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Skelanimals They want your ♥… How it all started… Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end— mostly due to their own reckless.

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2 Skelanimals They want your ♥…

3 How it all started… Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end— mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. The 20 characters--ranging from a bat, to a monkey, to a bulldog--are brought to life through funny poems describing their demise, giving the brand its signature, light-hearted feel.

4 Skelanimals hits fever pitch… Quirky, edgy, and fun, Skelanimals have struck a chord with teens and young adults all over the globe, driving triple-digit sales growth year over year. Over 60 new animals are slated to be released over the next few years, many in limited edition runs, fueling a surge in interest from collectors. The loveable Skelanimals and their clever personalities and hilarious back stories resonate with consumers of all stripes, from counterculture aficionados, to skate and surfer kids, fashion-savvy teens, toy collectors, and young people who just find the animals adorable.

5 Cast of Characters KitMarcyPenQuackeeThomas FoxyMatt Lolita MaxxCecil

6 Cast of Characters ElleDaxDiegoChungKeeJack Dee BillLammy CarrieRoy

7 Skelanimals conquers the world… Skelanimals’ unique blend of cuteness and ‘edge’ have helped the brand burst through national borders and tidy psychographic classifications and captivated people all over the world who appreciate its quirkiness and offbeat humor. Skelanimals fans—customers and retailers alike—come from every corner of the globe, from the major markets in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and South America to countries such as Russia, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, Panama, Guatemala, the Philippines, South Africa, and Puerto Rico. Such widespread popularity amongst an otherwise dissimilar cross-section of cultures is proof positive of the Skelanimals’ universal appeal.

8 The Skelanimals’ Success People ♥ animals… even dead ones.

9 Skelanimals find love in the United States! Skelanimals is positioned in independent specialty boutiques such as Fred Segal, surf & skate stores, Tilly’s, Hastings, Hot Topic, department stores and specialty toy retailers. After only a year and a half on the market Skelanimals is projected to generate $30 million in sales for 2008. Skelanimals is the #1 selling non-music based brand in Hot Topic. Skelanimals boutiques are in all 700 Hot Topic stores and include products such as junior & young men’s apparel, bags, backpacks, wallets, coin purses, shoes, socks, hats, scarves, stickers, buttons, pins, magnets, patches, cell phone charms, zipper pulls, keychains, shoelaces, keycaps, postcards, posters, candy, cosmetics, fragrance, bedding & plush. Young men’s launched in April 2008 with sell throughs up to 71% weekly. FAO Schwarz will roll out Skelanimals boutiques in all stores including Macy’s stores starting in August 2008. Skelanimals will launch it’s tween line in Department Stores and other tween specialty chains for Spring 2009.

10 Skelanimals Boutiques at Hot Topic

11 Skelanimals Go Global!

12 Skelanimals hits the Milan Catwalk! Skelanimals boutiques in Europe launched during Milan’s Fashion Week in September 2007, with a comprehensive collection of high-end junior fashions at upscale trend retailer PINKO. Boutiques are featured in all 60 PINKO stores throughout France, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece and Japan. A children’s collection debuted in January.

13 Pinko & La Rinascente Department Stores

14 Skelanimals Go Global Skelanimals launched boutiques in 200 Jay Jays stores across Australia, New Zealand & South Africa in August 2007 to record- breaking sales and became the #1 launch in Jay Jays’ history! Skelanimals is featured in Virgin and HMV stores as well as specialty shops and other fashion based department stores in the UK. Skelanimals boutiques, “shops within shops,” are featured in independent specialty stores throughout Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Asia, Canada, Latin & South America.

15 Skelanimals Hits the Trade Show Circuit…

16 Magic Las Vegas


18 New York Licensing Show

19 Skelanimals Brand Positioning & Consumer Profile

20 Brand Positioning Skelanimals are: Light-hearted Lovable Edgy & Hip Irreverent Fashionable Skelanimals are not: Macabre Frightening Morbid Bratty Offensive A key factor in Skelanimals’ success is that many people can embrace it regardless of individual personalities or cultural ties. It taps into the counterculture market, the surf/skate community, and everything in between!

21 Brand Positioning Skelanimals is positioned as a specialty brand which offers hip, innovative, high- quality products with special features that give them a higher perceived value. Glow-in-the-dark accents, embroidery, charms, branded flag tags, hidden messages and special packaging – such as coffin-shaped hangtags and shoe boxes – are just some of the enhancements that set the Skelanimals collection apart from the competition.

22 Target Market Teen and young adults ages 13-25, are our core customer for fashion and accessories. 2009—Tweens ages 7-12 The toys, plush, and collectibles reach an even broader demographic, from young children to serious toy collectors who are eager to snap up products before specific characters are retired.

23 Skelanimals Rocks the World…

24 Marketing Skelanimals builds awareness and support via genuine, relevant methods of reaching our core customer on their terms. Our marketing strategy encompasses avenues such as MySpace, an interactive website, consumer advertising, sweepstakes, store launch events, and cross- marketing with popular bands, extreme sports athletes, celebrities, charities, and national organizations, as well as being 'on the ground' with sponsorships and giveaways at key events such as the Vans Warped Tour, SXSW and action sports events.

25 Music Marketing Our aggressive music marketing campaign leverages our presence on MySpace and the Skelanimals interactive community in conjunction with a national advertising & editorial campaign in major publications such as Alternative Press, Revolver, AMP, Teen Magazine, Seventeen and CosmoGirl featuring our sponsored recording artists, and MySpace celebrities. Skelanimals cross-promotes the bands through its sponsorship of major music tours and industry events, contests and retail promotions, and collaboration with cutting-edge media outfits such as MySpace, MTV, Fuse, Imeem, VIMBY and Buzznet.

26 Band Collaborations



29 Record Label Collaborations

30 Major Sponsor of 2008 Vans Warped Tour





35 Concert & Music Tours 2008 SXSW— Skelanimals stage at EMOS Concerts, After Parties & Events Shows

36 Other Marketing Initiatives & Target Promotional Partners

37 Retail Promotions, Promotional Contests & Prize Packs

38 Other Marketing Initiatives & Target Promotional Partners Myspace celebrities such as Audrey Kitching (300,000 friends), Hanna Beth (150,000 friends), & Christine Dolce (1,500,000 friends) are part of the Skelanimals global ad campaign Product Placement (Music Videos, MTV, CSI, America’s Next Top Model)

39 Skelanimals Hits the Skate Scene Skelanimals sponsors world class skaters Holly Lyons & Alize Montes

40 Skelanimals Lends a Hand Fur is Dead" campaign with peta2 was the most successful in the organization's history, with over 100,000 participants taking the 'fur-free' pledge. The campaign's website and MySpace were designed by Skelanimals, as were tees, posters, and other materials sold or distributed at venues that included two of the hottest tours for emerging bands: the 30-city Taste of Chaos and Bamboozle. A photo shoot featuring cutting-edge musicians and designers, MySpace celebrities, etc. was the basis for a national ad campaign with trendsetting L.A. retailer Fred Segal.

41 Skelanimals Gives Back Skelanimals is proud to support various charities around the world such as: Doctors without Borders Fred Segal Charity Event Music Saves Lives Take Action

42 Skelanimals Virtual Community, MySpace & Animated Shorts

43 Website & MySpace Fans have bombarded the Skelanimals website, (which receives over 3,000,000 hits per month) and flooded its MySpace with comments and requests for product and store information. The Skelanimals online community launched on June 20th to coincide with the first Warped Tour date.

44 Skelanimals Virtual Community The new Skelanimals website seamlessly integrates our product licensing and music marketing programs in a unique virtual environment that includes: Interactive content Dedicated pages for sponsored bands, featuring continuously updated band 'blogs,' video diaries, photo shoots and interviews Contest tie-ins with partner retailers, sponsored bands/record labels, and music festivals Retail and shopping links User-generated content, e.g., "create your own Skelanimal," customizable MySpace layouts, etc.

45 Skelanimals MySpace The Skelanimals MySpace Page is a continuously evolving interactive site where our 42,000 friends (and growing!) can post questions and comments, view and share pics, find shopping links, and watch behind-the-scene videos of fashion shoots, parties, and events with our sponsored bands. Reciprocal links to the pages of our MySpace celebrity friends, the bands, record labels and retailers help to reinforce the Skelanimals ‘community’ experience.

46 Skelanimals Animated Shorts Skelanimals animated shorts are featured on our website, YouTube, and other video-sharing sites, with more in the works. Each vignette takes a light-hearted look at one of our dead animal friends...some of whom clearly still haven't learned from their past mishaps. In "Bear Hug," for example, ChungKee races to embrace you and is stopped 'dead' in his tracks by the computer screen...leaving the hapless bear sliding to the floor in a daze, his bones still stuck to the invisible partition. Never fear, he can quickly regain his composure (and his skeleton). Discussions about the development of a Skelanimals animated series are ongoing with major media producers.

47 Press & Advertising

48 Consumer Magazines (Ads & Editorial) Teen Magazine Seventeen Teen Vogue CosmoGirl AP Magazine AMP Magazine Revolver Magazine Punk Rock Confidential HM Magazine






54 Fashion Lookbook






60 Young Men’s Collection

61 Young Men’s





66 Juniors Holiday 2008

67 Juniors Holiday 2008





72 7-16 Girls’ Collection

73 Tweens Spring 2009





78 Licensees

79 U.S. Licensees


81 International Licensees

82 Contact Information: Art Impressions 23586 Calabasas Rd. #210 Calabasas, CA 91302 818 591-0105

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