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From my world evolved the mystery of life. From my world there came a day…

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2 From my world evolved

3 the mystery of life.

4 From my world there came a day…

5 when you were born…

6 Don't call me "silent“…

7 for, from my world, one day,

8 you came and surfaced.

9 And so you left…

10 …to follow your own destiny.

11 The wave you pierced took you to the surface,

12 and so it was that in your own world you emerged.

13 The wave you pierced. Your lungs you used.

14 You left what you once knew… to discover your new world...

15 But

16 The world you left,

17 gave you its memories.

18 The world where everything has beauty…

19 and calls you back to visit now and then.

20 Just like in fairy tales you heard when you were a child…

21 You look and marvel at the amazing splendor!

22 Fold yourself into the richness of enchanted gardens.

23 See the sponges saturated with gold.

24 Let yourself be caressed…

25 by the rich curves of seaweed.,,

26 Observe the mixture of leaves and gorgeous colors…

27 and watch with eyes, wide open, the blazing red

28 of coral clinging to the rocks.

29 Hidden lives are revealing fins waving,

30 inviting you, dancing, always renewed.

31 …always renewed.

32 The Tiger-fish,

33 The hedgehog-fish, inflated just to frighten...

34 The blue Ballista who never stops teasing…

35 And its cousin, the Ballista-clown.

36 The colossal Orca will never discover

37 our gracious sea-horses wrapped around grass.

38 Pure elegant lines skate over caressing sand before diving,

39 anonymous, to be able to trap its prey, just by staying still.

40 And, gently lying down at the entrance of a cavity…

41 a noble Grouper, shall open its mouth

42 for the little servants to clean its teeth.

43 The light and translucent jellyfish

44 from the abyssal plains,

45 carry the spirits of swallowed, forgotten cities.

46 And, overwhelmed by the luxuriance of shapes and colors,

47 you will decide to go back to the world above...

48 Greet and tell

49 all the people of your world

50 That it is time…

51 to respond to our plea before it's too late.

52 Save our world! Make people listen!

53 For, if my world is not saved,

54 your world shall also be condemned!


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