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Global Warming By Charlotte Bootherstone.

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1 Global Warming By Charlotte Bootherstone

2 Causes of Global Warming
The main cause is from pollution and the production of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. These occur from burning of fossil fuels. One main example of this is the increasing amount of vehicles on our roads. The exertion of fumes has dramatically increased since the industrial revolution. In the last two decades it has accelerated alarmingly. The trend of temperature is upwards and has risen 1.1 degrees Celsius in twenty years, causing striking change. By 2020 the average summer temperature will be at least 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, causing large draughts, with mild winters. This is a significant change compared to the year 2006. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the sun into our atmosphere. After a period of time this increases the earth's temperature, causing global warming.

3 Effects of Global Warming
Since global warming, ecosystems have been changing dramatically all across the globe. Coastal areas are becoming under threat due to the stormy weather and the polar ice caps melting, causing the sea level to rise. More animals may become extinct as they cannot adapt to their changing habitats. As the snow is melting due to the temperature rise, the number of animals which rely on the snow are slowly decreasing. The snow acts as a cover for shelter and is also used as a camouflage. If the snow is not produced, due to wetter winters, this can affect the food chain of animals also.

4 Effects of Global Warming
SUMMER One of the largest problems caused by Global Warming is draught. Already plans are being made to produce more reservoirs to prepare for the years to come. This will not cost much and only 20 or so families will loose their homes. In recent years there has been “hose pipe bans” to save the needed water. Roads in high heat will soften, becoming costly and time consuming to replace, as we have over 250,000 miles of road in Britain. Because of the prolonged high temperatures, it will cause knock on effects for the elderly and young, as they cannot withstand unusual heat. This means that death rates may increase.

5 Effects of Global Warming
SUMMER cont. Urban heat islands are areas of land which trap heat due to the high rates of pollution. This is because of the unusually large amount people in a relatively small area, therefore these areas are major cities such as London. On average it is 9 degrees hotter here than the surrounding areas More of these areas will develop, causing increasingly unbearable heat. Many plans are being made to try and reduce the effects of Global Warming for the future.

6 Effects of Global Warming
SUMMER cont. One of London’s areas affected by heat is the underground train network. The temperature here has been know to reach 40 degrees Celsius, this being before 2006. As global warming is increasing, the problems here will continue to worsen. To help solve this problem, an air conditioning system is being developed. As this will be costly and take a long period of time, they are using the already existing water system and extending it around the outside of the underground. The coldness of the water will cool the air as they meet, therefore decreasing the warmth By 2020 these effects will be 25% more likely compared to the July of 2006.

7 Effects Of Global Warming WINTER
Winter temperatures will rise, becoming more mild, due to global warming. We will experience wetter weather, with rare snow fall. Hurricane and tornadoes will become more common causing devastation. This will have knock on effects as any damage caused will be costly to replace. As a result of these weather conditions, flooding will increase. To reduce the effects, water barriers are being installed in high risk areas. Also, old sewage networks are put under pressure in wet weather in urban areas. This is because there is little drainage and low absorbency because of this. There are plans to produce new sewage networks over the country to stop the flooding. This, however, will take a long period of time and will cost millions of pounds.

8 Responses to Global Warming
As vehicles are used on a large scale by millions across Britain, the obvious answer would be to make them more efficient and less polluting to our environment. That is why companies are developing cars which are run by hydrogen. This is better for our atmosphere and will prevent making the issue of global warming worse. Also, homes are being made more Eco-friendly by having thicker walls to keep heat in for the winter and cool the home in the summer. Solar panels are used to produce energy to lower the usage of fossil fuels. Along the roof of homes, plants that absorb water are being grown to capture precipitation. This water then can be used for toilets.

9 Political Response to Global
Warming The world’s nations attempted to tackle a range of environmental problems, including climate change. This included the increase of petrol prices and larger taxes for drivers, to simply put people off driving. Also, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by using alternatives, such as hydro electric power, solar power and wind farming. The public are being informed about not wasting water and electricity, by turning off lights and taps. This eventually will make a large impact to society to save needed water for summer, and burning less fossil fuels for electricity. Advertising is used to put across these messages, to get people into a new routine of doing these things. This may cost a lot, but is ensuring that we will save money as a country. This money then can be used to prevent us harming our environment anymore than it already is.

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