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In 2006, Province of BC selected Saanich as a partner city to collaborate in Global Age-Friendly Cities Project With support from the Ministry of Health,

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2 In 2006, Province of BC selected Saanich as a partner city to collaborate in Global Age-Friendly Cities Project With support from the Ministry of Health, the University of Victoria Centre on Aging, Community Task Group members And the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee

3 Recognizes the great diversity among older persons Promotes their inclusion and contribution to community Respects their decisions and lifestyle choices Anticipates and responds flexibly to aging related needs and preferences World Health Organization defines an “age-friendly” community as one which:

4 Largest municipality on Vancouver Island; 7th largest in British Columbia, Canada Includes a diverse population Urban and rural mix Four recreation centres; 1 golf course 169 parks, 1 skate park, 1 water park 100 km of trails and 37 beach accesses Sportsfields, playgrounds, sport courts, tennis courts, lacrosse boxes, lawnbowling greens, seniors centres

5 Numbers and Proportion of Older Persons Population in Saanich 2011 (Total population = 109,752) Ages% of Pop. Total persons in Age Group MaleFemale 60-7416%17,5758,3309,245 75 & older9%10,2254,3505,875 Data Source: Statistics Canada 2011 Census Profile

6 Senior Friendly Service Decal Program 2008 “Quiet” times in recreation facilities Development of Trail Guidelines, 2007 Bench adaptations implemented Completion of Centennial Trails Project Phase I (no funding for Phase 2) ‘Measure Up’ project (grant) in 2010 to complete an accessibility inventory of recreation facilities and some parks & trails Past Successes (2008-2013)

7 Current & Future Initiatives Residential sidewalks near regional and neighborhood centres and villages have been identified for new sidewalk construction. New practice to construct two metre wide sidewalks, and 3-4 metre sidewalks near regional and neighborhood centres and villages. New standards adapted for driveway drops

8 Current & Future Initiatives Shelbourne Valley Action Plan - New Development Permit Guidelines to consider seniors’ needs for major centres, neighbourhoods and villages. Ongoing accessibility improvements for parks & trails – 97% of seniors live with 500m of a park

9 Past Successes (2008-2013) Implemented “Access to Transit” recommendations Changes made to Engineering Service Requirements Since 2008: 80 new transit shelters were installed & 92 bus stops made wheelchair accessible 22 km of new sidewalk constructed 28 km of cycling routes implemented (road, off road, and shared)

10 Past Successes (2008-2013) Adopted new design guidelines for major centres that consider accessibility New sidewalk construction priorities given to proximity to senior housing units, regional and neighbourhood centres

11 Current & Future Initiatives Audible crosswalk signals installed Count down timers installed and adjusted for slower mobility Encourage mixed use and intergenerational opportunities; a new sidewalk was built providing access to Cordova Bay 55+ Community Place

12 Current & Future Initiatives Redesign street network to add connections for pedestrians/cyclists, break up superblocks, improve crossings of major streets and improve public transit access -90% of seniors housing is within 400m of a bus stop Improvements to building access & ensure safe and convenient travel for a range of abilities

13 Past Successes (2008-2013) 2008: Council adopted Sustainable Saanich Official Community Plan, reflecting the accelerating proportion of older adult age groups Zoning bylaw amended - voluntary guidelines for townhouses & single family dwellings

14 Past Successes (2008-2013) Zoning Bylaw changes to permit secondary suites in single family dwellings (2010). Policy amended to include Adult Day Care (2012) in commercially zoned areas. Saanich Adaptable Housing Guidelines implemented. Over 725 multi-family units and applications approved for construction

15 Current & Future Initiatives Improved accessibility at multi-family Housing elevators disabled parking HandyDart pick/up drop off area scooter charging stations Development guidelines provide adequate indoor/outdoor space – Mt.View Campus includes adjacent new park

16 Current & Future Initiatives Encourage mixed-use housing options in all neighbourhoods to enable ‘aging in preferred place’ A 45 unit supportive housing complex approved, for senior’s (55+) who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness. 3223 Quadra Project is in partnership with CoolAid Society.

17 Past Successes (2008-2013) Minds In Motion Program partnership with Alzheimer's Society Cordova Bay Community Place – a 55+ centre built in a K-5 school Finding Home Dialogues – Resulting Conversation cafes Trust Us Intergenerational Program


19 Current & Future Initiatives High representation of older adults on Advisory Committee and Task Forces Presentations & tours with Multicultural Groups, Intercultural Association

20 Current & Future Initiatives Foods Skills for Seniors Community Kitchens for Seniors Gorge Community Garden (incorporating Trust Us Intergenerational Guidelines )

21 Successes ongoing (2008- 2014) Ongoing Leisure Involvement for Everyone – L.I.F.E. program provides access to recreation for low income individuals and families Partner with Senior Living Magazine to host annual Seniors Expo

22 Successes ongoing (2008- 2014) Free opportunities for seniors: social drop in, ballroom dance, ‘Seniors’ Days’ in centres, walking programs, Music In The Park 90+ Pass For Life

23 Current & Future Initiatives Partner with/support not-for-profit organizations to deliver neighbourhood recreational and social services Seniors Community Garden Group Steps to Connect program Greater Victoria Public Library pass

24 Past Successes (2008-2013) Presentations and tours with assisted living residences Improved audio & visual systems in Council Chambers

25 Current & Future Initiatives Social & Recreational Guide for Older Adults Bi-annual meetings with Saanich Partners Use of Social Media – eNewsletter, Facebook Ongoing Webpage updates

26 Past Successes (2008-2013) Facilitate active participation of older adults on Advisory Committees, Design Panels, Task Forces, and on Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee High representation of older adults as volunteers in Emergency Preparedness Program 2011 implemented mail-in ballot

27 Current & Future Initiatives Mobile polling stations travelling to assisted living and seniors’ residences for 2014 Seniors focus groups held for community planning and policy development initiatives Volunteer opportunities in Block Watch, Emergency Preparedness Program, Fire Safety and Parks & Recreation

28 Past Successes (2008-2013) Saanich Fire Department - Seniors Slip/Fall Prevention - Fire Prevention Saanich Police Department - Seniors Fraud Awareness Workshops, - Mature Driving Workshops - Preventing Elder Abuse

29 Current & Future Initiatives Expand Rehab and Therapy services in recreation centres Expanded partnership programs with Island Health Authority: Boost Your Brain Power Falls Prevention Steps To Connect

30 1.Resources must be allocated for success 2.Regular evaluation process designed 3.Internal collaboration between departments required 4.Needs to tie into Saanich communication, municipal strategic plans and master plans. Lessons Learned May 2014

31 An Age-Friendly future is exciting!! For more information: Julie Wallace & Sandra Pearson District of Saanich Community Services (250) 475-5424

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