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Alternatives to Aboveground Effluent Disposal Mounds Overview of the NoMound ® System Technology.

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1 Alternatives to Aboveground Effluent Disposal Mounds Overview of the NoMound ® System Technology

2 NoMound ® Presentation Overview Current Status Basic Concept/Underlying Principles Construction Components NoMound ® DN - Denitrification Questions & Answers Contact Information

3 NoMound ® Applicability Newly Patented Technology Used for Effluent Disposal at High Water Table Sites Eliminates Effluent Disposal Mound or Requirement for Site Elevation/Fill Additional Applications Under Development –NoMound ® DN - Denitrification –NoMound ® SW - Stormwater

4 NoMound ® Status US Patents Issued October 1998 Florida Innovative System Approval December 1998 First Installation in Sanford, FL, February 1999 All Florida Innovative System Installations Completed January 2001, Florida Permit System Status Changed to “Engineered Systems”

5 Conditions Required for Onsite Treatment Adequate Hydraulic Retention Time Adequate Biomass and Bioactivity Favorable pH and Temperature

6 NoMound ® Regulatory Justification Controls & Maintains Minimum Separation Distance Required for Treatment

7 Modes of Onsite System Failure Improper Design/ Siting/ Installation Physical/ Mechanical Management/ Maintenance Hydraulic Performance/ Infiltrability

8 NoMound ® Process Benefits Controls Treatment Zone Depth Provides Continuous Aerobic Treatment Zone

9 NoMound ® Provides Installation Flexibility For Septic Tank or ATU Effluent Disposal Can Use Existing Soils Dense Clay and Bedrock Limit Its Use Installed after Construction of Conventional System Works With Any Pressurized Distribution System Can be Used at Residential and Commercial Sites Commercial Sites With High BOD Require Effluent Pretreatment

10 NoMound ® Basic Principle 1 psi air over 144 square inches equals 144 lbs/F 2 2.3 ft 3 water @ 62.4 lbs/ft 3 equals 144 lbs/F 2 1 psi

11 NoMound ® System Components Conventional Septic Tank, Drainfield & Effluent Pump Perimeter Barrier and Cap In-situ Monitoring and Level Controls Control and Alarm System Air Supply Pump (17-watts)

12 NoMound ® Installation, Monitoring, & Maintenance Installers must be NoMound ® Approved System must meet Florida D.O.H. Requirements D.O.H. Inspection is Standard Maintenance same as Conventional System

13 NoMound ® Installation Progress Existing Effluent Disposal Mound


15 NoMound ® Installation Progress Effluent Disposal System with Perimeter Barrier

16 NoMound ® Installation Progress Cap Installation Progress

17 NoMound ® Installation Progress Cap Installation Completion

18 NoMound ® Installation Progress Final Cover Installation and Grading

19 NoMound ® Installation Progress Final Grade

20 Typical NoMound ® Level Controls

21 Typical NoMound ® Monitoring Results

22 Onsite Treatment Processes Chemical Processes –Exchange, Adsorption, Precipitation, & Oxidation/Reduction Biological Processes –Predation, Biotransformation, Morbidity, & Nitrification/Denitrification Physical Processes –Filtration, Settling, Dispersion/Dilution, & Volatilization

23 Typical Effluent Characteristics Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Biodegradable Organics (BOD) Chemically Degradable Organics (COD) Surfactants Bacteria Viruses Nutrients (N,P)

24 Effluent Treatment Process Matrix Physical Chemical Biological TSS BOD COD Bacteria Viruses Surfactants Nutrients

25 Nitrification/ Denitrification Oxidation Reactions –Ammonification Converts Organic Nitrogen to NH 4 –Nitrification Converts NH 4 to NO 3 -N Reduction Reactions –Denitrification Converts NO 3 -N to Nitrogen Gas

26 Conditions Which Promote Denitrification Presence of Consumable Organic Matter Anoxic Conditions Nutrient Source for Bacterial Reactions Low Temperature Variability

27 NoMound ® DN - Concept Design Presence of Organic Nitrogen Present from Secondary or Advanced Treatment Unit Organic Carbon Source Available Reducing Environment - Anoxic Conditions Nitrogen Gas Generated by Denitrification Used to Control Water Table

28 Before NoMound ®

29 After NoMound ®

30 Contact Information for NoMound ® Paul Gruber NoMound OnSite Systems 1038 Frankland Road Tampa, FL 33629 813.251.5856 813.253.2997 (fax)

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