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1 © Boardworks Ltd 20061 of 25 These icons indicate that teacher’s notes or useful web addresses are available in the Notes Page. This icon indicates that the slide contains activities created in Flash. These activities are not editable. For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation. Leisure and sports in the local community © Boardworks Ltd 20061 of 25

2 © Boardworks Ltd 20062 of 25 Learning objectives Learning Objectives What leisure and sports facilities does local government provide for us? How are public leisure services funded? How do local councils make decisions about which leisure services to provide? Why are rules and regulations important in sport? © Boardworks Ltd 20062 of 25

3 © Boardworks Ltd 20063 of 25 There are lots of ways for people to spend their free time! What activities do you enjoy doing? What are sport and leisure facilities? As a class think of all the different sport and leisure activities which you can do in the area where you live, and write them in the box below.

4 © Boardworks Ltd 20064 of 25 Private and public facilities In your local area there are two different types of leisure and sport facilities: private facilities, which are owned by businesses, and Look at the following different sport and leisure activities. Which ones use private facilities and which ones use public facilities? public facilities, which are provided by local councils.

5 © Boardworks Ltd 20065 of 25 Which services do we pay for?

6 © Boardworks Ltd 20066 of 25 Public facilities like libraries and skate parks are funded through money from council tax. Council tax is used to fund many other services in your local area as well, such as How are public facilities funded? This is money which all householders over 18 have to pay to their local government. waste disposal, and care for the elderly. public transport

7 © Boardworks Ltd 20067 of 25 With lots of public services to provide and maintain, local councils have to make tough decisions about what to spend their money on. You have been allocated a fixed sum of money to provide a new leisure facility for the local area. Imagine you work for your local council on the Leisure Committee. The money can go towards the development of: Deciding on a new leisure facility a swimming pool, a skate park, or a community centre.

8 © Boardworks Ltd 20068 of 25 A public meeting has been held to give local residents their chance to have a say about which new leisure facility they would like in the area. You must read through the notes from this meeting and decide which facility would be of most benefit to the local area, and should get the funding. Deciding on a new leisure facility Remember to consider the following things: What type of people will use the facility? How often will it be used? How costly will it be to maintain? What impact will it have on the local area?

9 © Boardworks Ltd 20069 of 25 Swimming pool PROS The nearest swimming pool is 10 miles away. Residents have complained it’s not easy to access. CONS Swimming pools are costly to run. Can the council afford it? Older residents are concerned about the long opening hours. Swimming is a universal sport which appeals to people of all ages. The new pool will provide jobs for local people.

10 © Boardworks Ltd 200610 of 25 Skate park PROS There is a lack of facilities in the area for youths. A skate park would give them a place to gather. A skate park would encourage young people to be more active. The facility would be cheap to maintain. CONS A skate park will only appeal to a small section of the community. Some residents are concerned about young people getting together and creating a nuisance.

11 © Boardworks Ltd 200611 of 25 Community Centre PROS A community centre will have a positive impact on the community, bringing different groups together. It can be used all year round. CONS Younger residents feel the centre would only be used by older sections of the community. There is no fee to use the centre, so extra funding will be needed to cover the running costs.

12 © Boardworks Ltd 200612 of 25 True or false?

13 © Boardworks Ltd 200613 of 25 Write a report for the council recommending whether the swimming pool, the community centre or the skate park should get the funding. Decision time! Committee report You must explain why your decision is best for the community.

14 © Boardworks Ltd 200614 of 25 Rate the leisure facilities in your area!

15 © Boardworks Ltd 200615 of 25 How are planning decisions made? A premiership football club wishes to develop a new state-of-the-art stadium near a residential area in Foxdale town. Foxdale Council’s local planning department must decide whether to give planning permission for the stadium to go ahead. What might some of the arguments be for and against the new stadium? Not everyone in the area is happy about this.

16 © Boardworks Ltd 200616 of 25 For or against?

17 © Boardworks Ltd 200617 of 25 Foxdale council meeting

18 © Boardworks Ltd 200618 of 25 Foxdale news! Do you think Foxdale local council should let the new stadium be built? Imagine you are a reporter for Foxdale’s local newspaper, ‘The Foxdale Mail’, and write a report about the plans. Your report should include the views of at least two different people who will be affected by the new stadium.

19 © Boardworks Ltd 200619 of 25 How are planning decisions made?

20 © Boardworks Ltd 200620 of 25 Over the years many rules and regulations have been devised to ensure that all sports are safe and fair for those who participate in them. Think about a sport you enjoy playing. Rules and regulations in sport Rules let people know what their rights and responsibilities are when playing sport. What are some of the rules in place to make sure this sport is played safely and fairly?

21 © Boardworks Ltd 200621 of 25 This is Sally, the official Agony Aunt at SuperSport magazine. Sally has received two letters this week from people involved in incidences of rule breaking. Sport advice Read the letters and help Sally to give the right advice by finding out about the regulations which would apply in each case. What action should be taken? Should the cases go to court?

22 © Boardworks Ltd 200622 of 25 Dear Suzy I used to be a semi- professional footballer. Then, in a game last summer, a player from the opposite team illegally tackled me and broke my ankle. Since then I have not been able to play. What should I do? Yours, R. Wooney Dear Suzy I run for my county and recently won a 10k race. I was so desperate to win that I took performance- enhancing drugs to make me faster. Now I feel guilty and don’t know what to do. What will happen if I am found out? Should I confess? Please help. Yours, A. Runner Sport advice

23 © Boardworks Ltd 200623 of 25 Sport regulation – a case study Chambers was banned from the sport for two years, and, under British Olympic Association rules, was given a life ban from competing in the Olympic Games. In February 2004, Dwain Chambers, a British sprinter, was found guilty of using a performance enhancing steroid tetrahydrogestrinone (THG). What do you think of this ruling? How might other sprinters have felt about the ruling?

24 © Boardworks Ltd 200624 of 25 Anagrams!

25 © Boardworks Ltd 200625 of 25 Glossary Council: people elected to manage local affairs. Regulations: rules made by an authority.

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