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A/S Level EVS Access and Conservation Management.

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2 A/S Level EVS Access and Conservation Management

3 Aims “ To Review Student Findings on Directives and Conservation Bodies, To Provide an Understanding of Conservation Management, in Several Types of Locality”

4 Objectives By the end of the lessson we will: w Understand points of information on directives and strategies for conservation management w Be able to apply knowledge to a given area/problem w Understand definitions of preservation and Conservation, SSSI’s and NNR design

5 Conservation “The use of resources for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time” (Mc Gee, J.C.) “Health is the capacity of the land for self renewal. Conservation is our effort to understand and preserve this capacity” (Leopold 1949)

6 Conservation Continued………. “ All man and does to soften the impact upon the natural environment and to satisfy all his own true needs while enabling the environment to continue its healthy working order” (Nicholson 1987)

7 Conservation IS ? w Management Based w Concepturally Anthropocentric w Wisened use of resources w Influences conflicts of interests

8 Preservation IS ? w Based upon Natural Succession w Involves NO development w Guarding against worsening w protection of what is already there

9 Reasons to Conserve ? E.g. A woodland habitat w Timber Resource w Usefull for Field Experiments w Open Air Teaching Laboratory w Retreat From Urban Life w Rare Species Habitat w Species Rich Ecosystem w Reservoir of Species w Important Influence on Property Prices w Youth Employment

10 Reasons to Conserve Cont………. w Historical Landscape w Example of Ancient Land Use w Plan to Overcome Nature Alienation w Essential Part of Areas beauty w etc …………………..

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