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Done by: Joel Lee (8) Phua Yue Jun (18) Kevin Tan (20)

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1 Done by: Joel Lee (8) Phua Yue Jun (18) Kevin Tan (20)

2  Name  Venue  Design  Materials  Cost  Safety Measures

3 Kinect The name is a play on the Xbox console popular amongst students. It also signifies the large amount of kinetic energy the skater will possess. Our skate park is designed to allow experienced skaters to move at fast speeds. Our name is short and straight-forward, simple to remember!

4  We will be constructing our skate park on the edges of the school, field near to the JC side. Skate Park

5 Rationale: The area we chose is far enough from any classrooms hence disturbance is at an absolute minimum. It is also easily accessible by students as it is just beside a gate. The terrain there is also appropriate for construction as the place has no rough materials (e.g rocks) around.


7 Surface: We will be using a new material called Skatelite. Specially designed skate, BMX and inline surface Withstands weather better than plywood, masonite Cheaper than concrete Exceptionally long lifetime indoors/outdoors (4 years outdoors, 6 years indoors)

8 Additional benefits of Skatelite: Less Friction: It is the smoothest riding surface. Reduced friction results in fewer skin abrasions (or ramp rash) common with other surfaces. Safe Temperature: Metal ramps overheat in direct sunlight and may cause skin burns. Skatelite stays a comfortable temperature in any condition.

9 Additional benefits of Skatelite: Fire Resistant: It is fire resistant and self extinguishes even under intense flames. Cleaner Friendly: Unaffected by paint thinners and chemicals. It maintains its smooth finish even after the clean up crew removes graffiti. “Maintenance Free”: It is long lasting despite excessive use and punishing weather conditions. If damage is done, the material can easily be replaced.

10 Body: We will be using concrete. Durable, long life of 30+ years Surface / Structure repairs minimal Although it is expensive, the durability it gives ensures its worth over the years.

11 SurfaceBody Skatelite OCC: 4ft x 8ft (Qty: 6) 4ft x 10ft (Qty: 32) Concrete: 1472 ft 2 (per square foot) 4ft x 8 ft = $189.00 x 6 4ft x 10ft = $236.25 x 32 1472 ft 2 = $4 x 1472 Total cost: $1134.00 + $7560.00 + $5888.00 = $14582.00 Skate Park Dimensions: 8ft x 184ft (2.5m x 56m)

12  ProTec Ace Skate Helmet, Caballero Edition ($39.95)  ProTec Drop-In Elbow Pads (Pair) ($34.95)  Triple Eight KP Pro Knee Pads (Pair) ($56.95)  187 Skate Wrist Guards (Pair) ($18.95)

13  Taking into account we buy approximately 10 sets, ($39.95 + $34.95 + $56.95 + $18.95) x 10 = $1508  Adding on from the cost of materials: $1508.00 + $14582.00 = $16090.00

14   bin/WebObjects/PWDA.woa/wa/loadPage?pageId=2013 bin/WebObjects/PWDA.woa/wa/loadPage?pageId=2013       A-Primer.14119.html A-Primer.14119.html  pads.html pads.html

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