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Lesson 14 The Color Unit. Aero-Air Aerate: aer (air) ate (make) Aerial: aer (air) ial (related to) Aerobics: Aer (air) obics (science of)

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1 Lesson 14 The Color Unit

2 Aero-Air Aerate: aer (air) ate (make) Aerial: aer (air) ial (related to) Aerobics: Aer (air) obics (science of)

3 Antho: Flower Anthology: Antho (flower) ology (study of) Ananthous: An (lacking) anth (flower) ous (full of) Anthozoan: Antho (flower) zoan (animal) Example: sea anemones and coral

4 Arbor: Tree Abor: Tree Aboreal: Arbor (tree) eal (related to) Aboretum: Arbor (tree) etum(place)

5 Bath/Bathy: Deep Bathos: Deep Bathymetry: Bath (deep) metry (measure) Bathysphere: Bath (deep) sphere (circle) –a strongly built steel diving sphere for deep-sea observation

6 Cad (cid, cas): Fall, Happen, Accident Decadent: De (down) Cad (fall) –Marked by decay or decline. The book condemns some of society's wealthiest members as decadent fools. Casualty: Cas (Fall) Recidivism: Re (again) cid (fall) ism (doctrine) –a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially : relapse into criminal behavior

7 Calc: Lime, Stone, Pebble Calcification: Calc (Lime) cation (make) Calcium: Calc (lime) ium (element) Calculate: Calc (pebbles) ate (make)

8 Chloro: Green Chlorine: Chloro (green) ine (having the nature of) highly irritating, greenish-yellow gaseous halogen, capable of combining with nearly all other elements, used widely to purify water, as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. Chloroform: Chloro (green) form (having the form of) A chlorine compound Chlorophyll: Chloro (green) phyll (leaf)

9 Chrys: Gold/Yellow Chrysanthemum: Chrys (yellow) Antho (flower) Chrysalis: Gold/Yellow pupa of a butterfly Chrysophyte: Chryso (yellow) phyte (plant)-Gold Brown Algea

10 Cre (creas, cret): Grow Increase: In (towards) crease (grow) Crescendo: A gradual increase Accretion: Ac (to) cre (grow) tion (act of) The process of growth by a gradual build-up.

11 Cur: Care for Curator: Cur (care for) ator (one who) Curious: Cur (care for) ious (full of) Sinecure: Sine (without) cure (care for) –An office that requires little or not responsibility.

12 Cyan: Blue Anthocyanin: Antho (flower) cyan (blue) –water-soluble pigments that may appear red, purple, or blue according to pH Cyanosis: Cyan (blue) osis (disease) –A blueish color of the skin due to insufficient oxygen

13 Cyto: Cell Astrocyte: Astro (star) cyte (cell) Cytogensis: Cyto (cell) Gensis (start/begin) Cytotoxin: Cyto (cell) toxin (poison) –Chemical substances and most types of venom

14 Domin: Lord, Master Dominate: Domin (master) ate (make) Predominate: Pre (before) domin (master) ate (make) –To have or exert control or power Anno Domini: Anno (year) domin (lord) ate –“year of our lord”-A.D.

15 Erythro: Red Erythema: Eryth (red) ema (swelling) –Erythema is a skin condition characterized by redness or rash Erythrocytometer: Erythro (red) cyto (cell) meter (measure) Erythrophobia: Erythro (red) phobia (fear of) –A fear of facial blushing

16 Ethno: Nation, Race, Culture Ethnic: Ethn (race) ic (related to) Ethnology: Ethn (culture) ology (study of) Ethnocentric: Enthno (culture) centric (center)

17 Ferv: Hot, Boil, Bubble Fervent: Ferv (hot) ent (having characteristic of) –Passionate Fervid: Ferv (hot) id (belonging to) –Intensely passionate Effervescent: Ef (out/over) Ferv (bubble) escent (beginning to) –Giving off bubbles. Can also describe a “bubbly” personality

18 Gyn: Woman Gynocologist: Gyno (woman) ologist (one who studies) Androgynous: Andro (man) gyn (woman) ous (full of) Gynophobia: Gyn (woman) phob (fear of)

19 -ish: Like Childish: Child Like Feverish: Fever Like Dwarfish: Dwarf (Small) Like

20 -it is: Inflammation Meningitis: Menin (membrane) itis (inflammation) –Meningitis is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Arthritis: Arthr (joints) itis (inflammation) Heptatitis: Hepat (Liver) itis (inflammation)

21 Liber: Free Liberal: Liber (free) al (related to) Liberty: Liber (free) y (state of) Liberate: Liber (free) ate (make)

22 Meter: Measure Perimeter: Peri (around) meter (measure) Isometric: Iso (same) metric (measure) Odometer: Odo (mile) meter (measure)

23 Moll: Soft Mollify: Moll (soft) y (make) Mollusk: Soft-bodied marine animal Emollient: E (out) moll (soft) ent (to cause) –Substances that soothe and soften the skin

24 Orni (ornith): Bird Ornithology: Ornith (bird) ology (study of) Ornithivorous: Ornith (bird) vor (eat) ous (full of) Orniscopy: Orni (bird) scop (look) –Ancient Greek practice of reading omens from the actions of birds

25 Phyll: Leaf Phylloid: Phyll (leaf) oid (resembling) Aphyllous: A (lacking) phyll (leaf) ous (full of) Phyllophagous: Phyll (leaf) phag (eat) ous (full of)

26 Pon (pos): Place, put Compose: Com (together) pose (put) Depose: De (down) pose (put) Opponent: Op (against) pon (place) ent (one who)

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