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Water Flowback and Produced Water Reclamation Services.

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1 Water Flowback and Produced Water Reclamation Services

2 Hydraulic Fracturing and Flowback 2 >2,000,000 gallons per Well to Frac 20 to 60% Flowback (East vs West States) 400 to 1000 gallons per Well per Day Produced for Decades

3 3 100,000,000 Gallons Made Clean Enough for a City of 3,000 each Year

4 4 IP Processes  High-Rate Turbulent Flow  Vapor Recompression  Submerged Boiling  Flash Evaporation Process Benefits  Max Concentration  Any TDS Feedstock  No Fouling  No Scaling Toyota, Caterpillar, AisenWarner, YKK, International Paper, MARTA, and more… Zero-Discharge for 13 Years

5 5 POD Integrated Distillation Hydrocarbon & Alcohol Recovery NPDES Water Quality Landfill or Value Residue 3,000 bbl/day Transportable System Vetted & Backed by Secured Debt for Capital Asset Construction Energy Financial Services

6 Proven Science in Action 6 Thermal Compression Mechanical Compression (Remove if use Thermal Compre.) Brine Concentrate or Recovered Oil Oil-Water Separator Recovered Alcohol Recovered Oil 40-Effect Distillation Clean Water Feed Optional (if existing steam source) Optional Continuous Concentrating Flash Feed Heat Exchanger Pre-Heat Back Pressure

7 7 Heat Exchanger Steam Disengagement Vessel Distillation Column Effluent Polishing and Discharge Mechanical Steam Compressor

8 8 On the Anticline in Wyoming

9 Evaporation Skid 9

10 Pump and Blower Skid 10

11 POD Two Evaporators and One Distillation Column 11

12 Flexible Site Configurations 12

13 Advanced Control and Automation 13 Foundation Field Bus and DeviceNet

14 The Piceance in Colorado Vega Field 14

15 Site Overview (across from Compressor Station) 15

16 Set for Ten Year Operation 16

17 Pitless Site Infrastructure 17

18 Site Planned for Five PODs 18

19 19 Water for Reuse or Discharge ProducedConcentratedPre-StripDistilled WaterBrineWaterWater

20 20 Permits for Unique Water Use or Discharge Passed WET Test Whole Effluent Toxicity to Sustain Life Surface Hole Drilling First in the Nation Substitute for “Fresh” Water

21 The Clear Difference 21 Clean Dirty

22 Come drink the water. TEL 801.924.9191

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