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SMG presents: SUZUKI MOBILE J anuary, 2006 The Connection between Suzuki and the Action Sports Community.

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1 SMG presents: SUZUKI MOBILE J anuary, 2006 The Connection between Suzuki and the Action Sports Community

2 Suzuki Mobile Synopsis Suzuki Mobile is a digitally broadcast, wireless and broadband community for the distribution of action/extreme sports, youth culture and lifestyle programming, products and information Suzuki Mobile is an Action Sports community delivering daily, high quality, timely and topical programming to the hard to reach predominantly male 12-34 year old demographic simultaneously thru Cell Phones and the Internet Suzuki Mobile produces 30 seconds to 1 hour long Action Sports programs; video screensavers; video ringers; wallpaper; voiceringers, screensavers and other wireless content Suzuki Mobile enables registered members to send and receive mobile updates providing community applications that encourage users to create profiles, search for other users, join interest based groups, and register for content delivery Suzuki Mobile connects Suzuki Corporate and its dealers to the Action Sports Community providing advertising, sponsorship, promotions, and connectivity to its community database Suzuki Mobile is a transactional community and generates revenues through Media Sales, Advertising, Sponsorship, and Pass-thru Commissions on our database and partner merchandise sales

3 Suzuki Mobile Strategy Suzuki Mobile produces exclusive, first-run High Definition Action Sports programming to reach core viewers with fresh, constantly evolving material that embodies its active lifestyle brand identity, thus, creating a unique medium for targeting this hard-to-reach demographic Suzuki Mobile will launch with daily programs, refreshing bi- weekly and imbedded with 1000’s of Action Sports industry products linked to Suzuki Mobile ‘s transactional backbones Cross Promote Suzuki Mobile wireless broadcasts thru Mobile,, Television and Internet partners Connect the Action Sports Community to Suzuki and connect Suzuki and their dealers to the Action Sports Community.

4 Suzuki Mobile We Are What We Sell MASTER PLAN Suzuki Mobile integrates itself into the very fabric of the core action sports industry it represents by sponsoring unique action sports athletes, Signature Multi-Sport events and industry wide promotions. In turn, Suzuki Mobile will have non-exclusive broadcast and wireless product distribution agreements with Action Sport industry brands who also supply talent, assets and digital content POSITIONING Suzuki Mobile aims to be the coolest, edgiest mobile channel where you get the best action sports from the coolest athletes and get to buy the same stuff and Suzuki cars they use MANAGEMENT Suzuki Mobile is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive senior management experience at world class media companies and a core group of action sports producers with thorough knowledge of their sports.

5 Suzuki Mobile Programming Advantage PROGRAMMING ADVANTAGE OUR COMPETITION Honda, Jeep and Chrysler have successfully presented marketing programs in the action sports community with static, commercial and promotional campaigns. These programs rely heavily on static advertisements and all of the above have little traction in the core industries that they feed upon. Suzuki Mobile CONTENT IS FIRST RUN Suzuki Mobile producers are “What They Sell” and are constantly in the field capturing current, High Definition content that is shot for ‘3 rd Screen’ delivery. With close to camera, pass by and full frame images, Suzuki Mobile’s exclusive up close and personal content gives viewers a better mobile viewing experience and programs that speak to all levels of enthusiasts. Suzuki Mobile CONTENT IS FRESH By focusing its own cameras on current, topical and timely content from today's action sports opinion leaders, athletes, movers and shakers, Suzuki Mobile programming sets itself apart from its aggregating counterparts Suzuki Mobile CONTENT IS FILLED WITH AVAILABLE PRODUCTS Suzuki Mobile further differentiates itself by integrating Suzuki vehicles with relative and meaningful products from the action sports industry into fresh real-lifestyle programming and makes them available to purchase direct through broadcast and carrier transaction.

6 Suzuki Mobile Channels DAILY PROGRAMMING Multi-Sport Medley This program features high-action ‘Best of’ clips of core action sports edited to emerging hip-hop and rock music. Clips range in length from :30 seconds to 3 minutes Who’s Hot The hottest athletes of action sports are delivered to your phone with brilliant action and up close and personal interviews. Clips range in length from :30 seconds to 3 minutes Core Sports These programs feature shows from each of the core action sports: SurfSkateSnowWakeBMXMoto X Core Sport clips range in length from :30 seconds to 3 minutes Trick Tips These programs feature signature trick tips from high profile athletes that give consumers unique insights on specific tricks. Clips range in length from :30 seconds to 1.5 minutes How To These programs feature step by step instructions from leading action sports athletes that give consumers thorough explanations of maneuvers and tricks. Clips range in length from :14 seconds to 1.5 minutes Weekly Show 52 weeks a year Suzuki Mobile delivers a fresh 15 minute action and music program featuring the hottest athletes in the surf, skate, snow, wake, bmx and motocross industries.

7 Suzuki Mobile Advertising Strategy The Suzuki Mobile design team is constantly developing marketing materials that promote the uniqueness of its Ambassador Team and wireless media products. PRINT CAMPAIGNS Action Sports Periodicals: Surfing Magazine (Circ. 502,337)TWS Snowboarding Magazine (Circ. 749,080) Wakeboarding Magazine (Circ. 43,700) TWS Business (Circ. 17,700) TWS Skateboarding Magazine (Circ. 994,483) Ride BMX Magazine (Circ. 310,000) Racer X Motocross Magazine (Circ. 71,346) Non-Endemic Magazines Mobile MagazineTeen Vogue Cosmo GirlHook-Up Wired Online Advertising Suzuki Mobile will work with all endemic sponsor partners to expose our content on their websites and physical media properties. We will trade out our rss feeds and promotional video content to barter for online banner advertising space. We will go further to purchase advertising space at high traffic sites frequented by our target consumers, such as: Primedia Sites - Surfer, Surfing, Powder, Skateboarder Thrasher: Skateboarding Transworld Surf and Transworld Surfline: Action Sports

8 Suzuki Mobile Event Sponsorship Suzuki Mobile supports grass roots and professional events with sponsorship dollars and infrastructure support. Suzuki Mobile banners will be displayed at all events and free wallpaper promotional cards will be distributed to event attendees. In 2006 Suzuki Mobile will sponsor the following events: The United States of America Snowboarding Association –400+ events held at over 80 USA mountain resorts The Damn Am Skateboarding Tour –East and West Coast Amateur Championships The National Scholastic Surfing Association –8 Regional Conference Championships The Mid Atlantic Wakeboarding Series –25 Amateur Events The United States Surfing Association –17 Regional Surfing event series Suzuki Mobile has created a unique event marketing strategy wherein they host signature Multi- Sport events for athletes as well as Industry specific Gatherings that attract riders and companies from all regions of the Action Sports marketplace. The Suzuki Mobile Multi-Sport series will feature surf, skate, snow, wake as well as BMX and Motocross combined competitions. This series will effectively create a new Multi-Sport champion and provide significant content and exposure for the Suzuki Mobile brand.

9 Suzuki Mobile Trade Shows Suzuki Mobile will display its unique image and offerings within a digitally projected trade booth environment that embodies its active lifestyle. This 20’ X 40’ booth includes a walk thru tunnel with 180 degree projected action sport images and individual screening stands where customers can view, download and opt in to Suzuki Mobile wireless communities. 2006 Trade Shows Include: SIA Trade Show – Las Vegas ASR Trade Show – California and Florida

10 Sponsored Athletes Suzuki Mobile contracted “A” Team athletes could include: Surfing Chris WardFreerider - Rated 5th Most Exposed TWS Jan 06 Titus KinimakaSurfing Legend and Competitive Big Wave Surfer Josh SleighAerial Surfing Pioneer and Expression Tour Champion Skateboarding Marc JohnsonStreet Skater Rated 14th Most Exposed TWS Nov 05 Justin Blake14 Year old Phenom 1st Place California Amateur Snowboarding Andy Finch04 US Grand Prix Champion – Nine 1st Places since 04 Tyler Flanagan14 yr old Phenom – Three 1st Place Finishes in 04 Wakeboarding Parks Bonifay 5 Time World Wakeboard Champion Shane Bonifay Highly exposed Wakeboarder and 05 Railslide Champ BMX Stephen MurrayX-Games & Gravity Games Gold Medals 1st dbl backflip Moto-X Kenny Bartram05 Gravity Games, MT Dew and IFMA World Champ

11 Suzuki Mobile Advertising Suzuki Mobile targeted advertising services range from embedded-in-content to L-Bar ads, to stand-alone broadcast commercials. Suzuki Mobile advertising campaigns are designed to help clients acquire customers, transact business and build brand awareness. Ads deliverable to all Suzuki Mobile cellular and online networks Ads can be targeted to specific audiences Cellular and Online Ads can be forwarded to friends & family Ads can include a unique tracking code Ads can include phone number for call-back Campaign tracking and reporting All subscribers are Double Opt-in

12 Suzuki Mobile Commercials The Suzuki Mobile commercial campaigns will focus on programs frequented by our target consumers and deliver memorable and meaningful, eye catching, high-action content and brand messages. Commercial Placements: ESPN – X Games NBC- Gravity Games and Dew Games Fuel Network FOX Sports 54321 MTV VH1 FUSE

13 Suzuki Mobile Advertising becomes the answer for Youth Marketers: Marriage: –The Suzuki Brands  Action Sports Industry –Transactional Content  Distribution channels Vertically integrated company Connection/relation to core/hip industry Experience Core, yet professional enough for Corporate clients

14 About Us Strategic Media Group has teamed up with Mobile Media Now : We produce and license and clear digital content for wireless and broadband delivery. Suzuki Mobile’s success will benefit from the creative vision and the Managerial and Wireless industry expertise of SMG & MMN. Collectively, we provide Suzuki Mobile with a diligent, intelligent & savvy team of experienced managers dedicated to the success of the Suzuki Mobile program. As a developer and publisher of mobile entertainment applications, MMN provides extensive industry contacts and invaluable wireless business development expertise. With award winning film makers and innovators of Action Sport Events, MMN provides a unique mix of management, marketing and media expertise. Rafelson Media provides Suzuki with solid networks and insight into the media and music industry and a vast history in entertainment marketing and sales. RM Records offers all of the music related components to help Suzuki grow appeal, positioning and market share. SMG and MMN are uniquely positioned to deliver turn-key in-house wireless field production, post production and management support for Suzuki Mobile SMG, RMR, MMN and Suzuki Mobile is supported by Zingy, a full service wireless application and carrier connectivity provider.

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