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Wastewater Treatment Project Update May 15, 2013.

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1 Wastewater Treatment Project Update May 15, 2013

2 Status Preliminary design complete Detailed design being finalised Public works relocated Site prep to begin late May Construction proper in June Completion for October 2014

3 PROJECT COSTS & FINANCING - Baseline Position - Project Costs 2011-2012 Costs $1.0m Contract price $21.3 PST $0.8 2013 -14 costs $1.3 Contingency$0.5 TOTAL COSTS $ 25.0 Funding Available Sechelt Funding $ 8.9 Sewer Treatment Reserves $4.9 Sewer Treatment DCCs 1.5 Unrestricted Operating Surplus 2.5 Other governments $11.2 Gas Tax Funding $8.0 Building Canada Funding 3.2 Other sources $2.5 Loan $2.5 Repay over 5 years using sewer reserve surpluses FUNDING AVAILABLE $25.1

4 Why is it “so expensive” Because we are doing high level (“tertiary”) treatment This added about $5m to the cost... However...

5 Why are we doing high level treatment? Enables widest range of options for reuse of water. 90% reduction in contaminant load to Trail Bay Avoids $3m outfall expansion In keeping with Federal and Provincial policies which encourage the use of reclaimed water Goal was set in Sechelt’s 2011 Sustainability Action Plan

6 Sustainability Action Plan Other goals of the Plan; Reduce noise and smell to the greatest extent possible Pursue opportunities to recover resources from treated effluent Maximise energy efficiency, reduce water consumption Base infrastructure decisions on full life cycle costs Ensure that municipal infrastructure is integrated and energy efficient and has the lowest environmental impact possible. Liquid Waste : “to treat effluent to the highest levels”

7 Proposal Evaluation ProponentLocationTanksOperating Cost (ranking) Capital Cost* Overall Ranking Maple Reinders EbbtideCovered (greenhouse) 2$21.3m1 BLot LUncovered3$22.1**2 CLot LCovered4$26.8**3 DLot LUncovered5 (highest cost) $18.1**4 EEbbtideEnclosed in building 1 (lowest cost) >$305 * For comparison, all capital costs assume biosolids composting by Salish Soils Need to add $3.2m of DoS costs to all bid prices to get the “Project Cost” **Base bid, Lot L projects include new, relocated, odour controlled pump station at Ebbtide

8 Location of Ganges WWTP, Salt Spring Island

9 Questions?

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