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2 Engineering Sector Ground & & Structural Service Specialist Engineering Service Ground Engineering Services Structural Engineering Services Instrumentation and geotechnical Services Design, Consultancy and Project Management Services Provision of Machine- to-Machine (M2M) Products and Services

3 Water & Resources Sectors Marble Resources Water Related Business Extraction and production of dimension stones and other related products Integrated Water and Wastewater Engineering, Supply and Construction Services Manufacturing of various types of membrane and related products Environmental and Water Quality Real Time Monitoring


5 28 Oct 2009, MOU with local government for investment signed 17 Jun 2010, Ground Break Ceremony Past events

6 Original view of factory site 5 May 2010, Project management office set up 15 August 2010, foundation construction work started 7 May 2010, site investigation work started 22 Oct 2010, installation of steel columns work started.

7 15 August 2010, casting work for foundation started 28 Oct 2010, installation work for steel frame work started 3 May 2012, the first road in side factory completed 22 Jun 2012, the core management team for factory production set up 20 Nov 2010, the structural work for first factory completed Past events

8 ItemsFactory No Length (m) Width(m)Height (m) Land area ( m2 ) Floor area ( m2 ) Remarks 11st241.4854.488.3013,155.8318,468.19Local 2 layers 22nd100.0054.488.305,448.0010,800.00Two layers 33rd120.9854.488.306,590.998,791.98Local 2 layers 44th105.4854.488.305,746.55 55th92.9854.488.305,065.55 Including loading- unloading area 6 Generator Room 25.405.004.50127.00 Total 36,133.9248,999.27 One manufacture base, Five independent factories From 17 June 2010 to 4 July 2013, Tritech has built its large membrane manufacture base in China

9 Factory One -Superior membrane fabrication and module assembling Key features: State-of-the-art membrane fabrication technology Membrane fabrication technology developed based on in-house R&D Strong R&D team with collaboration between Tritech (Singapore) Water Institue and Tritech (Qingdao) Water Institute Excellent membrane performance Alternative materials for superior quality products yet low cost in production In-house design of membrane module products that match and outperform competitors’ products Overview: Membrane fabrication and module assembling Non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS) process Thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) process Double- screw extrusion thermally induced phase separation (m-TIPS) process Vessel type membrane module assembling (MF/UF vessel modules) Submerged type membrane module assembling (Submerge d modules) Water dispenser membrane module assembling Tritech® Water dispenser membrane module : Excellent quality product water: PVDF or PP MF/UF membrane Reliable and consistent water quality Low capital cost and compact design: High performance with just one module Long life-span reduce replacement cost Ease of installation and maintenance: Click to fit Zero maintenance Full automation for backwash Membrane module

10 Factory One -Hollow fiber membrane module PVDF membrane Nominal pore size of 0.08µm Product water of reliable and consistent quality Small footprint Low filtration resistance Minimal maintenance personnel required Full automation for backwash and CIP Tritech® PoraMax™ UF membrane module : Broad range of application for the treatment of water and wastewater: Pretreatment for seawater RO or NF desalination Drinking water purification Surface water purification Ground water purification Municipal wastewater/effluent water purification and reuse Industrial wastewater treatment Water recycling and resource recovery Tritech® PermaMax™ MBR membrane module : PVDF or PP membrane Nominal pore size of 0.08µm Reliable quality with < 1 NTU Treated water free form e. coli and minimal SS MBR does not require final sedimentation tank Can accept high organic loading Less excess sludge production Minimal maintenance personnel required Full automation for backwash and CIP Broad range of application for the treatment of high BOD and/or suspended solids containing wastewater: Municipal sewage treatment Industrial wastewater treatment including chemical waste and food waste Livestock wastewater treatment Landfill leachate treatment

11 Factory Two - Tritech Alkaline Drinking Water Designed and Developed by TRITECH Produced further from tap With State-of-the-Art Water Technologies RO membrane technology Super Purity up to 0.0001 micron without bad taste and odor Mineralization technology Rich Mineral Elements favorable for health Ionized Technology Alkaline pH 8.5-9.5 to enhance body to be superior antioxidant, hydrating and pH balance. Benefits of Drinking Alkaline water: Powerful Antioxidant Balance body pH as an Effective Alkalizing Agent Superior Hydrator and a powerful detoxifier Helps with losing weight, Improves the taste and quality of food Better absorption of nutrients from foods you eat, helps bring out its flavor, and lowers acid levels of any foods Most users report a lot more clarity of mind and energy, due to the extra oxygen ionized water supplies Helps your skin look healthier through effective hydration

12 Factory Two - Tritech® Water Dispensers and Emergency Water Bag Tritech Water Purification System consists of multistage filters in below proper filter-core combination: Sediment Filter Core, PP Filter Core, Softener Filter core, KDF Filter Core, Maifan Stone Mineralized Filter Core, Energy Stone Filter Core, Activated Carbon Filter Core or UF Filter Core, etc. Installations No need electricity Easy installation Tap connection Benefits Filters impurities as small as 0.01 micron Removes 99.99% of bacteria Reduces most viruses and cysts Removes turbidity, sand, silt, dirt and other sediments Reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor Reduces Surface Tension Softens water Increases FAR Infrared Energy Using modern filtration and purification techniques Tritech Water Dispenser System is designed for modern and healthy lifestyle in home and office. Offering a clean, healthy supply of great tasting water. Tritech® emergency water bag for DISASTERS RELIEF We recommend these products to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. Military confrontation, hurricane, earthquake, drought or flood will require you to prepare for the worst. Your water supply will not run out.

13 Factory Three -Novel High performance FO membrane technology The Forward Osmosis (FO) process is a membrane process that utilizes the natural osmosis phenomenon for the transport of water from a feed solution of lower salt concentration to a draw solution of higher salt concentration across a highly-selective membrane. The main advantages of FO over current technologies used water reclamation includes lower energy requirement and lower membrane fouling propensity. In-house R&D team based in Singapore Tritech Water Institute has developed the novel FO membrane. The TFC FO membrane has superior performance than current commercialized CTA FO membrane. The high performance membrane can be applied in · Desalination · Landfills · Water Reclamation · Food Processing · Emergency water supply · Membrane Bio Reactor · Oil & Gas Exploration · wastewater treatment Novel membrane structure: Small thickness layer Reduced resistance Polymesh embedded for added strength Porous support layer Better property: higher flux and salt rejection higher chemical tolerance Larger pH range Longer service life Reduced maintenance

14 Factory Three - Tritech TFC Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membrane Tritech Standard BW RO membrane Advantages · 99.2% nominal rejection · High TOC, silica and hardness rejection Applications · Desalting of well waters – municipal drinking water · Reducing TDS prior to ion exchange · Boiler make-up water · Ultrapure water for semi-conductor manufacture · Reclamation of secondary effluent Tritech Low Pressure RO Membrane Advantages · Up to 99.0% nominal rejection · Lower pressure for lower CAPEX/OPEX Applications · Municipal potable and wastewater plants · Bottling operations · Light industrial Tritech Selective Nanofiltration Membrane ultra-low operating pressures (below 100psi); ideal for softening applications; Suitable for removal of pesticides, bacteria or viruses.

15 Factory Four -Tritech® water treatment system wholly designed by Tritech 1.Marine/off shore desalination plant for drinking water 2.Membrane bioreactor (MBR) 3.Continuous membrane filtration (CMF) 4. Drinking water reverse osmosis (RO) system 5. Ultrapure water EDI treatment : Semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries 6. Ceramic membrane: Textile effluent removal and oilfield water treatment

16 Factory Five -Tritech Environmental Real Time Monitoring Technologies Cover 75% of Singapore Water Area Tritech has built its in- house Real-time Environment Monitoring System Since 1985 which enables us to do wireless real-time water qualities and other 48 environment parameters 1.Lake Quality Profiler MP1200 2.Measurement Buoy MB90 3.River Quality Profiler MP1800 4.Water Quality and Gauging Station 5.TSS With Video Surveillance 6.Meteorological Station 7.Controlling Station Factory Five will manufacture the following Tritech In- house Mornitoring Stations

17 17 Equipment Projects Application Membrane At Present Stage, Tritech is able to provide services / products to the entire value chain of membrane industry Design EPC Operation

18 18 Our market

19 吉兰丹紫 吉兰丹玉 水墨云




23 23 三泰集团 (Tritech Group Limited) 2 Kaki Bukit Place Tritech Building Singapore 416180 电话 : (65) 6848 2567 传真 : (65) 6848 2568 电邮: THANK YOU !

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