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Vocabulary Level 13-15F

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1 Vocabulary Level 13-15F

2 partying (usually drunken) Carousal

3 rule/test; standard for judgment Criterion

4 deeply unhappy; without hope Disconsolate

5 promote trouble; rebel Foment

6 good timing; convenient Opportune

7 very productive; profuse Prolific

8 agreeable, submissive Amenable

9 arrange, order; compare critically Collate

10 immature; lacking nutrition or value Jejune

11 break; tap bring up Broach

12 reply or response Rejoinder

13 powerful; hard to do Herculean

14 gullible; easily deceived Credulous

15 affirm or declare confidently Aver

16 expert, especially in fine arts Connoisseur

17 weigh down or burden Encumber

18 unquestionable, beyond dispute Incontrovertible

19 beginning, start, outset Inception

20 obvious; flagrant; noisy Blatant

21 prop up; strengthen Buttress

22 empty, use up, consume Deplete

23 massacre; bloodbath Carnage

24 without emotion Impassive

25 frightful, horrible Grisly

26 elaborate; expand upon at length Expatiate

27 foreign; from the outside; irrelevant Extraneous

28 assist or encourage Abet

29 beg earnestly; petition Supplicate

30 weakness, ailment; defect Infirmity

31 puzzled, stressed Nonplussed

32 diverse collection; general mixture Potpourri

33 unfavorable; unlucky Inauspicious

34 self-righteous; preachy; aphoristic Sententious

35 brutal, vicious; enjoying cruelty Sadistic

36 Overindulgence; excess or surplus Surfeit

37 stronghold; defensive position Bulwark

38 gifted; showing early development Precocious

39 stubborn; unyielding Obdurate

40 scold sharply Berate

41 swollen, bloated, inflated Turgid

42 easily angered, bad-tempered Choleric

43 unyielding, inflexible Adamant

44 winding, twisted; complex, difficult Tortuous

45 uproar, commotion Brouhaha

46 courteous; consideration Deference

47 glut, satiate; spoil by overindulgence Cloy

48 vague sense of impending misfortune Presentiment

49 conclusive, final; authoritative Definitive

50 needed, necessary, essential Requisite

51 pay, hand in; forgive; postpone Remit

52 resist, oppose; prevent; frustrate Thwart

53 cut short, reduce, limit, halt Curtail

54 wasteful; reckless; self- indulgent Profligate

55 to soften, calm, or appease Mollify

56 behavior, manner; facial expression Demeanor

57 puzzling, confusing; mysterious Enigmatic

58 mushy; too sentimental Mawkish

59 spontaneous; w/o preparation Impromptu

60 burden; obligation; blame Onus

61 having to do with clothing/tailoring Sartorial

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