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DREDGING YOUR DOCKS 2013 Supported by: USACE Galveston District U. S. Coast Guard Sabine Neches Navigation District.

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2 DREDGING YOUR DOCKS 2013 Supported by: USACE Galveston District U. S. Coast Guard Sabine Neches Navigation District

3 DREDGING YOUR DOCKS 2013 Organized By: CRA Hydrographic Surveyors Orion Marine Group

4 DREDGING YOUR DOCKS 2013 Dredging Private Terminal

5 Permits Hydrographic & Pre-Dredge Survey Dredge Material Placement Areas Sediment Sampling Dredging Method Selection Cost & Scheduling Dredge Project Management Post Dredge Closeout

6 PERMITS Maintaining a current USACE permit, includes: Current date, owner & information Execute a time extensions - 10 years, if required Amendment to add any potential DMPA Confirm dredge methods Submit any amendments for any new construction Approval process and or public notice Confirm USACE final approval

7 USACE Consent to Easement Obtained thru the real-estate department Required prior to dredging in any USACE DMPA. Documents the disposal fees due to the USACE.

8 PERMITS Nation Wide #35 The NWP #35 can be utilized for certain maintenance project. Dredging can be performed to previous authorized depths. Material must be deposited in upland site with proper siltation controls.

9 PERMITS TCEQ Water Quality Certification Require owners to obtain a Water Quality Certification from the TCEQ TCEQ requirements 300 mg/l (TSS) or less suspended solids. It takes about s 1 to 2 weeks to obtain the certification.

10 PERMITS Navigation Districts & Private DMPA Usually requires site specific criteria: Surveys Sediment sampling Payments Contract terms. Should be documented on the USACE


12 HYDROGRAPHIC & PRE-DREDGE SURVEY Hydrographic Surveys Survey Recommendations –annually Calculates siltation rates & dredge cycles Help evaluates annual dredge budgets Documents pre- post storm elevations Provides pilots & customers with depth data

13 HYDROGRAPHIC & PRE-DREDGE SURVEY Pre-Dredge Survey Pre-Dredge Survey within two Weeks Compare Contractors with 3rd Party Verify, Quantities, Tide Gauge, & intervals Verify survey datum and station #’s Include over-dredge and side slopes

14 Pre-Dredge Survey


16 DREDGE MATERIAL PLACEMENT AREA DMPA selection Location Permit Cost Availability

17 DREDGE MATERIAL PLACEMENT AREA Submittal & Approval Process Application Fee Submittal of survey Dredge quantities Sediment samples Approval of application & sediment samples Contract Signing & Deposit (if required)

18 SEDIMENT SAMPLING Sediment sampling criteria. Sampling technique. Number of sediment samples required. Understand submittal & approval process. Acceptable, discretionary, & disapproved. Schedule enough time submittal & review process.

19 SEDIMENT SAMPLING Analytical Testing Metals Organics Hydrocarbons Pesticides Sample result are usually acceptable for 6 months to one year period

20 SEDIMENT SAMPLING Field work Lab analysis Final report Submittal process Approval ***It takes approximately two week to obtain a final report***

21 DREDGING METHOD SELECTION Hydraulic Mechanical Mechanical/hydraulic offloading Hopper dredging

22 Traditional diesel powered dredge Dredges available in different sizes Material is pipelined to spoil area Can move larger volumes of material Requires a larger spoil area HYDRAULIC DREDGING

23 MECHANICAL DREDGING Can be used for relief dredging Several types of mechanical systems Requires multiple handling of material Material can be transported by barge Spoil does not contain much water

24 MECHANICAL HYDRAULIC OFF-LOADING Hydraulic or electric powered Deployed by a crane barge Normally used for short distance pumps


26 COSTS INCREASES Fuel Costs Steel Costs Disposal Costs Bonds & Insurance Operating & Labor



29 DISPOSAL COSTS (per cu/yd.)

30 DISPOSAL COSTS Availability of suitable DMPA’s. Increase in operating cost. Land acquisitions.

31 OTHER COST INCREASES Construction Costs Government regulations Distance to disposal areas Emission restrictions

32 SCHEDULING Permit amendments – 1 to 6 months DMPA application 2 to 5 weeks Sediment sampling – 2 weeks DMPA contracts – 1 to 4 weeks TCEQ Water Quality Certification – 1 to 2 weeks Pre-dredge survey – 1 week Dredge mobilization & pipeline – 2 to 4 weeks ***Coordinate with dredge availability***

33 SCHEDULING Notification to customers Coordination with vessel traffic Actual dredge time at dock Channel closures

34 DREDGE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Select contractor Notice to mariners Pre-construction meeting Vessel & dredge scheduling Dredge pipeline installation

35 DREDGE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Dredging Manage & test effluent discharge Coordinate vessel traffic Debris & trash Schedule docks Daily time tickets Interim surveys Post dredge survey

36 POST DREDGE CLOSEOUT Review dredge daily logs, and time tickets Review contractors & 3 rd party post dredge survey Evaluate the results Mutually agree on a quantities Submit to DMPA Owner Pay disposal fees Pay contractor

37 PROJECT PLANNING Periodic hydrographic survey Review sedimentation rates Establish dredge cycles Be aware USACE projects Coordinating with neighboring facilities

38 PROJECT PLANNING – Cont. Keep permits up to date Have a dredging relief plan DMPA applications & contracts Establish alternate DMPA Consider on-site disposal options


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