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The True Hollywood Story Sections 1-2 Ms. Garratt.

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1 The True Hollywood Story Sections 1-2 Ms. Garratt

2  Nobel Peace Prize  Women’s Suffrage Movement  Universal Peace Conference 1899 set up the Hague Tribunal, a world court to settle disputes. (Could not enforce rulings)

3  Pros and cons of nationalism  Nationalism accentuates rivalries among Great Powers  Economic  Territorial disputes – Alsace-Lorraine  Competition for overseas empires  Competition for the Balkans  Geopolitical rivalries

4  Brit felt threatened by Germ’s econ growth  By 1900 Germ’s new modern factories out- produced Brit’s older ones  Germ was jealous because it had fewer colonies  “Sun never sets……Germany’s own place in the sun”  Competition for colonies brought Germ & Fr to the brink of war in 1905 & 1911 over Morocco  Brit & France developed closer ties against Germany

5  Glorification of military  War was romanticized  Aggressive Nationalism increased due to competition  Fear of war gave generals power & influence  They asked for larger defense expenditures for war readiness  Matter of time before



8  Heir to A-H throne  Visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia coincided with important date to Serbians  Terrorist group - Black Hand assassinated FF  Politically, FF was seen as a threat because he advocated reforms which angered conservatives in AH and angered the Serbs because his concessions might weaken their radical movement

9  A lot at stake for AH since its empire consisted of many different nationalities/ethnic groups  Ultimatum demanded that Serbia allow AH participate in investigation & end all agitation directed against AH  Serbia agreed to most but not all demands  AH declared war on Serbia  This might have remained local, quick war were it not for the alliance system

10  Kaiser Wilhelm II was outraged at the murder of a royal heir  Gave AH carte blanche & assurance of German backing.  Rather than urge restraint & caution the kaiser advised Franz Joseph to take a firm stand

11  Russia was the champion of pan-Slavism – the idea that all Slavs share a common heritage.  Serbia looked to Russia for support.  Czar Nicholas II urged the Kaiser to convince AH to soften its demands  When this did not work – Russia began to mobilize  Germ responded by declaring war on Russia

12 France  Russia turned to France after Germ declaration of war  Germ demanded that France remain neutral but….  France gave Russia the same backing as Germ gave AH  France hoped to get even with Germ for the 1870 Franco-Prussian War  When France refused to remain neutral Germ declared war on France

13  Brit was cautious at first until Germany violated Belgium neutrality  What happened?  Schlieffen Plan  Germ had to avoid two-front war  Germ wanted to quickly attack & subdue so it could concentrate its forces on the Eastern front.  Once Germ invaded Belgium neutrality Brit felt duty bound to honor its treaty obligations




17  Alliances were intended to create powerful coalitions that no one would dare attack  Central Powers or Triple Alliance – Germ, Aust-Hun, Italy – (later Ottoman Empire joins)  The Allies – France, Brit & Russ  Far from easing tensions, the alliance systems made govs more nervous & escalated tensions  End section 1


19  Two multinational empires encountered rising nationalism  Austro-Hungarian Empire  The Ottoman Empire  Several Balkan states attacked Ot Em then fought among themselves  They were considered the power-keg of Europe

20  Slavic nations in the Balkans wanted independence  Pan-Slavism is the belief that all slavic peoples shared a common heritage & nationality.  Russia, the largest Slavic nation encouraged & felt a duty to defend its Slavic neighbors  By 1914 it was determined to defend Serbia

21  You will be assigned a country.  You will explain & defend your assigned country’s position/decision to go to war.  You may use the text for preparation  After completing your position you will debate the other three members of your group.  Germany  Russia  France  Britain


23  Stalemate on the Western Front.  Battles of Verdun and Somme resulted in millions dead.,  Each side only gained a few miles for all its casualties  No man’s land






29 New or Improved Weaponry  Poison Gas  Tanks  Machine Guns  Submarine  Airplanes







36  This was official US policy  Immigrants often took sides  Loans made to Allies tied us to them  Brit cut Transatlantic cable to control info & vilify Germ  Neutrality was threatened due to submarine warfare & particularly the Lusitania incident

37  Campaign slogan was “He kept us out of the war” but Wilson knew that US was edging closer to war though  Pressure to enter the war was due to:  (1) unrestricted sub warfare  (2) Zimmerman Telegram  (3) Desire to play a role in peace process

38  After Luisitania Germ promised it would stop but then in 1917 it announced an unrestricted submarine campaign  This was due to Brit blockade & because Germ did not really consider the US neutral  Wilson refused to disallow Americans from traveling the seas  This caused S/S Bryan to resign



41  War more mobile than West  Russians poorly equipped & trained  Battle of Tannenberg  Russian Revolution was major turning pt.  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk  Germans throw their weight to the Western front

42  Each side thought its cause was just  Aust wanted to punish Serbia  Germ felt must stand by its ally, AH  Russ felt duty to stand by Serbia & saw ultimatum as attempt to oppress slavs  Fr felt need to support Russ or face Germ alone  Brit obligated to defend Belgium neutrality  Intensive jingoism  Jubilation once war was declared



45  Arms/naval/indust rial rivalry between Britain & Germany  Territorial disputes between France & Germany (Alsace- Lorraine)


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