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Welcome to Kinsner Elementary Home of the Kinsner Cobras.

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1 Welcome to Kinsner Elementary Home of the Kinsner Cobras

2 Kinsner Elementary



5 Home of the Cobras


7 The Main Office

8 The Office Staff, (l-r) Mrs. Kurilec-Clerk, Mr. Reed-Principal, Mrs. Arpidone, Secretary

9 The Media Center



12 The Gymnasium

13 Music

14 Art

15 Art and Guidance Go Hand in Hand

16 Lunch Anyone ?

17 Playground

18 Playground

19 Grooming Stations

20 Classroom

21 Kinsner Activities and Clubs ► Intramurals ► Kids Into Plants ► Kinsner Kidzette Newspaper ► Student Council ► “Good Morning Kinsner” - Morning TV Announcers ► Walking Club ► Chorus ► Student Ambassadors ► Art Show and Ice Cream Social ► Just Say No ► Breakfast with a Buddy ► Scholastic Book Fair ► Reading Enrichment Program ► Math Superstars Enrichment ► Music Recital ► Skate Nights ► Bingo Night ► Family Math and Science Night ► Assemblies: COSI, Dancing Wheels, Johnny Appleseed, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Outback Ray, Author Visit-Dandi Mackall (09-10) ► Jump A Thon/Field Days

22 Millennium Project

23 Tips for Making and Keeping Friends ► Be Accepting. Not all of your friends need to act and think the way you do. Different perspectives add variety and enrich our experience. ► Be a Good Listener. This means looking at the person talking and genuinely listening to what they are saying by paying attention. ► Don’t Be a Show Off. Not everyone is going to have your abilities and interests, but that doesn’t mean you have to “rub it in”. Share your abilities through actions that are genuine and authentic. ► Do Your Share of the Work. Yes, it takes work to establish and keep a friendship. Make sure that you are doing your fair share of the work. Don’t depend on your friends to always make the plans or call. ► Let People Know You Are Interested. Don’t just talk about yourself; ask questions about others. ► Be Honest. Tell the truth about yourself and what you believe. Make sure to not brag or embellish about your reputation. ► Reach Out Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. A simple “hi” and a smile go a long way.

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