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USTDA’s Activities in the Environmental Sector April 26, 2011

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1 USTDA’s Activities in the Environmental Sector April 26, 2011

2 Our Mission  Helping companies create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. goods and services for priority development projects in emerging economies  Supporting sustainable infrastructure and economic growth in partner countries

3 National Export Initiative NEI was launched in 2010, with the goal of doubling of U.S. exports by 2015.   Increasing Trade Advocacy   Launched International Business Partnership Program President Obama Announces Export Promotion Cabinet as part of National Export Initiative

4 USTDA Program Activities International Business Partnership Program   Reverse Trade Missions   Conferences   Training Project Development Program   Feasibility Studies   Pilot Projects   Technical Assistance Matching U.S. Commercial Interests with Development Opportunities

5 Small and Medium Enterprises Foundation of the American Economy   94 percent of all contracts with USTDA are signed with SMEs   50 percent of grants awarded by USTDA won by SMEs

6 USTDA Funding Criteria USTDA evaluates projects based on the following criteria:  Developmental priority in the host country.  Likelihood of receiving implementation financing.  Mutual benefits for the United States and partner country, including commercial opportunities for U.S. firms.

7 USTDA by Prime Sectors: FY 2006 – FY 2010

8 Defining the Environmental Sector Subsector Components Air Quality General Environmental Hazardous Waste Solid Waste Water Supply Wastewater 3

9 Sector Observations and Efforts  Outreach to environmental trade associations  Financing challenges  Collaboration with international financial institutions  Good opportunities for specialized SMEs in areas such as a ir quality monitoring, hazardous waste and environmental engineering and services

10 Environmental Sector Definitional Mission Activities to Monitor  South Africa Water Supply Management DM  Regional Asia Water and Wastewater Management DM  Regional LAC Water and Wastewater Sector DM  Egypt Water Sector DM

11 Ongoing Feasibility Study and Technical Assistance Activities  AZERBAIJAN: SOCAR Waste Management Facility FS  BELIZE: IDB Placencia Peninsula Pilot Wastewater Management System FS  BRAZIL: Technologies for Industrial Water Discharge Reduction in Sao Paulo TA  CHINA: Feasibility Study and Pilot Project Integrated Real Time Water Monitoring System FS  INDONESIA: Jakarta Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement Network TA

12 Ongoing Feasibility Study and Technical Assistance Activities (continued)  JAMAICA: Rehabilitation of Priority Wastewater Facilities TA  ROMANIA: SCADA Water Management Pilot Project FS  VIETNAM: Water Treatment Sludge DisposalFS  WEST BANK: Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Project FS

13 USTDA’s Library: Recently Completed Studies and Reports  Brazil: SANASA Effluent Membrane RTM  Mexico: Tijuana Waster and Waste Modernization FS  Mexico: Puerto Penasco Water Desalination FS  Philippines: Manila Bay Environmental Improvement RTM

14 Contact USTDA U.S. Trade and Development Agency 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1600 Arlington, VA 22209 Telephone (703) 875-4357 Nathan Younge, Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Environment Sector Lead ( Leila Aridi Afas, Director, Export Promotion ( Website:

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