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For good. For ever. TM. Community people connected by geography... and to each other.

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1 For good. For ever. TM

2 Community people connected by geography... and to each other

3 Foundation


5 a platform for growth

6 a platform for building community Community Foundation

7 What is a Community Foundation?

8 1 three distinct features 2 3 A Community Foundation has

9 Permanent Endowment 1

10 1 Invest and protect principal Distribute earnings via grants Build permanent community capital Create donor legacies

11 Broad, Flexible Purpose 2

12 - Arts and culture - Education - Environment - Health - Human services - Recreation Monitor all community needs 2

13 Broad, Flexible Purpose - Support high-impact opportunities - Bring organizations into existence - Re-direct funds as appropriate Monitor all community needs 2

14 Personalized Giving 3

15 - Cash - Stocks - Property - Bequests Fulfill multiple charitable intents Contribute in a variety of ways 3

16 Personalized Giving - Unrestricted - Field of Interest - Designated - Advised Gain maximum tax advantage Be involved in establishing a fund: 3

17 What is different about a Community Foundation from an agency like United Way?

18 Permanent Endowment 1

19 A bit of background.

20 1914 First Community Foundation: Cleveland, Ohio 2009 700 Community Foundations in U.S. 30 Community Foundations in Wisconsin Serving citizens in all 50 states More than $50 billion in endowment funds Over $4 billion in local grants And growing! 1983 1987 1993 1994 Community Foundation of Portage County Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin Marshfield Area Community Foundation Community Foundation of South Wood County Community Foundations in the U.S.

21 Marshfield Area Community Foundation We are a non-profit community corporation created by and for the people of the Marshfield Area. We’re here to help our donors do good work... Forever.

22 Our Mission: Connecting People who care with the causes that matter to enrich the quality of life in the Marshfield Area The official geographic service area of the Marshfield Area Community Foundation, beginning to our west and traveling clockwise, includes the following communities in addition to Marshfield: Chili, Granton, Neillsville, Loyal, Greenwood, Withee, Owen, Spencer, Unity, Colby, Curtiss, Abbotsford, Dorchester, Stetsonville, Medford, Stratford, Rozellville, Hewitt, Auburndale, Blenker, Milladore, Sherry, and Arpin. It also includes, of course, the towns and rural areas between these communities.

23 Marshfield Area Community Foundation has more than 100 named funds We have almost $3,000,000 in assets We gave more than $165,000 in annual grants in fiscal year 2008 and over $2,700,000 since we began.

24 Marshfield Area Community Foundation Assets and Grants Distributed

25 2008 Grants (by interest)

26 Donor stories.

27 The Power of Endowment Funding The Anne and Bette Adler Story

28 The Power of Endowment Funding Anne and Bette shared a goal: to make a long-term impact on their home community of Marshfield in the name of their parents. In 1993 they offered a challenge grant of $25,000. This money was used to establish the Adler Family Fund within the Foundation. It provided the motivating force from which the Marshfield Area Community Foundation emerged. Anne Adler passed away last January. Her legacy lives on in the Community Foundation she started. Anne and Bette Adler Story

29 The Power of Endowment Funding Anne and Bette Adler Story The growth of the Adler Fund 19932009 $157,000 $25,000 $6,700 in annual grants Since 1993 the fund has granted more than $62,000.

30 Examples of Other types of funds.

31 Scholarship Funds Donor Advised Funds Designated Funds Field of Interest Funds Unrestricted Funds Acorn Funds Project Specific Funds Women’s Giving Circle

32 The Power of Endowment Funding Scholarship Fund In November of 1998 Alex and Dorothy Knox established a scholarship fund with initial investment of $35,000. The Dorothy and Alex B. Knox Scholarship Fund This fund has awarded $31,000 in Scholarship support. It has touched the lives of over 75 Marshfield High School students It continues to grow in both asset size and grants awarded. It is valued at over $86,000 today. * We have 37 scholarship funds that provided scholarships to 74 students in 2009, providing more than $50,000 in support.

33 The Anderson Family with the 2009 Anderson Memorial Dance Scholarship recipients. The Fore Bill Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 and awarded it’s first scholarship in 2009. The O’Reilly sisters seen talking with the award winner, established a scholarship as a memorial to their parents. Jean Coy from Altrusa is seen visiting with the Altrusa Scholarship winner at the Scholarship Event.

34 Donor Advised Funds A donor advised fund is Similar to a Family Foundation without the administration The Lucille Tack Center for the Arts fund was started to provide an endowment for the arts at the center. Other Donor Advised Funds support domestic abuse shelters, military families, The Marshfield Area Friends of the Trails, the Tiny Tiger Intergeneration Center, and many other non-profit causes. LTCA Weber Park Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center

35 Designated Funds: Designated Funds: The Woodland Preservation Fund provides for maintenance at the UW -Wood County Arboretum Trail Another Fund provides assistance for many of the Catholic Parishes in the community. T he Margaret King Fund was established to provide an endowment to the Marshfield Area Habitat for Humanity to provide simple, decent, affordable housing.

36 Field of Interest Funds Senior Citizen’s Endowment Fund Field of Interest Funds Senior Citizen’s Endowment Fund This fund was established by the Chronquist Family Each year grants are given to projects directed at seniors. This fund has supported non-profit agencies like the Respite Center, Companion Day Services and others who help seniors. Another Field of Interest Funds is the Marshfield History Project

37 Women’s Giving Circle Women’s Giving Circle Established in 2008 as a way to pool donations to help improve the lives women and children. Donations establish an endowment as well as provide grants to non- profits that service women and children. The group has given almost $15,000 in grants in the first two years The fund has supported the Personal Development Center to provide domestic violence education and supported the Supervised Visitation and Exchange Program, Kiddie Kaboose to aid adolescent parents with child care while they attend high school, provided heating assistance for disadvantaged women with children, meals for seniors, support for Soup or Socks and the Marshfield Tiger Girl’s Hockey Team. Deborah Janz, Giving Circle Chair, at the Wine & Chocolate, Women & Giving Event.

38 Project Specific Funds Project Specific Funds Many of the recreational places we will visit this afternoon were made possible with project specific funds. These all add to the quality of life in our area. Hamus Park Boson Tennis Complex Griese Park Miller Park

39 More Project Specific Projects: Architecture Construction and Engineering Academy Marshfield Outdoor Learning Sanctuary

40 More… Marshfield Skate Park Braem Park Disk Golf The new Marshfield Dog Park

41 We respond to the needs in our community through our Community Grants, Senior Grants, and the Women’s Giving Circle Grants. This year 18 groups asked for $20,000 in funding We funded the Christmas Angel Project of Neillsville, Pathway Partners Mentoring Program, Hewitt Parks, Home Delivered Meals, the Marshfield Dog Park, the Marshfield Clinic Child Advocacy Center, Marshfield Tiger Girl’s Hockey Team, and helped to sponsor the Eva Mozes Kor Lecture. This fund supports our operational expenses. Without this fund none of the other good work we do would get done. A group of students touring the New Vision’s exhibit, Paws and Reflect. The Community Grants Program helped to sponsor this. Unrestricted Funds Forever Fund

42 Acorn funds are funds that are set up by individuals or groups with the hopes of growing the fund over four years to reach the minimum ($10,000) required to establish an endowed fund. Acorn Funds MHS Senior Class Fund or PAWS for the Cause MHS SENIOR CLASS FUND MHS senior classes donate towards establishing a scholarship fund in the memory of John Blankush. PAWS FOOR THE CAUSE A Leadership Marshfield Class project established a fund to provide assistance for spaying and neutering of pets.

43 Funds set up by past Leadership Marshfield Project Groups: PAWS for the Cause Acorn Fund Griese Park Marshfield Outdoor Learning Sanctuary Marshfield Dog Park Can MACF help your project?

44 Ten reasons people choose Community Foundations.

45 Why Do People Choose Community Foundations? 1.We build endowment funds that grow and benefit our community forever 2.We help donors create an individual or family legacy 3.We offer donor involvement in selecting charities

46 Why Do People Choose Community Foundations? 4.We are a local organization meeting a broad range of changing local needs 5.We provide a simple way to fulfill multiple charitable interests, with low-cost administration

47 Why Do People Choose Community Foundations? 6.We deliver personalized donor service; we’re flexible and responsive to unique needs 7.We accept a wide variety of assets 8.We offer maximum tax advantage

48 Why Do People Choose Community Foundations? 9.We can preserve donor intent even when community needs and organizations change 10.We are known for prudent stewardship and investment practices

49 Two simple thoughts.

50 Community Foundations are among the fastest-growing forms of philanthropy in the United States today!

51 “The future is not entirely beyond our control, it is the work of our own hands.” Robert Kennedy, Jr.

52 For good.

53 For ever. Copyright 1999 Michigan Community Foundations Ventures

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