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Rosemount 3051S Electronic Remote Sensors

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1 Rosemount 3051S Electronic Remote Sensors
A Digital Upgrade to a Proven Technology

2 DP Level is a Proven and Successful Technology
Process Level Market by Technology* Other 26% DP 30% Straightforward measurement technique Easily verified and calibrated Flexibility enables use in variety of applications (mass, density, interface) Ultrasonic 12% Radar 17% Switches 15% 3051S ERS Tuned-System Balanced System Wet Leg Dry Leg NEW *VDC Global Process Level (2005), ARC Global Radar Study (2008), F&S Global Level Sensors (2005) 2

3 New 3051S Electronic Remote Sensors Enhance DP Level Technology
PLO DP Calculated Electronically Two Pressure Sensors Electronics Featureboard Wire Utilizes Proven 3051S Sensor Platform DP = PHI – PLO 4-20 mA Two-Wire 4-20 mA Output with HART PHI

4 3051S ERS Provides Additional DP Level Capabilities
Simplified Installations PLO Improved Performance Wire Simplified Maintenance & Spares Inventory DP = PHI – PLO 4-20 mA Access to New Information PHI Synchronized & Integrated Solution

5 3051S ERS Simplifies Installation Practices
1. Independently install each sensor Direct-mount without pipe stand, brackets, and other hardware Can be installed by a single instrument tech 1 2. Wire sensors together Non-proprietary electrical wire Easy to install around catwalks, on distillation columns, etc. Eliminate insulation and heat tracing 2 3. Perform a system zero trim Establishes true zero-based DP measurement No zero elevation calculation required 1 3 3051S ERS Architecture Supports Flexible Installations 3051SAM 3051SAM with Featureboard Remote Display with Featureboard 3051SAM with level flanges 3051SAL with Featureboard 3051SAL 5

6 3051S ERS Digital Architecture Delivers Improved Performance
Direct Connection to Tank Reduces Time Response Digital Architecture Eliminates Measurement Drift 2.5 sec. 0.5 sec. Transmitter with 10 ft (3 m) Capillary Direct-Mounted ERS Transmitter Wet Leg Dry Leg Capillary 3051S ERS System Evaporation Electrical Wire Condensation Fill Fluid Density & Volume Changes with Temperature Digital architecture eliminates temperature effects

7 3051S ERS Simplifies Maintenance and Spares Inventory
Replace one transmitter vs. entire capillary assembly Simplify spares inventory & standardize on common ERS components X Corrosion Process-coated diaphragm Hydrogen permeation 7

8 3051S ERS Provides Greater Insight Into Your Process
Automatic & synchronized DP calculation Monitor PHI and PLO pressures in real-time Process alerts enable proactive maintenance practices Scaled Variable converts DP into level & volume measurements

9 20-Point Scaled Variable Simplifies Configuration & Commissioning
Automatically convert DP into level, volume, mass, or other variables 3 Easy Configuration Options 1 Direct Manually provide up to 20 “DP vs. Scaled” pairings 25 mbar = 17.9 LITER 2 Tank Formulas Scaled Variable using basic tank dimensions 3 Strapping Table Scaled Variable using tank strapping table

10 3051S ERS Provides an Easy, Integrated Solution
Do-it-Yourself (Two Transmitters) 3051S ERS PLO P2 P1 ∆P ∆P P2 No error from change in static pressure (∆P) DP DP P1 PHI Not synchronized 2x wiring costs 2x required I/O DCS programming Difficult to “zero” DP Synchronized measurements Single 2-wire 4-20mA loop No DCS programming Easily zeroed & calibrated

11 Chevron Phillips Chemical (Borger, TX) Achieved Success with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Bridle with magnetic float and unreliable heat tracing False level measurement & unplanned shutdowns SOLUTION 3051S ERS easily retrofitted entire bridle assembly Digital architecture eliminated need for heat tracing RESULTS No unplanned shutdowns since installation of 3051S ERS (3+ years) Application 30 ft (9 m) process storage tank Ambient Temp 0 to 100 F (-17 to 38 C) “We have had no lost production and better on-stream operation since installing ERS” - Tim Anderson, I&E Reliability Team Leader, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Borger, TX

12 Oil Refinery Eliminates Unplanned Shutdowns on Reactor with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Frequent, unplanned plant shutdowns Caused by plugged lines on pneumatic transmitter with wet leg SOLUTION 3051S ERS assembly with FFW flush flanged seals RESULTS 100% measurement reliability since installation (3+ years) No work orders or requests for troubleshooting Application Alkylation reactor Level measurement of effluent liquid The 3051S ERS assembly with flanged seals was easily retrofitted on the Alkylation reactor and eliminated unplanned process shutdowns.

13 Austrian Pulp and Paper Mill Decreases Maintenance Costs with ERS Technology
CHALLENGE Excessive maintenance costs on wet leg installation Plugged lines Heat tracing Vacuum spikes Suboptimal black liquor output SOLUTION 3051S ERS system RESULTS Elimination of heat tracing and water purging Increased reliability and repeatability of level measurement Application Level measurement on black liquor vessel Zellstoff Pöls Austria was able to address reoccurring maintenance problems and improve their level measurement by upgrading to a 3051S ERS system.

14 Pulp and Paper Mill Reduces Downtime with Digital 3051S ERS Architecture
CHALLENGE Approx. one unplanned shutdown per month Pump cavitations Reoccurring problems with wet legs Plugged impulse lines Maintaining level in wet leg SOLUTION 3051S ERS system RESULTS Elimination of wet leg Only one shutdown over 2-year period Process runs in automatic close to 100% of time Application Vacuum tank on lime mud filter “The continued uptime with this instrument has built operations’ confidence in the measurement itself and has allowed the process to be run in automatic close to 100% of the time”

15 Biotech Facility Increases Throughput on Fermentation Vessel with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Inconsistent batches 3-5% measurement error Unable to calculate yield SOLUTION 3051S ERS system with hygienic Tank-Spud seals RESULTS Measurement error improved to less than < 0.5% Drastic time response improvement Achieved consistent, high-quality batches Application Level measurement on enzyme fermentation vessel “This application used to be our biggest headache, but now the fermentor is used as our first choice depending on the quality of product needed.”

16 Solvay Decreases Operations & Maintenance Costs with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Costs and challenges associated with DP transmitter and wet leg installation Salt crystals would plug impulse lines Required complicated water injection system Evaporator had to be taken off line frequently SOLUTION 3051S ERS with EFW extended diaphragm seal RESULTS Extended seal used at bottom of tank eliminated plugging Digital architecture enabled optimized control Application Brine level measurement 33 ft (10 m) evaporator “The ERS system has been installed for months, much to our total satisfaction” - Jean-Marc Deconto, Solvay engineer

17 Chemical Company Eliminates Excessive Maintenance Costs with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Excessive maintenance costs: Troubleshooting dry leg installation Daily field visits to check distillation packing Measurement drift from temperature variations SOLUTION 3051S ERS system RESULTS No unplanned shutdowns for over one year Able to accurately monitor health of packing in tower without manual trips to field Eliminated costs associated with troubleshooting installation Application 20 ft (8.3 m) Glycerin refining tower “Since installing ERS, we never hear any complaints from our maintenance or operations group. As far as I am concerned, no news is good news.” - Project engineer

18 Silicon Manufacturer Reduces Inventory Costs with 3051S ERS
CHALLENGE Excessive capillary caused measurement error > 5% Inconsistent batches Material shortages High scrap rates SOLUTION 3051S ERS system RESULTS Accurate level measurement Achieved consistent batches No unplanned shutdowns Application Level control in silicon holding tank The long lengths of capillary with the previous installation were completely eliminated with the digital architecture of the 3051S ERS system.

19 New 3051S Electronic Remote Sensors Have Proven Successes
Proven ERS Applications Distillation Tower Chemical Holding Tank Enzyme Fermentation Batch Tank Vacuum Tank Chemical Reactor Black Liquor Level Beer Storage Glycerin Refining Starch Level ERS Applications Characteristics Tall Spans Temperature Variation Heat Tracing Plugged Impulse Lines Low Static Pressure Excessive Impulse Piping / Capillary Measurement Drift 3051S ERS System

20 3051S ERS Compliments Traditional DP Level Technology
Electronic Remote Sensors Sensors sized on amount of static pressure + DP column GP Sensor Span = psi (2868 in.H20) 100 PSI 100 psi Tuned-System™ Assembly Sensor sized on DP column only DP Sensor Span = 100 in.H20 100 in.H20 100 in.H20 High Pressure Application Example ERS Tuned-System ±2.8 in.H20 ±1.4 in.H20 25 F Ambient Temperature Change VS

21 Traditional DP Level Technologies Still Have Key Applications and Benefits
Tuned-System Assembly Balanced Capillary System DP transmitter with wet leg DP transmitter with dry leg Application Characteristics Short Spans High Pressures Indoor Vessels Stable Temperatures Simple Installations Wireless Tuned-System Assembly

22 Achieve Success with Rosemount DP Level in More Places than Ever Before
Balanced System 3051S ERS Tuned-System Wet Leg Dry Leg Measurements Pressure Level Volume Interface Density Mass Flow Applications Hot & cold temperatures Corrosive & viscous processes Vacuums Foam, agitation, & other tank disturbances Vessels & towers Industries Refining Pulp and paper Oil & gas Chemical Food and beverage Biotechnology

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