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1 Safe Kids Presentation
Bike Helmet Safety Safe Kids Presentation

2 Why is a Helmet Important?
Wearing a bicycle helmet has been shown to reduce serious head injuries by 85% Even a low speed crash can cause a major injury. Recent skiing examples in the news.

3 How to Choose a Helmet Some helmets are only designed for certain age levels. Make sure helmet is age appropriate. Make sure the helmet is not too big or too small. Different size pads can be used to make small adjustments only. Helmet should fit snugly on head so that when the strap is in place, the helmet cannot move more than an inch in any direction. It should not be able to shake loose or move from side to side.

4 Check that Helmet meets Standards
Most common approved standard for provincial and municipal laws are CSA or Canadian Standards Association. [Show CSA symbol]

5 Proper Helmet Adjustment
The helmet should be placed on head level, not tipped forward or backward. Generally the front brim of the helmet should rest two fingers above eye brow level. Straps should be adjusted so they lie flat. Side buckles should rest just below the ear lobe, forming a “V” shape around the ear. Straps should be tight enough that no more than two fingers should be able to slide under (just enough slack so you can still open your mouth).

6 Caring for your helmet Use only a mild soap to clean helmet.
Painting on the helmet may damage the plastics of the helmet. Keep helmet away from heat.

7 Replacing a Helmet Most bicycle helmets are designed to protect against only one crash. There may be damage caused by the crash that is not visible. Replace any helmet involved in a crash. The plastics in helmets may start to break down after 5 years. If cracks or dents are visible in a helmet, replace it. If there is any doubt, do not use the helmet.

8 Second Hand Helmets You may not know if a second hand helmet has been in a crash or how old the helmet is. Many new helmets can be purchased for under $20 so it may be a good idea to purchase a new one.

9 Other types of Helmets Multi-crash helmets are helmets such as skate boarding helmets. Skate boarding helmets cover more of the head (front and back) and are designed for the multiple falls associated with the sport of skate boarding. There are multi-use helmets on the market (ie skate boarding/bicycling). If using these helmets just make sure the helmet is tested for whatever activities you are going to use it for.

10 [Watermelon Demonstration]
Helmet Demo [Watermelon Demonstration]

11 Concluding Remarks Questions?

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