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“Selling the Change” Presented by: Roger Kipp Director of Food Services and Nutrition Norwood City Schools.

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1 “Selling the Change” Presented by: Roger Kipp Director of Food Services and Nutrition Norwood City Schools

2 CHANGE ! (Don’t be afraid)

3 “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” -Robert C. Gallagher

4 School food service is being challenged with a number of changes: 1.Changes in policies. 2.Changes in guidelines. 3.Changes in state & national regulations.

5 Now that you’ve implemented these changes, how do you “SELL” them to your students, staff and community?

6 School Foodservice Merchandising

7  Merchandise: To promote the sale of goods by their presentation.  Children, like adults, eat with their eyes first  Presentation is key to driving appeal and ultimately participation. Not just plate presentation, but the presentation of the café, the staff and the environment.  Students have alternate meal choices (competitive intrusion) – fast food restaurants (if open campus), bag lunches, or skipping meals entirely.  Effective merchandising and marketing techniques can be a win for both students and schools by bringing better nutrition to more children and improving school finances through increased participation Why Merchandise?

8 Visual merchandising Visual merchandising Branding Branding Themed events Themed events The cafeteria as a learning library The cafeteria as a learning library Techniques

9  Non-commercial foodservice often looks institutional and uninviting  Good, nutritious foods may not look appealing if served in traditional ways Visual Merchandising

10  The serving line should look inviting and the food fresh  Add elements that will soften hard lines such as greenery, baskets, lighting, bright colors, and signage Visual Merchandising

11 Showcase What You Are Serving  Display foods neatly and in a manner that showcases their colors, textures, and shapes. For example, garnish steam table pans to increase eye-appeal. Put food neatly onto plates or trays.  Use pans that fit properly into steam table wells. Make sure they are not too big, and not too small.  Use pans and utensils that look good on the serving line. Make sure they are clean and free of unappetizing baked-on foods. Visual Merchandising

12  Product naming: Be creative when naming menu items. Don’t be afraid to season foods in a non traditional way. For example: Baked Sweet Potato Fries taste better if coated with a little hot sauce. Changing the name from “Baked Sweet Potato Fries” to “HOT FRIES” makes them more marketable.  Garnishing and preparation techniques can make quality food even more attractive. Using these techniques will:  Improve the appearance of the food  Stimulate the desire to taste new food  Draw attention to foods that might not have been chosen Visual Merchandising

13  Fruits & Vegetables – Offer pre-portioned servings in small sizes to encourage trial  Apple slices or wedges (lightly dipped in lemon juice/water mixture to prevent discoloration) and served with a caramel dipping sauce  Oranges cut up into wedges or rounds  Raw broccoli, baby carrots, or celery sticks served with a dipping sauce Visual Merchandising

14  A brand is an identifiable entity that makes specific promises of value.  Branding today is used to create emotional attachment to products, services and companies. Branding efforts create a feeling of involvement, a sense of higher quality, and an aura of intangible qualities that surround the brand name.  Brand your school meal program to make it exciting and dynamic  Promote your program constantly  Get away from the image of just serving food  Make meals an integral part of the school day  Devise a brand name that promotes health & wellness, your school mascot or involve students through a brand naming / logo contest Branding

15  Menus & Point of Purchase information: Norwood Indians  Use mascot names and/or logos to emphasize the brand Branding Examples

16  Menu international cuisines on theme days  Create excitement by serving meals from around the world: Italy, Greece, Mexico, China, Japan, India, etc….  Feature foods from each region with menus in English and foreign languages Themed Events

17  Celebrate special days  Serve specially themed foods on Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day…  Decorate the cafeteria  Staff dressed in appropriate garb  Include games in which prizes are awarded Themed Events

18  Display colorful posters and artwork throughout the cafeteria that promote nutrition. The Cafeteria as a Learning Library

19  Plant Gardens  Students plant, harvest, and eat vegetables grown in school gardens  Children will eat more fruits and veggies when they grow them The Cafeteria as a Learning Library

20  Resistance to change, “This is how we’ve always done it”  Resources: money, staff, materials…  Ways to overcome obstacles  Have a vision – and stick with it  Build a strong relationship with the students your staff and the administration.  Look for creative partners  Make visits, take tours, interact and be involved.  Keep a wish book  Attend meetings  Be adaptable, be patient Obstacles

21  Web sites for marketing tools       Resources

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