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Web 2.0 technologies supporting Health & Life Sciences at Coventry University Elinor Clarke (Associate Director CIPeL) HEA/UWE SIG E-Learning in health.

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1 Web 2.0 technologies supporting Health & Life Sciences at Coventry University Elinor Clarke (Associate Director CIPeL) HEA/UWE SIG E-Learning in health and social care – current practice and directions. Friday 21 st November 2008

2 Introduction – Cipel (CETL 2005-2010) Contributions & developments –Learning Objects -production of LO, evaluation of LO –Undergraduate Healthcare Teaching and Learning (IPLP) –Patient Involvement Summary and Messages Introduction

3 CIPeL Centre for Interprofessional e-learning is a Government funded (HEFCE) CETL (2005-2010) based in the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences. It is one of three CETL’s at Coventry. CIPeL has three stands of activity: –Learning Object (LO) design, production and evaluation –Research –Dissemination Learning Objects (LO) are designed and produced by core team and secondees. LO’s placed in the CIPeL repository at and are utilised on all undergraduate health and social care programmes. Interprofessional Learning Pathway (IPLP) utilises IPLOs with all current Health & Social Care undergraduates* Service Users & Carers, Students and Staff are all engaged in producing LOs Research – exploration and evaluation of IPLP and small research projects e.g. MUVE Coventry University 2010 objective to be a Smart Campus. CIPeL – CETL (2005-2010)

4 Learning Object Examples

5 The Rollercoaster Learning Object

6 A Carers Journey – Book of poems

7 IPLO -examples

8 Breast Cancer – patient Journey

9 Interprofessional Learning Pathway (IPL)

10 Evaluation of learning Objects – CIPeL workshop

11 “New” technologies! Second life is being utilised for teaching and learning by other Universities e.g. Edinburgh, Leicester, Plymouth, Oxford, Harvard and Coventry. Eduserv reports (2008) Capitalises on interest, demographics and socialisation Collaboration, Serious Games Institute, Students New learning spaces (Preview project Savin –Badin M. INQbate Sussex & Brighton, Brewster D and Hamilton T 2008) CIPeL small research project: Can IPE take place in Second Life? CIPeL – breaking barriers – IPE – e-learning – virtual worlds CIPeL and Second Life (MUVE)

12 E.Clarke12 A Postcard from Second life Wish you were here?

13 In utilising Second Life as a IP educational environment it is hoped to: Provide a new space for learning Create a collaborative environment for learning Increase learner engagement utilising an immersive 3D environment Provide layered learning resources Promote Interprofessional communication, co-operation and collaboration Create Interprofessional team working experiences Involve students in the development of IP learning opportunities Identify if and how IP learning may take place in a compelling environment. Enjoy learning. Pedagogy

14 A is for: Access (Bandwidth, Video card, account) Avatars (Acquisition, Appearance, Abilities) Architect (EC building) Advantage (IP, Accounts, Advice, Student focus) Accountability (funding, time, profession) Attributes (Web2.0 teacher) (Swaine 2007) A sense of humour! CIPeL and Second Learning

15 E-learning is delivered in a variety of ways for Health & Social Care students IPLO have to have IP attributes and foster participative learning IPLO are aligned and linked to assessment Patient Voices in both design and development & evaluation of Learning Objects. Learning spaces are changing, some are not controlled by Universities. Health and Social care educators have to change Summary and messages

16 Conclusion: “ looking back, one huge impact of technology in learning has been to lower and soften all the barriers that had previously been erected in the age of factory learning. Today, we talk about lifelong learning, project based work spans the artificial divides of subject disciplines, learning has spilled out of dedicated institutions into the community, work, the family” …..”Education is changing rapidly and change is opportunity. If you care about learning, it really is a time to stand up and be counted”. Heppell S (2008) Summary and messages

17 Brewster D and Hamilton T (2008) Creativity in technology rich, flexible learning spaces. ESCalate news, Issue 10:8-11 (INQbate project at Eduserv reports: Kirriemuir John (2007) A July 2007 “snapshot” of UK Higher and Further Education Developments in Second Life. Eduserv Foundation. Kirriemuir John (2007) An update of the July 2007 “snapshot” of UK Higher and Further Education Development Eduserv Foundation. Kirriemuir John (2008) “Measuring” the impact of second life for Educational Purposes. Eduserv Foundation. Littleton F and Bayne S (2008) Virtual worlds in education. ESCalate news, Issue 10:26- 28 Savin-Baden (2008) Learning Spaces. Creating Opportunities for Knowledge Creation in Academic Life. The Society for Research into Higher Education.136-150 Swaine Chris (2007) Second Life Core Competency Framework. Version 0.4 May 2007. Presented at Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference.(Virtual Conference) Heppell S (2008) Education 2020. ESCalate news, Issue 10:29-31 References

18 LO “Any digital resource that can be re-used to support learning” Wiley (2002) MUVE- Multi-User Virtual Environments IPLO “digital resource which supports professionals learning with, from and about each other” Clarke (2008) IPLO Attributes –RLO (Reusability) –CUILU (Compency) –CIPeL (Interprofessionality) Second Life – a 3D virtual world (learning environment) created by it’s residents primarily for socialising. XBOX360 – an interactive gaming consol to which web based communications system may be added. Definitions

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