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MNA Mosby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 21 Grooming.

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1 MNA Mosby ’ s Long Term Care Assistant Chapter 21 Grooming

2 Grooming Measures Promotes comfort, safety and health Prevents infection Meet love and belonging and self esteem needs

3 Hair Care Alopecia – loss of hair Occurs with aging Heredity Cancer treatments Stress, poor nutrition,some medications

4 Hair Care Hirsutism – excessive body hair in women and children Heredity Abnormal amounts of male hormone

5 Hair Care Dandruff – excessive dry white flakes from the scalp Eyebrows and ear canals can be effected Use Medicated shampoos

6 Hair Care Pediculosis – Lice May be on head, body or in pubic area Eggs attach to furniture, clothing, linens. Easily spread Use medicated shampoos, lotions, creams Linens must be washed, furniture sprayed, items bagged.

7 Hair Care Provided with am care and prn Encourage resident to brush, comb own hair Increases blood flow to scalp Never cut hair w/o permission Style age appropriate Report and record

8 Shampooing Usually done on resident’s bath or shower day Can also shampoo: at the sink in the bed Report and record

9 Shaving Electric razors: resident will have his own Not used if resident is on O2 Used for residents with dementia Disposable razor: follow standard precautions One time use Place in sharps container Apply pressure to nicks or cuts Not used if resident on anticoagulant

10 Shaving Soften beard with warm, wet cloth Encourage resident to do as much as possible Apply shaving cream Shave in the direction of the hair growth Hold the skin taut Apply after shave Report and record Mustaches and Beards: Shampoo Trim prn

11 Care of Nails and Feet Prevents infection, injury and odors Feet are easily injured and infected Poor circulation prolongs healing Gangrene and amputations are serious complications Nails are easier to trim after soaking or bathing Trim nails straight across Use clippers not scissors

12 Care of Nails and Feet Nursing assistants do not trim or cut nails if the resident has: Diabetes Poor circulation of legs and feet Taking drugs that effect blood clotting Has very thick or ingrown nails Some LTCF NEVER Allow NAs to trim nails.

13 Care of Nails and Feet Soak feet in wash basin Soak hands in emesis basin Use orange stick to push back cuticles and clean under nails Apply Lotion Report and record

14 Changing Clothing Provide privacy Encourage resident to do as much as possible Allow resident to make choices Remove from strong side first Put on weak side first Take from the strong and give to the weak

15 Review Alopecia ? Loss of hair

16 Review Fingernails are cut with Nail clippers

17 Review How can you soften the nails? Soaking in warm water

18 Review What is pediculosis? Lice

19 Review Brushing and combing hair is done ________________________. With am care and prn

20 Review Mr. Lopez has dementia. How will you shave him? With an electric razor

21 Review Where are disposable razors placed after use? In the sharps container

22 Review What is used to push back cuticles or clean under the nails? Orange stick

23 Review In what direction do you shave? With the hair growth

24 Review Older persons usually have their hair washed 1-2x per week. True or False

25 Review When assisting the resident with dressing, how are garments removed? From the strong side first

26 Review When assisting the resident with dressing, how are put on? on the weak side first

27 Review PC S C IV HS OOB QOD QID after meals without with intravenous bedtime Out of bed Every other day 4X day

28 Questions??

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