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Geothermal Power Powering Alberta’s Future. Geothermal Power Plant.

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1 Geothermal Power Powering Alberta’s Future

2 Geothermal Power Plant

3 Location Our plant will be located here near a town called Fort McKay This site has temperatures of 200ºC at dribble distances below the ground to power our power plant

4 Type of Power Plant We are using a Flash Steam Power Plant modelled after the Hellisheidi Power Plant in Iceland This works by using temperatures in the ground over 180ºC to inject water into to create flash steam that turns a turbine Hellisheidi creates 300 MW of power on 2 generators and cost of 800 million dollars Using Hellisheidi as a model, our Power Plant will cost 2.7 Billion dollars to create Power Plant with an output of 1000 MW

5 Negative Aspects of Geothermal Power Effluent lagoons Earthquakes Loss of Heat energy from the Earth Gas leaks from trapped gasses deep within the Earth

6 Solutions Use a scrubber system where filters with a media in it that traps Sulfur gas as it leaves the Power Plant’s smoke stack Cheap and affordable according to a paper by Gary Nagl Geothermal Power Plants produce small Earthquakes during drilling, this should not be a problem in Alberta as Alberta is not located on a fault line and we do lots of drilling already for the Oil Industry

7 Solutions Cnt. Lagoons will be prepared to trap water based on industry standards already used in the Oil Sands industry to prevent loss of contaminated water from concrete pools We will also build an effluent treatment plant to clean the water as well If we lose heat we will re drill in a site near our Power Plant and connect it by pipeline

8 Available, Green, Affordable Green – Geothermal energy produces no greenhouse gases at all and any negative environmental effects are easily and affordable controlled. Geothermal energy is known as a green energy source

9 Available, Green, Affordable Available – Geothermal Power is a guaranteed continual source of energy from deep with in the Earth that will produce the power Alberta needs

10 Available, Green, Affordable Affordable – Once you build the Power Plant there are relatively few costs and NO fuel costs for the Power Plant

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