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Fun Phonogram Poems

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2 Fun Phonogram Poems

3 Little Jack Slack Phonogram: ack Little Jack Slack sat in his super shack. Little Jack Slack sat upon a wacky tack. Little Jack Slack got a bruise that turned black. Now Little Jack Black wanted a yummy snack pack. Words for practice: back, black, clack, crack, hack, jack, lack, pack, quack, rack, sack, shack, slack, smack, snack, stack, tack, track, whack

4 Tommy Tail Phonogram: ail Tommy Tail got caught in the hail. Tommy tail tried to get his mail. Tommy Tail could not fail, for he had to get the mail for Sheriff Snail. Tommy Tail then tripped on a nail. Then Sheriff Snail put poor Tommy Tail right into the local jail. Words for practice: bail, fail, flail, frail, hail, jail, mail, nail, pail, quail, rail, sail, snail, tail, trail, wail

5 Paulie the Pain Phonogram: ain Paulie the Pain loved to watch the rain. He'd watch the rain go down the drain. He'd watch the rain sweep away the grain. He'd watch the rain while holding a chain. He'd watch the rain all the way in Spain. He'd watch the rain while on a train. He'd watch the rain 'til he felt a pain. He'd watch the rain 'til he got a sprain. Paulie the Pain sure hates that rain. Words for practice: brain, chain, drain, gain, grain, lain, main, pain, plain, rain, slain, Spain, sprain, stain, strain, train, twain, vain.

6 Jake and a Snake Phonogram: ake Jake baked a cake down at the lake. He baked the cake while staring at a snake. The big old snake looked back at Jake. "Gimme some cake!" said the snake to Jake. "I'll give you some cake, for goodness sake!" Then Jake gave the snake some cake he could take. The snake took the cake into the lake when suddenly there was a huge earthquake. Then Jake saw Drake, a friend of the snake who pushed a button and stopped the quake. Drake looked at Jake and Jake looked at Drake. Drake then said, "Can I have some cake, Jake?" Words for practice: bake, brake, cake, drake, fake, flake, lake, make, quake, rake, sake, shake, slake, snake, stake, take, wake

7 The Whale Phonogram: ale The whale would rather eat kale He'd rather get caught in a gale. He'd rather get sick and pale. He'd rather get hit by shale. He'd rather eat fish that was stale than ever ever have to step on a scale. Words for practice: bale, gale, hale, kale, male, pale, sale, scale, shale, stale, tale, whale

8 The Lame Game Phonogram: ame "That game is lame!" said the boy with no name. "I can't take the blame if the game is lame!" said the little dame who had no name. Many others felt the same about that game that was quite lame. This game, which had no name, would not bring them fortune or fame. So the kids and the dame felt no shame for stopping the game that had no name because, as we've said, the game was lame. Words for practice: blame, came, dame, fame, flame, frame, game, lame, name, same, shame, tame

9 The Man in the Van Phonogram: an "I need my bran!" said the man in the van. Then Tan Dan walked up to the van. "Didn't you hear there's a ban on bran? But you can have my soda can!" So the man in the van took the can and happily said thanks to the nice Tan Dan. Words for practice: ban, bran, can, clan, span, tan, than, van

10 Frank Crank Phonogram: ank Frank Crank walked into the bank. Frank Crank saw his buddy Hank. Frank Crank gave his wallet a yank and saw he had no money in the tank. Frank Crank's mind went blank! "Surely," he thought, "this must be a prank!" So Frank Crank who was at the bank asked his friend Hank why his wallet shrank. Words for practice: bank, blank, clank, crank, dank, drank, flank, frank, plank, prank, rank, sank, shank, shrank, spank, stank, swank, tank, thank, yank

11 A Chap Named Pap Phonogram: ap A chap named Pap he loved to rap, and he loved to clap whenever he would rap. Good old Pap loved to snap and loved to tap whenever oh whenever oh whenever he would rap. Chap Pap bought a dog named Scrap and Scrap would yap whenever Pap would rap. So Pap and Scrap now rap and rap and all of us did clap and clap. Words for practice: cap, chap, clap, flap, gap, lap, map, rap, sap, scrap, slap, snap, strap, tap, trap, wrap, yap, zap

12 Mr. Mash's Bash Phonogram: ash Mr. Mash got some cash so he could throw a flashy bash. Mr. Mash knew it would be a smash if he made some hash and played Johnny Cash. So Mr. Mash made his hash and made a dash to gather his wonderful Johnny Cash stash. The bash was a smash because of Johnny Cash, but the Mash hash gave everyone a rash. Words for practice: bash, brash, cash, clash, crash, dash, flash, gash, gnash, hash, lash, mash, rash, sash, slash, smash, stash, splash, thrash, trash

13 Nat the Cat Phonogram: at Nat the Cat acted like a brat. Nat the Cat was mean to a rat. Nat the Cat chased Pat the Rat, and Pat the Rat was quite a fat rat. Now Nat the Cat chased Pat the Rat and he swung at him with his hurt-the-rat bat. Pat the Rat ran into the street, and Nat the Cat came with his bat. But Nat the Cat got distracted by a gnat and got run over so that was that. Words for practice: bat, brat, cat, fat, flat, gnat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, scat, slat, spat, that, vat

14 Miss Cate and Late Tate Phonogram: ate Miss Cate once had a date with man named Tate who was always late. Miss Cate did wait for super late Tate who got his skate stuck in a gate. Tate pulled his skate from the gate and ran to meet his Miss Cate date. Tate was too late. Goodbye to Miss Cate. Now we know Tate will never again skate. Words for practice: bate, crate, date, fate, gate, grate, hate, late, mate, pate, plate, rate, skate, slate, spate, state

15 Mike McCaw Liked to Draw Phonogram: aw Mike McCaw chewed on a straw. Mike McCaw really loved to draw. He would draw weird creatures with really big claws. He would draw weird creatures with really ugly jaws. He would draw weird creatures with really odd flaws. He would draw weird creatures that were always breaking laws. Mike McCaw simply loved to draw! And that makes me say, "Yee Hee Haw!" Words for practice: caw, claw, draw, flaw, gnaw, jaw, law, raw, saw, slaw, squaw, straw, thaw

16 Big Jay May Loved to Play Phonogram: ay Big Jay May loved to play all day. He would play in the bay. He would play in the hay. He would play in the spray. He would play with Ray. He would play play play. At the end of the day, Jay would often say, "Would anyone like to pay me when I play?" Words for practice: bay, bray, day, flay, fray, gray, hay, jay, lay, may, pay, play, pray, ray, say, slay, spay, splay, spray, stay, stray, sway, tray, way

17 Skeat the Cheat Phonogram: eat My buddy Skeat always tried to cheat. He would cheat for some wheat. He would cheat for heat. He would cheat for meat. He would cheat for a seat. He could cheat for a cleat. Skeat thought it was super neat to cheat, but he learned a bit later that a cheat is not a treat. Words for practice: beat, bleat, cheat, cleat, feat, heat, meat, neat, peat, pleat, seat, treat, wheat

18 Dell and Nell Phonogram: ell Dell fell when he hit the bell and he dropped his cell which was not too swell. Dell gave a yell when he dropped his cell and the cell hit a turtle right on his shell. The turtle, named Nell, gave quite a yell when the cell hit her right on the shell. Dell begged Nell to give him back his cell and Nell did give the cell back to Dell. Dell turned to Nell his friend in the shell and then he said, "Well, Nell, I think you're quite swell!" Words for practice: bell, cell, dell, dwell, fell, jell, Nell, quell, sell, shell, smell, spell, swell, tell, well, yell

19 The Guest on a Quest Phonogram: est Our guest traveled west so he could have an awesome quest. He went west with lots of zest and like a monkey beat his chest. He wore a vest for his quest and our crazy guest just kept walking west. So our guest with zest and the nifty vest continued his quest while heading west. He saw a big nest while on his quest and decided to take a little rest. The big bird saw this vest guest pest and flew him away far past the west. Words for practice: best, blest, chest, crest, guest, jest, nest, pest, quest, rest, test, vest, west, zest

20 Two Nice Mice Phonogram: ice Two nice mice went looking for rice. The mice found some rice at a pretty good price. The mice bought the rice at the pretty good price, and they decided to add a little bit of spice. The spice on the rice was really quite nice, and the two little mice ate the rice twice. Words for practice: dice, lice, mice, nice, price, rice, slice, spice, splice, thrice, twice, vice

21 Rick and Nick and Brick and Chick Phonogram: ick My good friend Rick started feeling quite sick when he got hit in the head by a very hard brick. The brick that hit Rick was really quite thick and getting back up would really be a trick. So Rick saw Nick and he told him about the brick, and Nick gave that brick a pretty hard kick. Then the brick hit a chick and the chick grabbed a stick and started to chase both Rick and Nick. The chick hit Rick and the chick hit Nick. Nick will never ever never ever kick another brick. Words for practice: brick, chick, click, crick, flick, kick, lick, nick, pick, quick, sick, slick, stick, thick, tick, trick, wick

22 Slide Bride Phonogram: ide There was a bride who liked to slide. The funny bride also liked to glide. She'd glide and slide on any old ride, and that did fill this bride with pride. She'd ride by her husband's side. She'd ride right into the tide. She'd ride and slide and glide all day. This bride was having fun today. Words for practice: bide, bride, chide, glide, hide, pride, ride, side, slide, snide, stride, tide, wide

23 The Fight Between Night and Light Phonogram: ight I once saw a fight between night and light, and the night and the light did the fight right. The night was out of sight while the light was very bright. The night light fight filled me with fright. Would I watch it again? Well, I just might. Words for practice: bright, fight, flight, fright, light, might, plight, right, sight, tight

24 Bill, Gill, and Doctor Mill Phonogram: ill Bill's friend Gill was feeling quite ill. He had quite a fever and he had quite a chill. So Gill's friend Bill brought ill Gill a pill and Phil took the pill to stop the freezing chill. When Gill took the pill, he felt no thrill. He drank a ton of water 'til he got his fill. Bill asked the doctor, "Will the pill fix Gill?" Doctor Mill, who was holding a drill, then said to Bill, "If that pill doesn't fix ill Gill then I know, yes I know, that this drill will!" Words for practice: bill, chill, dill, drill, fill, gill, grill, hill, kill, mill, pill, sill, shrill, skill, spill, still, thrill, till, will

25 Lin and Zin Phonogram: in There were twins named Lin and Zin-- who were the craziest kind of kin. Lin always hurt her shin. Zin always scraped his chin. Lin always fell in a bin. Zin always sat on a pin. Lin was always way too thin. Zin always ran around in a spin. Lin always wore a goofy fin, and both the twins could never win. Words for practice: bin, chin, din, fin, gin, grin, kin, pin, shin, sin, skin, spin, thin, tin, twin, win

26 Mr. Zine and the Tightrope Line Phonogram: ine Mr. Zine hurt his spine while walking on a tightrope line. Mr. Zine was doing fine until that line was sprayed with wine. The wine on the line made the line not fine and Zine starting slipping—but still he would not whine. So Zine on the line fell into some pine and poor Zine's spine is no longer doing fine. Zine has learned to never walk a line if it gets sprayed with any kind of wine. Words for practice: brine, dine, fine, line, mine, nine, pine, shine, shrine, spine, tine, twine, vine, whine, wine

27 King Zing Zing Always Loved to Sing Phonogram: ing King Zing Zing always loved to sing. He would sing to his ring. He would sing to a string. He would sing in the spring. He would sing on a swing. He would sing wearing a sling. He would sing on a wing. He would sing! He would sing! He would sing sing sing because, as you know, singing was his thing. Words for practice: bring, cling, ding, fling, king, ping, ring, sing, sling, spring, sting, string, swing, thing, wing, wring, zing

28 Mr. and Mrs. Brink and the Strange Sink Stink Phonogram: ink Mrs. Brink, who always wore pink, was the owner of a roller rink. Well Mr. Brink told Mrs. Brink that the sink near the rink really did stink. The sink at the rink had quite a strange stink, so Mr. and Mrs. Brink had to sit and think. "What could cause my sink to stink? Will the stink hurt my roller rink?" Mr. Brink stood up and grabbed something pink. He went to the sink and fixed the leaky kink. They were both so happy there was no longer a rink stink that they both decided to buy me a drink. Words for practice: blink, brink, clink, drink, kink, link, mink, pink, rink, shrink, sink, slink, stink, think, wink

29 Chip Zip's Lip Phonogram: ip Chip Zip cut his lip while taking a sip on his big road trip. His cut lip would drip and drip so Chip Zip had to stop his trip. Chip grabbed a band-aid strip and started to rip and rip. He put the strip on his hurt lip, but while he ripped he hurt his hip. Now Chip Zip had a hurt hip to go along with his cut lip. The band-aid strip had no good grip so his lip, oh his lip, continued to drip. Chip Zip, with his hurt lip and hip, tried to skip right on a ship. While trying to skip poor Zip did slip and fell in the water doing quite a flip. Since Zip fell off the ship and since he had a hurt lip and hip, Chip decided to take a dip. Words for practice: blip, chip, clip, dip, drip, flip, grip, hip, lip, pip quip, rip, ship, ski, skip, slip, snip, strip, tip, trip, whip, zip

30 Kit and Her Fit Phonogram: it My sister, Kit, had a fit while acting in a fun school skit. Well, Kit liked to hit and Kit liked to spit and Kit would never ever sit. So I asked dear Kit, "Why don't you split this skit?" "Because," said Kit, "this skit is really it!" Words for practice: bit, fit, flit, grit, hit, kit, knit, lit, pit, quit, sit, skit, slit, spit, split, wit

31 Mr. Mock Phonogram: ock It was quite a shock to see Mr. Mock kicking a rock right down the block. Mr. Mock then kicked a clock along with a rock while walking down the city block. Mr. Mock took off a dirty sock and starting kicking an odd-shaped lock. Mr. Mock saw a large bird flock but he kept on kicking the lock and rock and clock. Mr. Mock, to my shock, took off his other sock and he rested, yes he rested, while sitting on the block. Words for practice: block, chock, clock, dock, flock, frock, hock, knock, lock, mock, pock, rock, shock, smock, sock, stock

32 Mike Moke Wanted a Coke Phonogram: oke My friend Mike Moke was really very broke. He needed fifty cents so he could buy a Coke. He walked up to me and said, "I'm broke and need a Coke!" "Listen up, Mike," I said, "this has to be a joke!" So we spoke and spoke and spoke about Mike's need for a Coke. But then I found out that I was also broke. Words for practice: broke, choke, coke, joke, poke, spoke, stoke, stroke, woke, yoke

33 The Cop Who Loved to Mop and Hop Phonogram: op There once was a cop who loved to mop. He'd mop and mop and never stop. He'd mop up slop and mop up chops. He'd mop until we'd close the shop. He liked to hop while he would mop. He'd hop and mop and never stop. The cop who loves to hop and mop happens to be my very dear pop. Words for practice: cop, chop crop, drop, flop, fop, hop, lop, mop, plop, pop, prop, shop, slop, sop, stop, top

34 The Store is a Bore Phonogram: ore Going to the store is quite a bore. Going to the store is a horrible chore. Going to the store makes me snore. I'd much rather go to the shore, or eat an entire apple including the core. I'd rather study a disgusting spore than have to go to that store anymore. Words for practice: bore, chore, core, fore, gore, lore, more, pore, score, shore, snore, sore, spore, store, swore, tore, wore, yore

35 "No You May Not!" Phonogram: ot "May I please tie a knot?" "No you may not!" "May I please fill that pot?" "No you may not!" "May I please sleep on the cot?" "No you may not!" "May I please start to trot?" "No you may not!" "May I please read the plot?" "No you may not!" "May I please clean that spot?" "No you may not!" "May I please fill that slot?" "No you may not!" "Well I guess I'll go and rot rot rot!" "Well I hope that you won’t rot a lot!" Words for practice: blot, clot, cot, dot, got, hot, jot, knot, lot, not, pot, plot, rot, shot, slot, spot, tot, trot

36 Chuck Zuck and his Duck Phonogram: uck Mr. Chuck Zuck loved his truck. Mr. Chuck Zuck also loved his duck. One day Chuck Zuck let his duck drive the truck. Chuck's dear duck got the truck stuck. Chuck's big truck was stuck in the muck because Chuck's duck couldn't drive that truck. After spending quite a buck, the truck finally got unstuck. And the poor little duck, owned by Chuck Zuck, never again drove that truck. Words for practice: buck, chuck, cluck, duck, luck, muck, pluck, puck, shuck, struck, stuck, truck, tuck

37 Mr. Sug and the Bug in the Jug Phonogram: ug Mr. Sug, the local thug, locked up a bug in his very large jug. The little bug that was in the jug thought Mr. Sug was really too smug. The little bug dug and dug but could not dig through that jug. The little bug promised Mr. Sug if he let him out he could have a hug. Mr. Sug never had a hug so he let that bug right out of the jug. The bug gave a hug to Mr. Sug while standing on the pretty rug. Mr. Sug loved the hug, so he bought the bug a brand new mug. So Mr. Sug and his new friend bug had a good chug from the brand new mug. Words for practice: bug, chug, drug, dug, hug, jug, lug, mug, plug, pug, rug, shrug, slug, smug, snug, thug, tug

38 Captain Fump Phonogram: ump Captain Fump loved to jump. He'd jump and jump all the way to the dump. Captain Fump started to jump when all of a sudden he hit a bump. That little bump, some might call a lump, made Captain Fump fall on his rump. Captain Fump hurt his rump when he fell on that clump near the dump. Captain Fump uncovered the clump and noticed that the clump was an old tree stump. Captain Fump, who was rather plump, continued to jump all the way to the dump. Captain Fump, thanks to his sore rump, will never jump near that crazy stump clump. Words for practice: bump, chump, clump, dump, frump, grump, hump, jump, lump, plump, pump, rump, slump, stump, thumb, trump

39 Sally Skunk and My Uncle Runk Phonogram: unk Sally Skunk fell off her bunk and right into my uncle's trunk. That trunk now stunk thanks to that skunk, so my Uncle Runk went through his junk and found a machine that shrunk that skunk. The tiny skunk climbed out of the junk and went back to sleep in her big bunk. Words for practice: bunk, chunk, drunk, dunk, flunk, hunk, junk, punk, shrunk, skunk, sunk, trunk

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