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Winter Activities Шидловская М.Г. МОУ гимназия №1 Г. Калининград.

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1 Winter Activities Шидловская М.Г. МОУ гимназия №1 Г. Калининград

2 What Happens In Winter?

3 What Do Kids Make When It Snows?

4 What Do Kids Do in Winter?

5 Make a title for each group of words. 1_____________ freezing snow ice frost blizzard snowflake icicle cold 2_____________ ski skate sled snowboard snowman snow angel snowball

6 5)What’s a small piece of snow that rhymes with cake? 3)What do you do that rhymes with me? 8)What falls from the sky and rhymes with glow? 4)What covers your window and rhymes with lost? 2)What do you fight with that rhymes with hall? 7)What do you do that rhymes with wait? 6)What’s another word for snowstorm that rhymes with lizard? 1)What do you skate on that rhymes with nice?

7 What do kids wear in winter? hat scarf gloves boots mittens coat sweater What do you wear that rhymes with loves?

8 What makes you warm that rhymes with hire? Hot chocolate fire heater Is your house cold? Do you have a fireplace in your house? What do you usually do to keep warm in the winter?

9 Try to think of as many verbs as you can that could fit in the blanks. 1)Snowflakes ___________________ from the sky. (2) Snow _________________ the ground. (3) Icicles ___________________ from your roof. (4) Frost __________________ your windows. (5) Ponds and lakes ____________________. (6) People __________________ on the ice. 7) Children _________________ snowball fights. (8) People _________________ skating or skiing in the wintertime. (9) People ________________ warm clothing, (10) Parents _______________ hot chocolate for their kids. (11) Kids ________________ hot chocolate. (12)Kids _____________ snowmen and snow angels (.

10 What are the dangers of winter? Have you ever slipped on ice and hurt yourself? How do people keep safe on the roads in winter? Can you tell me how people prevent avalanches in mountains? Have you ever had to shovel snow?


12 Snowmen season icicles hot chocolate slide snowfall scarves frost breaking snow angels heavy below forms catch blizzards fireplace blackouts enjoy freezes keep boots build slip gloves snowball drop covers hockey

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