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Cultural evening IRAN. General Information Europe Africa Asia Middle East.

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1 Cultural evening IRAN

2 General Information

3 Europe Africa Asia Middle East

4 General Information Persian Gulf Caspian Sea

5 General Information Ancient Name: Perse, Pars, Persia (Until 1935)Persians (Parsians) Conventional Name: Iran (After 1935)Iranians Type of Government: Republic (Islamic Republic) Conventional Long Full Name: Islamic Republic of Iran Reference: CIA Facebook

6 General Information Iran’s Flag Reference: CIA Facebook

7 General Information Iranian Bank Notes

8 General Information Race Background: Aria (Arya) Area: 1.648 million sq km (Slightly Larger than Alaska) Population: 70,688,433 (July 2006 est.) Religion: Shi'a Muslim 89%, Sunni Muslim 9%, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i 2% Reference: CIA Facebook

9 General Information Capital:Tehran Calendar:Persian Calendar This year: 1387 A Solar Calendar which is more accurate than Gregorian calander Persian New Year:21 st March Official Language:Farsi (Persian) Reference: CIA Facebook

10 General Information

11 Brief History

12 History Zoroaster, Iranian Prophet (1200 B.C.) Reference:

13 History Achaemenian Empires (3200 BCE – 330 BCE) Reference: Mediterranean Sea Black Sea

14 History Achaemenian Empires (3200 BCE – 330 BCE) Darius, the Great Old Testament, Ezra Chapter 6 Darius finds the decree of Cyrus in the archives of Achmetha (Hamadan), and directs Tatnai not to disturb the Jews in their work. He also exempts them from tribute, and supplies everything necessary for the offerings. The Temple is finished in the month of Adar, in the sixth year of Darius, and is dedicated with great solemnity. Cyrus, the Great Old Testament, Ezra Chapter 1 Cyrus king of Persia released God's people from their captivity, with license to return and build the temple in Jerusalem: and restored the holy vessels which Nabuchodonosor had taken from them. Reference:

15 History All Nations Gate, Statue of Xerxes the Great, Persepolis, Achaemenian Capital Reference:

16 History Persepolis, Achaemenian Capital Reference:

17 History Apadana, Achaemenian Kings Monument Reference:

18 History Pasargad, Monument of Cyrus the Great Reference:

19 History Persepolis, Achaemenian Soldiers Reference:

20 History The First Human Rights Document Ever Made by Cyrus the great Persia, Achaemenian Era Reference:

21 History The first credible claim for the development of a real postal system comes from Persia, A Post Station (Chaparkhane), Achaemenian Era Reference:

22 History Shapur, King of Persia, The Sassanian Empire (602-629 AD) Reference: The Sassanian Empire (602-629 AD)

23 History Ctesiphopn, Sassanid Palace, Now in Iraq Reference:

24 History Reference: Sassanid Dynasty invented Bank system. During the third century AD, banks in Persia and other territories in the Persian empire under Sassanid Empire issued letters of credit known as Sakks and is the root of the word cheque.

25 History Rhazes, 865 A.D., Chemist and Physician Discovered Sulfuric Acid and Alcohol Reference: Khwarizmi, 800 A.D., Persian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and geographer, Inventor of Algorithm

26 History Avicennia, 980 A.D., Physician and Philosopher Author of The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine which was for seven centuries the standard medical text in European universities Reference:

27 History A Safavid King Reference: Safavid Dynasty, Ruled from 1501 to 1736 A.D.

28 History A Safavid Palace, Isfahan

29 History Interior Design in a Safavid Palace Reference:

30 History Qajar Kings Reference:

31 History Amir Kabir, Qajar Prime Minister Established the First Modern University in Iran in 1880s Reference:

32 History Reza Shah (King Reza), 1924-1941 Reference: Mohammad Reza Shah, 1941-1979 Pahlavi Dynasty

33 History King Mohammad Reza and Empress Reference: King is crowning the Empress Pahlavi Dynasty

34 History Iranian Revolution, 1979 Reference:

35 History Ayatollah Khomeini Iranian Revolution Leader, 1979 Reference:

36 Natural Scenery

37 Reference:

38 Natural Scenery Reference:

39 Natural Scenery Reference: Fars News Agency

40 Natural Scenery Reference:

41 Natural Scenery Reference:

42 Natural Scenery Reference:

43 Natural Scenery Reference:

44 Tourism Attractions

45 Reference: Chehel sotun, Esfahan Imam Square, Esfahan

46 Tourism Attractions Reference: A mosque, EsfahanEram Garden, Shiraz

47 Tourism Attractions Reference: Interior Design of mosques

48 Tourism Attractions Naqsh Jahan Square, Esfahan

49 Tourism Attractions Reference: Alisadr Cave, Hamedan An Ancient Chruch, IsfahanEel Goli, Tabriz

50 Tourism Attractions Reference: Ali Qapu, EsfahanFerdowsi Monument, Mashad Sioseh Pol(33 Bridges), EsfahanKhajoo Bridge Esfahan

51 Tourism Attractions Reference: Hafez Monument, Shiraz Namak Abrood resort, Northern Iran

52 Tourism Attractions Reference: Imam Reza holly shrine (All made of gold and silver), Mashad

53 Tourism Attractions Kandovan

54 Tourism Attractions Reference: Salt Lake, Uromieh

55 Tourism Attractions Reference: Qeshm Island

56 Tourism Attractions Reference: Dolphin Park, Kish Island

57 Tourism Attractions Reference: The second 7 star hotel of the world Flower of the east Kish Island

58 Tourism Attractions Reference: Underground Town of Kariz, Kish Island

59 Tehran Reference:

60 Tehran Reference:

61 Tehran Reference:

62 Tehran Reference:

63 Tehran Reference:

64 Tehran Reference:

65 Tehran Reference:

66 Tehran Reference:

67 Tehran Reference: Azadi Soccer Stadium Tehran

68 Reference: Subway Stations in Tehran

69 Social Life of Iranians

70 Reference: Iranian Youth Participating in Presidential Polls Break Dance in the Street

71 Reference: Fans of a Presidential Candidate Soccer Fans Iranian Youth

72 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Reference: Iranian Youth Soccer Fans

73 Reference: Iranian Traffic Police

74 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Iranian Fashions

75 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Reference: Associated Press Fars News Agency Iranian Women Soccer Players Iranian Women Rugby Players

76 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Iranian Wrestling Team Top Three of the World Iranian Soccer Team Top 20 of the World Reference:

77 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Reference: Iranian Women Ice Skaters and Inline Skaters

78 Social Life after 1979 Revolution Iranian Women Polo PlayersIranian Women Golf Players

79 Reference: Iranian Women Car Racers

80 Ski Resorts, Tehran

81 Reference: Tehran Symphonic Orchestra

82 Reference: Last Wednesday of the Year Chahrshanbe Soori Fireworks, Dance and Jump over Fire

83 Reference: Persian New Year, 21 st of March

84 ART and Iranians

85 Art and Iranians Reference: Iranian Miniature

86 Art and Iranians Reference: Hand-knotted Persian Silk/wool Rug

87 Art and Iranians Reference: Blue Tile Works

88 Art and Iranians Reference: Handicraft Copper Works

89 Thank You

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