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Introduction to the Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Centre

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2 Introduction to the Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Centre

3 Organisational Structure
Directorates Level 1 Departments Level 2

4 Introduction to Branches
Disaster Risk Management Centre (DRMC) Fire & Rescue Service Public Emergency Communication Centre (107 PECC) Support Services

5 Emergency Services Structure
Chief Fire Officer (Ian Schnetler) Manager (Head): Disaster Risk Management Centre (Greg Pillay) Manager: Public Emergency Communications Centre (PECC) (John Ellis) Support Services (Rachell Hoogbaard) Fire & Rescue Service Personnel Centre Admin, HR & Finance Support Personnel ED: Safety & Security (Richard Bosman) Director: Emergency Services (Vacant)

6 Disaster Risk Management Centre Structure
Manager (Head): Disaster Risk Management Centre Head: Training & Capacity Building & staff Logistics Management Head: Public Awareness & Preparedness IDP & Corporate Planning Head: Disaster Operations Centre & staff 4 x DRMC Area Heads & staff Head: Systems Integration & Special Projects & staff Head: DM Volunteers Management & staff

7 Disaster Risk Management Centre Mission Statement
To efficiently manage disaster risk in all communities of the City of Cape Town by preventing or mitigating disasters and softening disaster impact where prevention is not possible

8 Disaster Risk Management
Disaster Risk Management includes all aspects of planning for and responding to any disaster. This includes the identification of hazards and the management of both the risks, preparations for, and the consequences of any major incident or disaster occurrence.


10 Examples of hazards Structural Fire Flooding & Storms Wildfire
Transportation Incident Hazardous Materials Incident Structural Failure Earthquake Slope Instability (Landslide) Human Disease Outbreak Animal Disease Outbreak Social Disorder Climate Change & Coastal Zone Process Hazards Koeberg NPS Radiological Release Coastal Oil Spill Land Degradation Environmental Pollution Pest Infestation Drought Disruption of Critical Services / Supply / Infrastructure Tsunami Cosmic Impact

11 Aspects of Disaster Risk Management
Hazard Identification Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Prevention Mitigation Planning Preparedness Response & Relief Recovery - Rehabilitation & Reconstruction



14 Who is Disaster Risk Management?
National Government National Disaster Management Centre Nodal points in all National Departments & Organs of State Provincial Government Provincial Disaster Management Centre (in Tygerberg, co-located with PG:WC EMS, PG:WC Traffic, Forensic Pathology Services) Nodal points in all Provincial Departments & Organs of State Local Government Metropolitan municipalities District municipalities and Local municipalities Nodal points in all Municipal Departments & Entities NGO’s, CBO’s, FBO’s Supported by Commerce & Industry and the Community

15 Where is the Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Centre?
Physical location of DRMC offices :- Goodwood (DRMC HQ and the Disaster Operations Centre (DOC) Cape Town CBD (Civic Centre) – Area West & Alternate DOC Hillstar (Ottery) – Area Central Brackenfell (behind Hypermarket) – Area North Melton Rose (Eersterivier) – Area East Alphen - Training Centre plus on-scene vehicular & logistical deployment capabilities

16 Disaster Risk Management Service Delivery Areas
Disaster Risk Management Centre Goodwood 4 x Area Offices = Area 1 – North (Brackenfell) Area 2 – West + Alternate DOC (Civic Centre, Cape Town) Area 3 – Central (Ottery) Area 4 – East (Melton Rose) Training Centre (Alphen) 1 3 4 2

17 When is Disaster Risk Management required ?
When things go wrong Before things go wrong After things go wrong When nothing goes wrong !!

18 Who does Disaster Risk Management?
Everyone has a responsibility Together we can do more than separately Communities know their environment better than we do Communities will know first when things go wrong Communities probably know how to solve the problem Communities can influence their environment

19 Services we provide : Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
Public Awareness & Preparedness Emergency Planning Courses for Commerce, Industry & Institutions Disaster Planning Support & Co-ordination Public Safety Planning for Events Response Co-ordination Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Facilitation

20 CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: +27 (0)80 911 HELP (4357) / (0)21-597-6000
Fax: (0) Website:

21 Let us work together for a better city

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