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Session 3 Peer Support Quiz. Ligands that activate a pathway are called?

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1 Session 3 Peer Support Quiz

2 Ligands that activate a pathway are called?

3 Agonists Oppositely, ligands that deactivate a pathway are called antagonists

4 How many subunits in a G-protein?

5 Three Alpha α Beta β Gamma γ

6 Name the 3 doctor-patient relationships.

7 Paternalistic Shared Informed

8 Saliva is produced from which cells?

9 Acini cells

10 What are the 4 main definitions of health?

11 Health is absence of illness - -ve Health is functional ability - -ve Health is freedom - +ve Health is equilibrium- +ve

12 Nitric oxide works with guanylate cyclase through which cyclic nucleotide?

13 cGMP

14 G-proteins are switched ‘ON’ when bound to GDP. True or False

15 False G-proteins must be bound to GTP to be active

16 What are the 4 roles of saliva?

17 Solvent Lubrication Digestion Protection

18 What are the 4 main stages in the signalling cascade for growth factors (GF)?

19 Binding of GF stimulates dimerisation of receptors Phosphorylation of receptors Ras and adaptor bind Ras GDP  GTP nucleotide exchange

20 What is the typical ion concentration of potassium K+ inside and outside the cell?

21 Inside = 160mM Outside = 5mM

22 Inhibitory growth factor IGF works through which target proteins?

23 SMADs

24 Chronic illness can impact on a persons life in which 4 ways?

25 Daily living Social relationships Identity (how others view them) Sense of self (how they view themselves)

26 Saliva excretion is controlled by which nervous system?

27 Parasympathetic

28 DFLE stands for? (in the context of life expectancy)

29 Disease free life expectancy

30 Name the 3 phases of swallowing?

31 Oral Pharyngeal Oesophageal

32 How can you measure socio-economic status?

33 Occupation Education Ownership/access to assets

34 Name 5 originations of lay beliefs.

35 Personal knowledge or experience Previous encounters Folk knowledge Media/internet Spiritual beliefs Alternative and complementary medicine

36 What 3 mechanisms can change cell behaviour?

37 Gene transcription Altered ion balance across the plasma membrane Altered activity/level of pre-existing enzymes

38 Is the lower oesophageal sphincter a true sphincter or a physiological one?

39 Physiological

40 Give 3 outcomes of shared decision making.

41 Improve patient outcome Reduction in costs Increased patient satisfaction

42 PLC hydrolyses PIP2 to what?

43 IP3 and DAG

44 What are the 5 triggers for seeking medical help?

45 Interpersonal crisis Interference with social or personal relationships Sanctioning Interference with vocational or physical activity Temporalisation of symptomatology

46 List the 5 types of receptor.

47 Intracellular Ion channel Intrinsic enzyme activity Soluble protein kinase Linked to a G-protein

48 What are the concentrations of Ca2+ ions inside and outside of the cell?

49 Inside = 0.2μM Outside = 2mM Remember – its an increase in concentration of x10,000

50 For a nucleotide to be a second messenger, it must be in a cyclic form. True or false

51 True

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