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Unit 10 Personality Class Edition Jeopardy

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1 Unit 10 Personality Class Edition Jeopardy
Freud Neo-Freudians Defense Mechanisms Humanistic Social-Cultural Trait Theories & Presentations 100 200 300 400 500

2 100 According to Sigmund Freud, during the phallic stage of personality development males struggle with this desire for sexual intimacy toward one’s mother paired with a desire to kill one’s father.

3 200 According to Sigmund Freud the “police force” of our minds that is charge of morals and values learned from parents & society.

4 300 In the different ______ stages, children are thought to associate pleasure with different bodily regions.

5 400 A principle in Freud that perceives nothing we do is accidental and that all our actions are based on our unconscious. A “Freudian slip” would demonstrate this unconscious expression of the mind

6 500 These are the Greek terms Freud gave as motivations and desires for unconscious actions.

7 100 They were the disciples or students of Sigmund Freud who retained a psychodynamic emphasis but also established their own systems.

8 200 In the film "Star Wars," Darth Vader plays the evil leader, Luke plays the hero, and Yoda plays the wise one. According to Carl Jung, all of these characters represent

9 300 Alfred Adler’s most famous theoretical construct suggest if told you are not good at something to the extent you believe it will result in this idea.

10 400 Jungian belief that saw a reservoir for instinctive “memories” held by people everywhere in much the same way humans all share a common genetic code.

11 The two feminine voices within the early psychoanalytic movement.
500 DAILY DOUBLE The two feminine voices within the early psychoanalytic movement.

12 100 Defense mechanisms where under stress, some people will hide, cry, throw things, or even wet their pants.

13 Defense mechanisms where you act the opposite of how you feel.
200 Defense mechanisms where you act the opposite of how you feel.

14 300 Theodore is very insecure so he buys a Mercedes and always wants to drive when friends are over.

15 400 Chase unconsciously wants to break up with his girlfriend so he confronts her accusing her of wanting to break up with him.

16 500 Part of the resolving the Oedipal conflict the child must spend more time with the same-sex parent in this process.

17 100 According to Abraham Maslow people who act independently because they had no neurotic need for the approval others are called.

18 200 Receiving a C for may shock a student who usually gets A’s but thrill a student who is failing is an example of what idea of perception by Carl Rogers.

19 300 In this picture the father is NOT demonstrating what idea from humanist Carl Rogers

20 400 The idea of “You make things happen” and “Things happen to you” are part of what theory of Personality.

21 500 You think skateboarding is fun to do so you spend more time at the skate park interacting with more friends that skate to the extent that you find this stimulating and strengthening your interest in skating.

22 100 The most common acronym known for the current and popular trait theory also called the “Big Five”.

23 200 One of the most famous and widely used personality tests which is based on Jungian types.

24 300 Assumption that another person’s behavior especially clumsy, inappropriate behavior or otherwise undesirable behavior is the result of personality.

25 400 Researcher that believed intelligence was hereditary and examined two dimensions of temperament.

26 500 Besides the idea of status of different age groups & sexes, romantic love, locus of control, and thinking versus feeling what other cultural differences exist between personality related dimensions.

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