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Kubota Johkasou Model HS-P

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1 Kubota Johkasou Model HS-P
Kubota Johkasou Model HS-P Household Wastewater Treatment System 5・7・10 Person Tank

2 “Johkasou” in Japan 8,600,000 units of “Johkasou” placed in Japan
Approx.160,000 units of “Johkasou” were installed in Japan in 2008 for domestic use. In 1969, we started development of “Johkasou” That can treat only night soil(flush toilet water) In 1986, we launched new “Johkasou” that can treat both night soil and gray water. Since then, a new high-performance product development continues. Now we manufacture approx. 20,000 “Johkasou” in a year.

3 Price concerning “Johkasou” in Japan
“Johkasou” Catalog Price 6,000~12,000 dollars Construction Cost Including “Johkasou” 7,500~12,500 dollars Maintenance and Operation cost a year 500~900 dollars

4 Perspective cross section
Air-lift pump Blower Influent Effluent Anaerobic filter tank First chamber Disinfection tank Anaerobic filter tank Second chamber Sedimentation tank Suspended solids are settled and supernatant flows to overflow weir Remove solids in the wastewater and anaerobic microbe attached to the filer decompose organic matter.Sludge is stored in these tanks Contact aeration tank Aerobic microbe grows on the surface of contact media in the condition of aeration by blower

5 Flow sheet Blower Anaerobic filter tank Anaerobic filter tank
                                                                                 Anaerobic filter tank Anaerobic filter tank Contact aeration tank Sedimentation tank Disinfection tank BOD20mg/L BOD200mg/L 200L/P・D Kitchen Laundry Sink Bath Toilet Regular water circulation Sloughed sludge transfer

6 Term and conditions of design
Average daily wastewater 53gal/P/D (200L/P/D) Influent BOD 200mg/L Effluent BOD 20mg/L ≥ BOD removal rate 90% ≤

Treated Water Tr>20cm ≒BOD<20mg/L

8 Specification outline
Tank capacity 5-person 7-person 10-person Model HS-5P HS-7P HS-10P Capacities (gallons) Anaerobic filter tank First chamber 240 337 563 Second chamber 161 282 374 Contact aeration tank 267 376 538 Sedimentation tank 81 126 189 Disinfection tank 7 Total 755 1128 1671 Dimensions (in.) Length 96 104 128 Width 48 65 74 Height 70 Weight  (lbs.) 529 794 1036 Blower Rated flow (liter/min) 60 80 120 Power supply (w) 39 57 130

9 Characteristics Environment Ministry’s government subsidy compliance type in Japan Certified by the Ministry of Construction (Notification No.1292,No.1-2 in Japan) Adopting Anaerobic Filter Contact Aeration Process (Anaerobic-aerobic treatment process, Denitrification process with nitrified mixed liquor recycle), Effluent quality is stable. Adopting six valves and air-lift pump with adjustment device, Maintenance is easy. FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Body

10 KUBOTA Corporation Johkasou Division
Shiga factory Takamatsu, Konan-shi, Shiga-ken, Japan Head Office Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan URL

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