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2 MOLLUSCA Variety of reproductive strategies and life cycles Mostly dioecious with some species hermaphroditic External or internal fertilization (UCMP, 2006; UCMP, 2001) (Cob, 2013)

3 DIFFICULTIES IN STUDYING SEASONAL REPRODUCTION IN THE OCEAN Difficulty in witnessing spawning events Individual seasonal reproduction may be obscured at the population level (Eckelbarger, 1995) Seasonal patterns can vary with location, even within a species (Lourenço et al, 2012) (Wikipedia, 2007a)

4 PHOTOPERIOD Photoperiod is the length of daylight Can be a seasonal indicator in species in the euphotic zone (Hodgson, 2010) Photoperiod can influence juvenile survival (Koueta, 2003) Example: Sepia officinalis L. (Koueta, 2003) (Wikipedia, 2007b)

5 WATER TEMPERATURE Warmer water = reproduction (Hodgson, 2010; Wayne, 2001) Examples: Aplysia californica (Wayne, 2001) (Wikipedia, 2004)

6 FOOD AVAILABILITY Food availability triggers oogenesis or signals that conditions are optimal for larval development (Eckelbarger, 1995) Example: Aulacomya ater (Hodgson, 2010) (WoRMS, 2013)

7 EVOLUTIONARILY CONSERVED Ancestral breeding patterns may be conserved independent of local conditions (Hodgson, 2010) Deep sea species likely retain seasonal patterns in reproduction (Eckelbarger, 1995) Example: Helcion spp. (Hodgson, 2010) (Poppe, 2003)

8 HUMAN IMPACTS Climate change- increased temperature can have deleterious effects on Mollusks (Kirby et al, 2008) Plasticizers (Phthalates and Bisphenol A)- Mollusks appear very sensitive (Oehlmann et al., 2009) Estrogenic chemicals (Bisphenol A, etc) stimulate egg production at low doses/inhibit at higher doses (Jobling et al., 2003) (Wikipedia, 2006)

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