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Tru Face ™ Essence. Epoch ® Foot Treatment restores healthy looking heels, toes, and soles.

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1 Tru Face ™ Essence

2 Epoch ® Foot Treatment restores healthy looking heels, toes, and soles.

3 Did You Know? Millions of people suffer from dry, cracked skin on their feet. When this condition is chronic, it may be caused by an underlying skin condition that requires more than just moisturization. Find out more in this course.

4 Objectives After viewing this training course, you should have an understanding of the following: Why moisturization is not always enough when suffering from dry, cracked feet. The ethnobotanical story and benefits of crushed allspice berry. Benefits and key ingredients of Epoch ® Foot Treatment. Usage and regimen recommendations.

5 Previous Curriculum Review

6 Epoch ® Utilizing the ancient traditions of indigenous cultures, Epoch ® offers ethnobotanical solutions to health and skin concerns. Each Epoch ® product is formulated with botanical ingredients derived from renewable resources found in nature and based on the sacred knowledge of traditional healers.

7 Ehtnobotanicals Nu Skin partners with the world's foremost ethnobotanists (people who study the way native cultures use plants) to develop products that respond to specific skin care problems in a natural, comforting, and therapeutic way.

8 Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation ™ The Epoch ® philosophy of goodness extends beyond products with the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, ™ a non-profit organization that gives back to communities throughout the world by donating funds to preserve threatened ecosystems and cultures. Twenty-five cents of every Epoch ® product sale goes to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. ™ Visit for more information.

9 Introduction

10 Epoch ® Foot Treatment Taking care of your feet requires more than just moisturization—especially if you have chronically dry, cracked feet and have tried all kinds of moisturizers. Instead of getting better, the problem persists or even gets worse. Epoch ® Foot Treatment contains the right combination of ingredients, offering a solution for the heels, toes, and soles.

11 Epoch ® Foot Treatment So much more than a moisturizer, Epoch ® Foot Treatment restores healthy looking heels, toes, and soles. Featuring crushed allspice berry ( Pimento dioica )—an ingredient used by indigenous people of Central America for persistently dry and cracked or red skin—Epoch ® Foot Treatment goes beyond moisturization to restore healthy looking feet.

12 Key Benefits a)Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition. b)Delivers noticeable relief in the first few weeks of use. c)Softens and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for smooth, soft skin.

13 Ethnobotanical Ingredient Crushed Allspice Berry ( Pimento dioica )— The topical uses and restorative properties of allspice have been a secret of the indigenous people of Central America for generations and were only recently discovered by ethnobotanists. Natives would crush the berries and mix them with other natural oils to make an effective ointment to be rubbed on their feet at night before going to sleep and again in the morning to relieve persistently dry, cracked skin.

14 Key Ingredients Urea —Exfoliates calluses and dead cell buildup while providing deep moisturization. Papain —A proteolytic enzyme from papaya that breaks down and loosens thick, rough patches of dry, dead skin.

15 Key Benefits and Ingredients Supported

16 Key Benefits Supported a)Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, helping return them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition. When the skin is extremely dry, it loses the ability to stretch as pressure is applied while walking and standing. As a result, the skin splits and cracks causing deep fissures, which can become vulnerable to outside invaders. Simply applying a moisturizer is not enough to remedy this problem. Epoch ® Foot Treatment contains both crushed allspice berry and urea to soften and loosen dry, cracked areas. As the dead cell buildup is exfoliated, healthy skin beneath is able to absorb much needed moisture.

17 Key Benefits Supported b)Delivers noticeable relief in the first few weeks of use. Many products designed to relieve dry, cracked feet require months of consistent use before they begin to show even the slightest signs of relief. Epoch ® Foot Treatment quickly gets to the source of the problem as it softens and removes rough, dry cell buildup. Vital moisturization quickly reaches healthy skin cells beneath calluses and deep cracks to help restore cell renewal and begin your skin’s natural healing process.

18 Key Benefits Supported c)Softens and exfoliates calluses and dead skin buildup for soft, smooth skin. Allspice berry : Natural volatile oils and fruit acids in allspice berry help to loosen rough, dry skin and promote suppleness. Urea : A natural moisturizer found within the skin, urea plays a key role in sustaining the skin’s moisture balance. In fact, clinically dry skin is found to lack normal levels of urea. Papain : A natural fruit enzyme from the tropical fruit papaya with natural proteolytic properties that break apart skin protein and soften dead cell buildup.

19 Clinical Study In a clinical study, over 100 participants with dry, cracked, or problem feet used Epoch ® Foot Treatment twice a day for 12 weeks. Participants were examined by a clinical grader at weeks four, eight, and 12. Results : Seven out of 10 participants saw visible improvement in their dry, cracked feet within four weeks.

20 Clinical Study: Before and After Photos Baseline After eight weeks

21 Testimonials “I am a very active person and spend a lot of time outdoors. Before using Epoch Foot Treatment, my feet were ugly, dry, and cracked. Sometimes the cracked skin would get so bad it would bleed. I was embarrassed to wear sandals in public, fearing that someone would notice my feet. Now, since using Epoch Foot Treatment my feet are soft and smooth. The scaly and flaky skin is gone. I wear sandals all the time and proudly display my new, beautiful feet. I can’t believe the difference!” —Summer Smith, US “Epoch Foot Treatment softened my feet and took away all the dead skin. This product works!” —Jessica Smith, US

22 Demonstration Your own beautiful feet can be your most compelling product demonstration. Before you begin applying Epoch ® Foot Treatment, take a snapshot of your dry heels. Apply Epoch Foot Treatment for four weeks for best results. As you talk with friends and prospective customers about the Epoch Foot Treatment ethnobotanical story and product benefits, show them the before picture of your heels and then show the dramatic improvement you’ve experienced to date. If you prefer, show customers the before and after pictures taken during the Epoch ® Foot Treatment clinical study. Friends and customers will be amazed at the soft, smooth, visible results.

23 Usage and Regimen Recommendations

24 Usage Clean and dry feet before using. Apply liberally to affected areas twice daily, or as needed. Tip: In addition to usage on feet, apply Epoch ® Foot Treatment to calluses and dry skin on elbows and knees to soften and restore skin’s healthy appearance.

25 Epoch ® Foot Treatment A therapeutic foot cream for those suffering from rough, dry, or cracked feet. Keywords: treat, restore, solution, chronic, calluses, severely dry feet, deep moisturizer IceDancer ® A stimulating leg gel that revives exhausted legs. Keywords: stimulate, revive, invigorate, gel, achy legs Firewalker ® A relaxing foot cream that soothes tired, sore feet. Keywords: soothe; relax; pamper; hot feet; swollen feet; tired, achy feet; light moisturizer Regimen Recommendations

26 Companion Products Perennial ® Intense Body Moisturizer —a therapeutic body moisturizer that promotes cellular durability, helping reinforce the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and protect against external aggressors. Epoch ® IceDancer ® Invigorating Leg Gel —a clear, cooling gel that stimulates and instantly revives fatigued legs.

27 Review Epoch ® Foot Treatment goes beyond moisturization to restore healthy looking heels, toes, and soles. Allspice berry Urea Papain Relieves persistently dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes, and sides of feet. Exfoliates calluses and dead cell buildup; also provides deep moisturization. Breaks down and loosens thickened, rough patches of dry, dead skin.

28 Congratulations! You have completed the Epoch ® Foot Treatment training course.

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