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USTDA’s Activities in the Environmental Sector April 26, 2011

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1 USTDA’s Activities in the Environmental Sector April 26, 2011

2 Our Mission  Helping companies create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. goods and services for priority development projects in emerging economies  Supporting sustainable infrastructure and economic growth in partner countries

3 National Export Initiative NEI was launched in 2010, with the goal of doubling of U.S. exports by   Increasing Trade Advocacy   Launched International Business Partnership Program President Obama Announces Export Promotion Cabinet as part of National Export Initiative

4 USTDA Program Activities International Business Partnership Program   Reverse Trade Missions   Conferences   Training Project Development Program   Feasibility Studies   Pilot Projects   Technical Assistance Matching U.S. Commercial Interests with Development Opportunities

5 Small and Medium Enterprises Foundation of the American Economy   94 percent of all contracts with USTDA are signed with SMEs   50 percent of grants awarded by USTDA won by SMEs

6 USTDA Funding Criteria USTDA evaluates projects based on the following criteria:  Developmental priority in the host country.  Likelihood of receiving implementation financing.  Mutual benefits for the United States and partner country, including commercial opportunities for U.S. firms.

7 USTDA by Prime Sectors: FY 2006 – FY 2010

8 Defining the Environmental Sector Subsector Components Air Quality General Environmental Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Water Supply Wastewater 3

9 Sector Observations and Efforts  Outreach to environmental trade associations  Financing challenges  Collaboration with international financial institutions  Good opportunities for specialized SMEs in areas such as a ir quality monitoring, hazardous waste and environmental engineering and services

10 Environmental Sector Definitional Mission Activities to Monitor  South Africa Water Supply Management DM  Regional Asia Water and Wastewater Management DM  Regional LAC Water and Wastewater Sector DM  Egypt Water Sector DM

11 Ongoing Feasibility Study and Technical Assistance Activities  AZERBAIJAN: SOCAR Waste Management Facility FS  BELIZE: IDB Placencia Peninsula Pilot Wastewater Management System FS  BRAZIL: Technologies for Industrial Water Discharge Reduction in Sao Paulo TA  CHINA: Feasibility Study and Pilot Project Integrated Real Time Water Monitoring System FS  INDONESIA: Jakarta Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement Network TA

12 Ongoing Feasibility Study and Technical Assistance Activities (continued)  JAMAICA: Rehabilitation of Priority Wastewater Facilities TA  ROMANIA: SCADA Water Management Pilot Project FS  VIETNAM: Water Treatment Sludge DisposalFS  WEST BANK: Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Project FS

13 USTDA’s Library: Recently Completed Studies and Reports  Brazil: SANASA Effluent Membrane RTM  Mexico: Tijuana Waster and Waste Modernization FS  Mexico: Puerto Penasco Water Desalination FS  Philippines: Manila Bay Environmental Improvement RTM

14 Contact USTDA U.S. Trade and Development Agency 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600 Arlington, VA Telephone (703) Nathan Younge, Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Environment Sector Lead Leila Aridi Afas, Director, Export Promotion Website:

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