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SAS has landed. I have returned. View at 8 a.m. View at 9 a.m.

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2 SAS has landed. I have returned.

3 View at 8 a.m. View at 9 a.m.

4 Photo from Bygdøy Peninsula of Oslofjord taken by my father 1970 Same scene taken by me 1986

5 Tidemands Gate 20, First floor was our home in 1969-70

6 Reunited, reacquainted and new friends. Ragnhild Dalgard, Dad, my American friend, Andy, Eivind Dalgard, Eivind’s girlfriend, Angela, and Odd Steffen Dalgard.

7 Reunited, reacquainted and new friends at Torbjørn’s. Dad, Andy, Debbie Rieser, Torjørn, Berit, Inger and Tom.

8 Yes, I was on the trip. Dad, me, Andy and Torbjørn.

9 Reunited at Hohle’s log cabin. Kare, Andy, Dad and Per. Per was my father’s first friend in Norway in 1946 and was a well-known mountain climber and author about the outdoors. He gave me two books on this visit which he inscribed. They were very warm people to our family in 1969-70 – Kare made the best hveteboller -- and this was my last visit with them.

10 Sunday at Frognerseteren, the highest point overlooking Oslo, a haven for cross-country skiing in the winter and hiking in the fall, spring and summer. The day was overcast, but there is only around 6-8 hours of light in the winter. This is around 2 p.m.

11 Picnic at Frognerseteren will have to wait for another time of year.

12 After a day of skiing, a stop at the artistic Frognerseteren Restaurant for varm sjokalde (hot chocolate) and its specialty, eple kake med krem (apple cake and whipped cream). The dragon heads at the top are to ward off evil spirits, and on this day presents an eerie feeling. At right, skiiers don’t have trouble finding a parking spot.

13 A warm fireplace with a Vikingship candleabra on the mantle greets you inside…

14 as well as beautiful tapestries and elegant wood staircases

15 Entering Frogner’s Vigeland Park, home to statues of the cycles of life by Gustav Vigeland, cross-country ski trails in the winter, biking and walking trails in the fall, spring and summer; ice hockey rinks in the winter that are tennis courts the rest of the year. We lived around the corner in 1969-70.

16 “I (taught myself) to skate on a patch of ice in a corner of this park, which was used by learning skaters, even though there were no sides.… Sometimes, I would go on my own after school or on the weekends. The Park was free and accessible. “When I returned to America after that year, I was never able to continue skating. Rinks weren’t easily accessible. There were specified hours for leisure skating and you had to pay to join a skating club. As I took in Frogner Park on this wintry day 16 years later, all those memories ‑‑ that “free ‑ dom” ‑‑ was remembered.”

17 Statue of men holding fountain with statues surrounding it.

18 View from the bridge of statues down toward pond of geese.

19 Vigeland’s statues begin with birth and childhood. Statue of baby covered in snow. Looks cold.

20 GOAL!! Or any interpretation you want to make.

21 Above, getting off the train at Holmenkollen. Skiis can be attached to side of train (circle). Right, view of snowy tracks and Oslo.

22 Skiis signalling entrance to Holmenkollen Riksanlegg (Public Park)

23 Snow covers bleachers. We sat on the left side for the 1970 ski jumping championships, “walking miles (to get there) with thousands of people to be part of one of the biggest events in Norway.”

24 Direct view looking toward the ski jump.

25 Above, view from top of bleachers. Snow covers opposite bleachers. Right, another view of far bleachers and background scenery.

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