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ICETTES 2014-2015. Meet And Greet Coaches: Rachelle Johnson (651-343-9301) Kiara Martilla

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1 ICETTES 2014-2015

2 Meet And Greet Coaches: Rachelle Johnson (651-343-9301) Kiara Martilla ( ) Brianna Regan ( ) Captains: Becca Sengbusch (651-249-7935) Grace Hagen (952-607-9494)

3 Goal Earn a Varsity Letter Learn Responsibility Have Fun Make Friends Be on a Team Learn New Elements

4 Lettering Skaters on any team need a total of 50 points to receive a varsity letter. Please keep track of your points and submit them at the end of the season. Rachelle will be keeping track of lettering points as well. Points will be found in your team handbook

5 Register for Icettes To register for Icettes: go to your high school’s website and click on SchoolView and use Feepay to register for Icettes.

6 New Skaters Need: ISI Number, Practice Dress, Compete On Team Events, Need to be minimum Freestyle 2/Basic Skills 8 Optional: USFS Number, Individual Competitions/Events, Spirit Wear, Winter Classic Competition

7 Tryouts (Varsity Team Only) November Tryouts will be recorded for reviewing purposes only. Skaters should treat the tryout like a competition: skating dress, hair neat, etc) All Tryouts are CLOSED Varsity Individual: Skater will skate their current freestyle program, needs clean landed axel, strong edges, and tryout footwork Varsity Synchro: Tryout footwork only. Needs to show strong edges, control, speed, correctness of foot positions. REQUIREMENT: passed pre-juv moves in the field.

8 Team Selection The coaches pick who is on what team based on safety, skating ability, strength, etc. If a skater has passed requirements needed for a certain team it is NOT a guarantee of team placement. Placements are made for what is best for the team and all skaters involved.

9 New Tardy Policy LATE means late on the ice First Late Offense: Warning Second Late Offense: 10 Laps Third or More Late Offense(s): Letter Point Taken Away If you don’t show up to practice and not let Rachelle know you will lose a letter point. Team events: (team comp, production, all ice show numbers) Skater is only able to miss one practice. If more than one practice is missed the skater will not be able to skate in that number. The coaches want skaters and parents driving to be safe on the roads! Please obey traffic rules while coming to practice. Being late is far better than being injured. If you are going to be late, Please inform Coach Rachelle (text preferred). DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE

10 Team vs Individual Skating Individual: Parents and skaters are familiar with getting one on one attention from their skating coach. That's what their coach is paid to do. Adjusting rules and ice time for the skater to fit their schedule and needs. Coaches are expecting to get an email about the things they don’t like about the training plan so they can obtain individual goals in a timely manor. Being on a team: Rules are rules, NO exceptions and NO special attention. REMEMBER this is a high school lettering program. Coaches are not expecting an email as to whether or not the training plan fits the individual skater. The plan the coaches make are for the best of the team.

11 Protocol/Exceptions Text Rachelle if you will be late. Middle School has the only exception for tardy practice (no need for a text) For all individual practices: Skater can opt to skate on their club ice for a lesson with their freestyle coach. Skater MUST have permission by Rachelle to skip practice for a lesson. If injured, skater must still come to practice to watch so they do not miss anything. Being sick, school concert/function, and family emergency are all excused from the Tardy Policy. Having a doctor appointment is NOT excused. Please arrange your appointments around your skating schedule. Please note that if you are home sick you cannot come to practice.

12 Expectations for Skaters Be on Time Be Respectful of Coaches, Parents, Chaperones, Team Mates, and Rink Staff Text Rachelle if you will be late (NO texting and driving) Use internet for positive use only. (No harassment of any kind) Be responsible for your own costumes for competition and ice show Conduct good sportsmanship You are responsible for your actions and how it represents the team. Don’t talk while the coaches or captains are talking

13 Expectations for Parents Be respectful of coaches, rink staff, captains, and other parents Any Issues with the program or ice related issues please contact Rachelle in a timely manor. Inform Rachelle if your skater has a conflict (ex: school concert, family emergency, sick, injured, etc.) Volunteer during the season

14 Competitions Mankato Competition (USFS/Basic Skills) January 10th, 2015 -Sign up with your club for those skaters who have home USFS clubs (apply online) Winter Classic (ISI) February 13-15th, 2015 Please note that we are leaving 2/11 and getting back 2/16(Form) Blades of March (ISI) March 6-8th, 2015 -Sign up with your club for those skaters who have home ISI clubs (Form) Team events will be at the ISI competitions. Individual events at all three competitions.

15 Important Dates October 24 - Halloween Party at Hagen’s Home Nov. 18 - Second Parent/Skater/Competition Meeting Nov 18 - Winter Classic Competition Forms Due Dec. 14 - Deadline for Online Mankato Competition December - Christmas Party January 10 – Mankato Individual Competition (USFS) January 17- Camp Sacajawea February 11 – 16 Winter Classic- St Louis, MO (ISI) March 6-8 – Blades of March Competition (ISI) March 12-14 - Ice Show April 19 - Banquet

16 Booster Board Tracy Monro-Moran – President Mark Wangler – Vice President Darla Mariette – Secretary Carry Langseth – Treasurer Alonzo Anthony – Committee and Events Coordinator Email – Website –

17 Booster Board Purpose – To support the existence of the team Our main purpose is to fundraise and make sure the show happens Collect Booster Club Fee Here to listen…however… Rachelle is the Coach; Pete is the Athletic Director

18 Odds and Ends Fundraisers Individual Poinsettias and Wreaths Yankee Candle Group Mainstream Boutique (early December) Cub Grocery Bagging (11/21 and 12/22)

19 Booster Club Fee $175 for 2014-2015 Camp Sacajawea, Team T-shirts, Christmas Party, Carb Night, Prep Day, End of Year Gift, Banquet, Synchro Makeup, Show Week food Assistant Coaches are $5700 – extra $75 per skater going to Assistant Coaches ($75 * 35 = $2625) Hoping group fundraisers will cover the rest – we are at $871 from car wash and summer Cub Grocery bagging This is in addition to the online registration fee.

20 St Louis Trip We are in planning stages. Board had already approved to pay for the bus for the trip More to come! Dates: Leave: Wednesday night, 2/11 Return: Monday night 2/16

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