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2 Parliamentary Procedure Anatomy and Physiology
Powerpoint Jeopardy Parliamentary Procedure Intro Safety Anatomy and Physiology Dog Breeds 10 20 30 40 50

3 Parliamentary Procedure Category 1 – 10 points
During the meeting, the chapter president tapped the gavel three times, which was followed by all members: A) Leaving B) Sitting down C) Standing D) Voting by ballot Category

4 Parliamentary Procedure Category 1 – 20 points
During the meeting, the chapter president tapped the gavel one time, which was followed by all members: A) Leaving B) Sitting down C) Standing D) Voting by ballot Category

5 Parliamentary Procedure Category 1 – 30 points
If Anthony presents a motion that requires a two-thirds majority vote, the motion involves: A) Approval of minutes B) Election of officers C) Passing a main motion D) Stopping a debate

6 Parliamentary Procedure Category 1 – 40 points
Mark presented a motion that will limit the rights of a member. Which type of vote must be used? A) Simple majority B) Two-thirds majority C) Unanimous favorable D) Voice

7 Parliamentary Procedure Category 1 – 50 points
Jamie is researching parliamentary law. Which is the HIGHEST ranking motion? A) Adjourn B) Amendment C) Main Motion D) Refer to a committee

8 Intro Category 2 – 10 points
Groups in the animal rights movement are MOST likely to use: A) Actors to promote wearing fur B) Advertisements to encourage people to eat more beef C) Ecoterrorism to prevent the use of animals by humans D) Open hunting seasons for all game

9 Intro Category 2 – 20 points PETA is the LARGEST animal:
A) Breed association in the world B) Control agency in the United States C) Rights group in the world D) Welfare group in the world

10 Intro Category 2 – 30 points
Which had the MOST influence on early laws enacted to protect animals? Animal rights B) Animal welfare C) Human welfare D) Animal rights

11 Intro Category 2 – 40 points Veterinary care for pet owners:
Is the largest expense item for pet owners Is the smallest expense item for pet owners Ranks third behind the cost of grooming and toys Ranks second to the cost of toys

12 Intro Category 2 – 50 points
The BEST prefix to use with medical terminology that means before the treatment is: A Anti Dys Pre

13 Safety Category 3 – 10 points
What disease do humans get from bacteria carried by turtles and reptiles? Lyme disease Rabies Salmonellosis Strep Throat

14 Safety Category 3 – 20 points
When Dr. Aaron trains his assistants, he explains that placing a rabbit on a smooth surface is a bad practice because the animal: Can escape quickly Has fur on its foot pads that prevent traction and may result in injury if it tries to move Leaves germs to infect the next animal placed on the table Sees a mirror image on the surface an becomes upset that another rabbit is present

15 Safety Category 3 – 30 points
What is a deadly disease resulting from a tick bite that causes coagulation of the blood? Cat scratch fever Psittacosis Rabies Rocky Mountain spotted fever

16 Safety Category 3 – 40 points
Sandy received a cat bite the first day she was a veterinary assistant. What is the MOST probable cause of the bite? Cat did not want to be disturbed from the nap it was taking in Sandy’s arms Cat had a case of undetected rabies Cat heard a dog in the next room Cat received improper handling due to Sandy’s inexperience

17 Safety Category 3 – 50 points Humans can catch toxoplasmosis from:
Bird Feces Cat Feces Dog Bites Tick Bites

18 Anatomy and Physiology Category 4 – 10 points
Bacteria are a MAJOR factor in the ruminant’s digestive system because ruminants: Do not have teeth Have only one stomach compartment Rely on a gizzard to crush their feed instead of a stomach Transform low quality feed into essential amino acids

19 Anatomy and Physiology Category 4 – 20 points
Joey adjusts his fish feed program according to the water temperature. As the water warms, the fish require: Less feed because fish eat less More feed because fish eat more No feed because fish do not eat in warm water The same amount of feed regardless of water temperature

20 Anatomy and Physiology Category 4 – 30 points
The large intestine is the place where the MOST: Absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins occur Absorption of water from undigested food occurs Mechanical action from teeth occurs Saliva is applied to the food

21 Anatomy and Physiology Category 4 – 40 points
What system MOST coordinates and regulates other body systems? A) Circulatory B) Nervous C) Reproductive D) Skeletal

22 Anatomy and Physiology Category 4 – 50 points
The gizzard is MOST accurately described as being: A) Present in all non-ruminants B) Present only in pocket pets C) The largest digestive organ in birds D) The smallest digestive organ in ruminants

23 Dog Breeds Category 5 – 10 points
The terrier dog group was developed to: A) Be companions B) Herd animals C) Hunt underground D) Work for humans

24 Dog Breeds Category 5 – 20 points
Which toy breed looks MOST like a miniature lion? A) Chihuahua B) Italian Greyhound C) Pug D) Shih Tzu

25 Dog Breeds Category 5 – 30 points
Dachshunds were developed MAINLY to hunt: A) Badgers B) Elk C) Quail D) Rabbits

26 Dog Breeds Category 5 – 40 points
The Labrador Retriever is a very dependable sporting dog that is also one of the BEST breeds for use as a: A) Guide dog for the blind B) Lap dog for apartment dwellers C) Police dog for scent tracking D) Sled dog in cold climates

27 Dog Breeds Category 5 – 50 points
In addition to its soft hearted nature and sensitive disposition, the American Cocker Spaniel is known as the: A) Best waterfowl retriever B) Fastest hunting dog C) Most popular sporting dog D) Smallest sporting dog

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