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Nitrates, Derogation, Cross Compliance. Nitrate in groundwater 1995-2006.

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1 Nitrates, Derogation, Cross Compliance

2 Nitrate in groundwater 1995-2006

3 Faecal coliforms in Groundwater

4 Shellfish areas

5 Background December 1991 - Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC) July 1996 - Code of Good Agricultural Practice May 2003 - Regulations designating the national territory March 2004 - Judgment by ECJ – Ireland non-compliant with Directive

6 Background July 2005 – National Action Programme agreed December 2005 - S.I. 788 of 2005 July 2006 - S.I. 378 of 2006

7 Nitrates Regulation Minimise the quantity of soiled water produced Have adequate storage capacity for organic fertilisers, soiled water and silage effluent produced on your holding Adhere to application limit of 170 kg N/ha/yr from livestock manure Fertilise to meet crop requirements

8 Nitrates Regulation Do not apply fertilisers if conditions are unsuitable Ensure all buffer zones are respected Respect prohibited periods for spreading fertilisers Follow rules about ploughing and applying non- selective herbicides Keep required records

9 Records Total area of the holding Net area of the holding Crop areas Livestock numbers and type Estimate of annual fertiliser requirement Quantities and types of chemical fertilisers moved onto or off the holding

10 Records Details of livestock manure and other organic fertilisers moved onto or off the holding Copy of any NMP prepared (e.g REPS plan) Results of any soil tests Description of facilities for the storage of livestock manure, soiled water, FYM, etc. Quantities and types of concentrated feedstuff fed to grazing livestock Location of any water abstraction point

11 Cross compliance 1% inspection rate 19 SMRs plus GAEC Cross compliance checks undertaken by DAFF

12 Nitrates Derogation Annex 3 of Nitrates Directive Irelands derogation approved November 2006

13 Derogation Conditions Only applicable to grassland farms Minimum 80% grass Grazing livestock only (250 kg N/ha/yr) Annual application to DAFF

14 Derogation Conditions Fertiliser plan required on holding by 1 March Stocking rate, crops, crop requirements, soil testing Fertilisation accounts to be submitted by 1 March

15 Temporary grassland to be ploughed in spring only No leguminous crops except arable silage or <50% clover in grass Ploughed grass to be followed by high N demanding crop Manure may not be spread in Autumn before ploughing grassland Derogation Land management

16 Further conditions of Derogation No imports of livestock manure No application of pig/poultry manure, SMC

17 Derogation Controls 100% of applications subject to administrative control 3% of applicants will be inspected Annual reporting to Brussels


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