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Implementation of Master Plan and Green Policy at IIT Kanpur Green Policy Workshop Held at IIT Kanpur, L7 on January 18th, 2014 (Saturday)

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1 Implementation of Master Plan and Green Policy at IIT Kanpur Green Policy Workshop Held at IIT Kanpur, L7 on January 18th, 2014 (Saturday)

2 1.BOG approved Master Plan (i.e. 2011/4th meeting of the BOG held on 03.12.2011) 2.Implement the Green Policy of MHRD/IIT Council (Ref. MHRD DO No.1-11/2013-TS I (Sectt.) dated 05.06.2013). Open House Forum on 14.01.2014 at 4 P.M. to collect views and opinion from the IIT Kanpur Community so that an inclusive and cohesive strategy can be formulated for the implementation of Master Plan and Green Policy (prior mails/views are welcome). On 14 th Jan (4-6.30 pm): 35 members (staff, students, scholars, faculty members) expressed their views Joint EAC and GC meeting held on 15.01.2014: Ten (10) immediate action plans identified

3 IIT Kanpur Campus

4 Need for augmenting infrastructure To create new departments, academic programs To augment research facility + infrastructure To enhance research scholar community To increase student strength in phases To improve quality of life on campus To promote translational research To initiate new research projects To create new faculty offices To accommodate scholars

5 Ground Coverage (in %) (A) Area under roads (in %) (B) (A) + (B) Open Space (in %) Phase I (1959-96) 3.78.812.587.5 Phase II (1996-2011) 5.610.41684 Expansion (Future Growth) 8.513.922.477.6 Land Use in IIT Campus* *Source: Master Plan 2021 (20 th Sept 2011)

6 Green Initiative at IITK 46 th meeting (07.01.2013) of IITs Council decided to establish a Green Cell. MHRD vide its guidelines as per letter DO No. 1-11/2013-TS I (Sectt.) dated 05.06.2013) advised IIT Kanpur to implement. Theme Workshop on Green Policy at IITK (Open House) was held on 07.10.2013. Internal meetings were held on 03.10.2013, 07.10.2013 and 16.10.2013. MHRD vide its letter D.O. F. No. Misc/HRD-IITs/2013 dated 19.11.2013 has circulated clarification about Green Office. The Institute vide Office orders dated 03.12.2013 constituted an Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and a Green Cell (GC).

7 Green Policy A National Workshop on Green Policy was held on October 17, 2013 at IIT Kanpur following a recent initiative of MHRD It was decided to: a)Reconstitute the Environmental Advisory Committee(EAC) and give it a broader role in formulating the environmental policy of the institute b)Set up a Green Cell (GC) for educating and sensitizing the campus regarding environmental issues besides formulating, initiating, implementing and monitoring various environmental initiatives in the campus

8 Environmental Advisory Committee It shall be the primary policy making body regarding environmental issues inside the campus The EAC will be responsible in implementing the Green Policy of MHRD The EAC will represent the viewpoints of all stakeholders, both inside and outside the campus The EAC will be headed by the Director and SE(IWD) shall be its convener The EAC will normally meet once or twice a semester and formulate the broad agenda for the green initiatives to be pursued in the institute

9 Composition of EAC ChairpersonDirector ConvenerSE(IWD) MembersDeputy Director, DORA, Two representatives of Student Gymkhana, Secretary of Alumni Association, External Environmental Expert, Faculty Forum Representative, Officer Representative(to be nominated by the Registrar), Non Teaching Staff Representative, Campus Community Representative Special Invitees PIC(Civil), PIC(Electrical), PIC(Refrigeration), Chairperson of Green Cell

10 Green Cell Shall gather the initial baseline data regarding various environmental parameters in IIT Kanpur campus and update/maintain this data on an ongoing basis Shall offer strategic input to the EAC regarding environmental initiatives to be adopted Offer advice to the IWD regarding environmental initiatives to be adopted Monitor the effectiveness of the adopted environmental initiatives

11 Electricity consumption and air conditioning Sanctioned load : 8.5 MVa Peak load: 7.8 MVa With the proposed construction, the peak is likely to touch 13 MVa. Cost to institute will be about 40 crores / yr (present tariff, present bill is about 25 crore) Air-conditioning load is about 6000 tonnes, which is likely to go to 8000 t !!

12 Water as a resource 100% dependence on ground water Surface water (Ganga water) is likely to reach campus in a few months Plan to go for hybrid consumption, and depending on the quality and reliability of the supply, the dependence on ground water to be reduced.

13 POLICY ISSUES: 1.Open ground on campus: at least 70% (70-30 policy) 2.Space audit – both open + occupied areas 3.Semi-perforated parking lots – open space 4.25% of campus be declared and developed as ‘forests’ (pristine state) 5.Allow passage to neighboring villages and population (peaceful co-existence) 6.Concerns and issues (OPEN HOUSE): forest, wet lands, waste, recycling, safety, buildings, CO 2 emission, biomass, rain water, animals, paper less office policy (senate), lighting, refrigeration, ventilation, gardening, roof treatment, traffic control 7.GIS mapping and comparison with Master Plan 8.Make campus ‘physically challenged friendly’

14 Identification of green field sites for development Re-densification of existing development Redevelopment of older buildings Refurbishment / renovation of existing buildings Space and energy audit of buildings/campus – Internal and External audit Roadmap:  Green Policy/Office = EAC and GCell  Baseline data collection, documentation, dissemination/reporting – Website  Policy on flora and fauna, water, energy, waste, rain, effluent, infrastructure augmentation  New technology of construction, monitoring, auditing, maintenance, power saving (sensors)  MOOC, Website, Books on birds, animals, vegetation

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