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GIS for SMEs 1. Redlands on Marketing and Logistics Ontario/RC on Marketing and Logistics High Desert on Strategy Temecula.

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1 GIS for SMEs 1

2 4/25 @ Redlands on Marketing and Logistics 4/26 @ Ontario/RC on Marketing and Logistics 5/01 @ High Desert on Strategy 5/10 @ Temecula on Marketing and Logistics 5/17 @ Ontario: SBDC Conference Workshop 5/23 @ Ontario/RC on Strategy 5/30 @ Riverside on Marketing Non-Profits SBA 2007 Grant Workshops: 9:00-Noon 2

3 Workshop Format Topic A – An Introduction and Overview –Jerry Platt Topic B – A GIS Tutorial and Tour –Rich Greene or Jim Pick Topic C – Marketing and Logistics –Monica Perry, Johannes Moenius or Avijit Sarkar 3

4 SBA Grant #SBAHQ-06-I-0046 Period 9/1/06 to 8/31/08 $987,228.00 SBA School of Business University of Redlands Institute Inland Empire SMEs 4

5 University of Redlands SBA Grant 1. Develop Center to provide GIS Assistance to Small Businesses 2. ~8 Case Studies of GIS Technology Transfer to I.E. Small Businesses 3. Develop/Conduct SB/GIS Training Workshops @ I.E., SoCal, US level 4. Intern’l Conference on Managing with GIS for SB, SBA, B-Schools 5. Develop Internet-based Knowledge Repository of Case Studies, etc. 5

6 What is GIS? Business / GIS Success Stories Threats to IE SMEs Building Spatial Thinking into Your Business Model GIS Data Sources GIS Computing Choices GIS Assessment Measures Putting it All Together: The University of Redlands SBA Grant Workshop Overview 6

7 1. What is GIS? 1 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 7

8 2.Business GIS Success Stories Maps Business Maps Business GIS 8

9 A Great Map 9

10 classics/content/8 First GIS Map: 1854 London 10

11 Business Data … 11

12 … to Business Maps 12

13 A Google Earth Business Map 13

14 A MSN Virtual Earth Business Map 14

15 Business GIS Marketing Logistics Strategy 15

16 16

17 17

18 3. Threats to I.E./CA SMEs After 4 years 18

19 Questions for You 1)Is the Small Business Survival Rate in CA: a)HIGHER than the US Average b)EQUAL to the US Average c)LOWER than the US Average 2)What Accounts for Your Answer to 1) ? 3) What Advantage Does CA Have, Compared to most other States? 19

20 SME_Business_Turnover_Rate CA Ranking (50 States + DC) Fifth worst: West Virginia0.68 North Dakota0.73 Washington0.73 Minnesota0.74 California0.78 Florida1.41 Idaho1.44 New Mexico1.64 Colorado1.76 Nevada2.62 U.S. Total1.15 18% of Business BIRTHS 10% of BANKRUPTCIES 28% of Business TERMINATIONS 20

21 SME Birth2Death Turnover Rate 21

22 SME_Risk to Survival Index CA Rankings (50 States + DC) Top Personal Income Tax Rate51 Top Capital Gains Tax Rate51 Top Corporate Income Tax Rate40 State and Local Property Taxes17 Number Health Insurance Mandates44 Electric Utility Costs44 Workers’ Compensation Benefits49 State Gasoline Taxes50 5-yr Government Spending Growth Rate51 Per Capita Government Expenditures46 22

23 State_Innovation_Index CA Rankings (50 States + DC) CONCLUSION: Technological Innovation partially offsets the hostile environment to soften its impact on SME failures, BUT … CA SMEs must continue to INNOVATE, and spatial thinking about your business provides a set of opportunities to do so. 23

24 Process Innovation Increases SME Survival Rates Process Innovators > Product Innovators > Non-Innovators N = 3,275 SMEs 24

25 4. Your Spatial Business Model 25

26 Free Public Sources: Commercial Sources Your OWN Data (on Customers, Schedules, …) 5. Data Sources 26

27 6. Computing Choices CommercialFreeware Stand-alone –ComprehensiveArcGISGRASS –SpecializedBus. AnalystGeoDa *** Earth Web-server –ComprehensiveArcGIS ServerMapserver –SpecializedBus. A. OnlineLandserf 27

28  Benefits:  Costs: Improved Productivity Purchases & Training Improved EfficiencyData Collection Expansion of RevenuesDatabase Design Value of AssetsCommunications Customer SatisfactionCustomer ExpectationsOther GIS Incremental Benefit-Cost Enumeration 28

29 INSTRUCTIONS: Slide, stretch and shrink bar until your best guess is equally likely inside as outside bar Considering all GIS net benefits and costs, estimate net value as a percent of sales: First Year:0%100% Later Years:0%100% Estimate the firm’s survival probability for one year: Current Year: 0%100% 7. Assessing GIS Impact Best Estimate Value- Added = $447,382 Likelihood Value-Added Positive = 82% 29

30 8. Putting it All Together SME Business Model GIS App(s) Value- Added Spatial Thinking Inland Empire Sustain Spread 1 2 3 30

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