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Agricultural Environmental Technology 11 June ‘09 – Korea / NZ Business Roundtable Seoul.

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1 Agricultural Environmental Technology 11 June ‘09 – Korea / NZ Business Roundtable Seoul

2 Presentation Outline Agricultural Environmental Technology Harmonic Involvement in NZ and Korean ICT Sector NZ Farming Practices Export Success Stories Environmental Management Practices Re:Generation Collaboration Opportunities

3 Introducing Harmonic (1 of 2) Industry funded, backed by investment companies Research, development & commercialisation of software solutions for the Telco, Farming & Electricity sectors Key relationships with Telecom NZ, Gen-i, TruTest, Alcatel-Lucent & Transpower Linked to a national academia pool through Universities Highly skilled staff, including agricultural scientists, engineers, developers, IT architects and statisticians A Research & Development (R&D) company

4 Introducing Harmonic (2 of 2) Involved in Korea NZ ICT science and broadband collaboration since 2004 Respect for Korea’s belief in the (RD&C) innovation cycle and the economic benefits accruing Led several ICT Delegations Helped establish ICT R&D projects between ETRI and NZ universities Involved in the Korea Australia NZ Broadband Summit (KANZ) Facilitating the Korea / NZ ICT relationship

5 NZ Farmer Profile Hard working, innovative, practical, risk taking business people Farms are capital intensive, complex business operations with a long term investment horizon An export mindset – belief in innovative marketing supported by technology Underserved by broadband Prominent advocates of R&D Entrepreneurial and early adopters of technology

6 Export Success Stories (1 of 2) In the 1930s, Gallagher invented electric fencing systems and other animal control systems The invention revolutionised farm grazing around the globe – even used to fortify Buckingham Palace A successful exporter with a >$100M turnover and distribution channels into more than 130 countries Remains a significant investor in R&D Leading NZ Agricultural Technology Companies

7 Export Success Stories (2 of 2) Another successful exporter with a >$100M turnover Export to 70 countries with fully owned subsidiaries or JVs in America, Australia, Mexico and Brazil Tru-Test sells 95% of the world's milk meters and is a global leader in animal weighing equipment A significant investor in R&D across NZ universities and Research Institutes Leading NZ Agricultural Technology Companies

8 Environmental Management NZ dairy industry continually explores ways to improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact The environment and sustainability are core tenets of the recently released Dairy NZ Strategy for New Zealand Dairy Farming 2009-2020 Individual farmers and industry actively work to maintain the sustainability for these resources for future generations Farmers respect their role as stewards of the land

9 Effluent Management Dairy Effluent Management is of particular interest As dairy farms intensify and become larger operations with more staff – effluent management gets harder to do right, all the time Farmers pay large fines to Regional authorities for environmental breaches Re:Generation, a solution made possible through advances in both environmental sensing technologies and agricultural science It provides a decision support tool for the land application of dairy effluent

10 Re:Generation A national initiative managed by Harmonic Reduces environmental impact of dairy effluent, while utilising effluent in the most efficient way Easy to use and understand, information delivered to mobile phones and PC Funded by Government agencies (FRST and MAF) as well as Dairy Sector (DairyNZ) and industry National Trial across Dairy regions

11 Re:Generation Animation

12 Collaborative Solutions Recent experience with ETRI suggests there is strong potential for logical collaboration NZ sees significant potential in the commercialisation of environmental management solutions Korean leadership is recognised in core components, such as sensor and wireless technologies Collaboration in NZ trials will create more robust, efficient environmental systems NZ and Korea Collaborate Effectively

13 Summary NZ and Korea are already successfully collaborating in the field of ICT R&D There is a good opportunity for further ICT collaboration in the agricultural sector Combined, we can create a global opportunity We know we can work together… …Let’s do some more Let’s maintain momentum

14 Thank you Phil Shepherd CEO Ph +64 4 381 4462 감사합니다.

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