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The Universal Systems Model

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1 The Universal Systems Model
Technology & Engineering Education EHMIS

2 What is it? The Universal Systems Model is a way to describe how a system works Every Technology, no matter how simple or complex, fits into this descriptive model

3 What are the parts? Must start with the goal of the system Input
Process Output Feedback The system can be open or closed loop

4 Input Process Output Feedback Resources:
The result that comes out of the system The steps that lead to a result Resources: or Tools Positive Negative Information People closed-loop system Time Energy Money Feedback Materials Compare the results to the original need; adjustments are made

5 An Example: Skateboarding
Goal The goal is to ride the skateboard down the street Input Get on the board and kick off Process The wheels spin and the board travels down the road Output The board moves forward and you ride it Feedback All of the information you receive that cause you to make adjustments. (Example: you see a puddle and shift your weight to steer around it)

6 Closed-Looped vs Open-Looped
systems have no way of adjusting to changing conditions (closing your eyes riding a skate board) Closed loop systems can change under different conditions (eyes open riding a skate board)

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