligence – ability to recognize and react with appropriate reactions

8 When Dealing with an Emotion 1. Recognize the emotion 2.Own it 3. Verbalize it 4. Express it physically 5. Think about the situation (if negative and persists)

9 Chapt. 2 Sec. 1 Notes Resentment – anger that builds up due to failure to express emotion Suppress – hold back emotions!!!!!!!!!!!! Confrontation – showdown between 2 or more things or people Support System – people or groups you look to for advice or help Mentor – Wise person that gives you advice

10 Your support system List all the people you consider to be in your support system. 1 2 3 4 5

11 Chapt. 2 Sec. 2 and 3 pg. 35-45 Conflict – Struggle between people Violence – brutal physical force intended to harm Feud – bitter long term hostility Tolerance – acceptance of differences between oneself and others Mediator – neutral party helps resolve conflicts Communication – Two way exchange of ideas or thoughts. Assertive – possessing the characteristics of appropriately expressing feelings, wants and needs. Passive – not expressing feelings appropriatley of remaining silent. Aggressive – being insulting or overly demanding to others or invading territory.

12 Strategy to greet and communicate with new people SOFTEN TECHNIQUE S smile O open stance F forward lean T touch E eye contact N nod

13 Close Talker hc hc hc&list=PLvabEoNpMU5XXQoyFik- taxnUIfB4q8q7 hc&list=PLvabEoNpMU5XXQoyFik- taxnUIfB4q8q7

14 Chapter 2 Vocab. Alienation – Withdrawing from others Ostracism – rejection and exclusion from society Nonconformist – person that does not share society values and behaves in unconventional ways. Violent Crime – crime that involves threats or use of force  assualt, murder, rape or robbery

15 Review Questions How would you change a negative thought into a positive one? What are some ways in which you can express your feelings physically? What is the soften technique? Explain the difference between Alienation, Ostracism, and being a nonconformist. What are problems with passive and aggressive behaviors?






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