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Our final decision… By, The AWESOME class of room 403!

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2 Our final decision… By, The AWESOME class of room 403!

3 Why is it the BEST choice? We surveyed a variety of age groups from White Lake to see what they would like added to our community. Then we found that a skate park would be beneficial.

4 Outdoor VS Indoor We just couldn’t decide rather it should be outdoors or indoors! We thought it may be nice to skate all year around but, we would enjoy the nice fresh air too. Then we found that outdoor would be the best choice because of cost and building reasons.

5 Size Size Size After a lot of thinking, we found that an outdoor skate park should be a fair size. Maybe around 20,000 square feet. Because we don’t want it too small or too big.

6 Located We think that it should be located at the corner of M-59 and Elizabeth Lake Rd. It is a nice 6.6 acres of land. We think it should be there because there aren’t any trees to cut down and it is on a fairly busy road so many people would come!

7 $ $ $ Cost $ $ $ $ $ $ Cost $ $ $ Oh no! Here comes the worst part…$$$$$ After a WHOLE BUNCH of work we found that with everything we need in the skate park it led up to over $1,000,000.

8 Materials The material that we want in the skate park is concrete because it is a recommended material for a skate park. We wouldn’t want steel or wood because it wouldn’t be good building material.

9 Extras!!!!!! We think that there should be some fun little extras in the skate park. There should probably be : Restrooms, “pay phones”, drinking fountains, vending machines, a play ground, skate school, food shacks, etc.

10 Rentals We would want rentals if we need them so, here are some things that we would like for the rentals. Skate boards - $5. Wrist guards - $1. Roller Blades - $5. Rooms for birthday parties - $30.

11 Workers Needed With all the things we need in the skate park we are going to need some workers. We need people to: clean up, help people in need, watch other skaters, teach at the skate school, and work at the “Admission and Questions Center”.

12 Admission Like all skate parks we have to charge admission. For a daily fee we want to charge $5 for a resident and $7 for non – resident. For a season pass it would be $30 for a resident and $50 for a non – resident. Finally, $3 per toddler. (Toddlers are ages 2-5)

13 Looks We think that it should look really nice to draw people in to the skate park. It should have graffiti, a nice big gate, and a big sign.

14 Donations We need to have donations to even start the skate park. So we are going to have to get some sponsors. The sponsors would get a ramp or rail named after them such as: “The Jones Half Pipe.”

15 Contests and prizes!!!!!! We want to add some competition to our skate park. There should be some AWESOME contests and prizes!

16 Thank You! Bye!

17 Producers: C.M.L., G.S.B. & N.W.F. Researchers: The AWESOME class of room 403! Director: Mrs. Vackaro Thank you for watching our show!!!

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