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By: Timothy Lester “TJ” Mrs. Mize 5th Grade Science

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1 By: Timothy Lester “TJ” Mrs. Mize 5th Grade Science
The 6 System Review By: Timothy Lester “TJ” Mrs. Mize 5th Grade Science

2 The Respiratory System
When you breathe in air through your mouth and nose you bring in oxygen. This oxygen then moves to your lungs. When you breathe out you let out carbon dioxide. When you breathe in (inhale) your diaphragm goes up. When you breathe out (exhale) your diaphragm relaxes. The air coming in and carbon dioxide going out goes through your trachea.

3 The Skeletal System It is made of bones. It allows you to move.
It protects organs. It makes red blood cells in bone marrow. Bone marrow is in the middle of large bones. It works with the Muscular system. Soft bones are also called cartilage.

4 The Muscular System A very important muscle is the Heart (Cardiac Muscle). Smooth muscles move on their own. This makes them involuntary muscles. Ligaments attach bone to bone. Tendons attach muscle to bone.

5 The Digestive System This system breaks food down so the body can use it. When food goes in your mouth the salivary glands make saliva so the food will be soft and wet. Food then goes down the esophagus which connected to the stomach. The stomach changes the food to liquid. It then goes to the small intestine (a long tube). Next it goes to the large intestine. It sends water to the bloodstream and waste out the body.

6 The Circulatory System
Also known as the cardiovascular system. It is made of the heart, blood, and blood vessels. The heart pumps blood. The blood vessels carry oxygen away from the heart to other body parts.

7 The Nervous System This system controls all of the other body systems.
It is made of the brain, the spinal cord, and the other nerves. The brain collect information & makes decisions. The spinal cord is where messages go to and from the brain to the rest of the body. The nerves are a lot of neurons (a nerve cell) that carry messages in and out of the body to the brain.

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