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P\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority 10-26-04.ppt WILLBROS Past and Future Presented to Wyoming Gas Authority Casper, Wyoming October 26, 2004.

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1 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt WILLBROS Past and Future Presented to Wyoming Gas Authority Casper, Wyoming October 26, 2004

2 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Willbros  Company History  North American Services  Experience in Wyoming  Go-Forward Agenda for Wyoming

3 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Brief History  Founded in 1908 as Williams Brothers Company  Public company since 1996; listed on the New York Stock Exchange  Achieved ISO 9001 certification in 1996  Engineered / constructed over 200,000 km (124,000 miles) of pipeline and related facilities

4 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Willbros Family Tree WILLBROS INTERNATIONAL, INC. WILLBROS GROUP, INC. WILLIAMS BROTHERS COMPANY PIPELINE ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION DIVESTITURES 1971-Present GAS TRANSMISSION E&P MIDSTREAM 1971 Fluor ENGINEERING Butler Associates, Inc. Butler - Culvern & Associates, Inc Willbros Butler Engineers, Inc. ACQUISITION CONSTRUCTION Willbros Engineers, Inc. Willbros Operating Services, Inc. Willbros RPI, Inc. Willbros Mt. West Inc. WILLBROS USA, INC. Willbros (Overseas) Limited Willbros West Africa, Inc. Willbros (Nigeria) Ltd. Willbros (Offshore) Nigeria Ltd. Willbros Middle East, Inc. The Oman Construction Co., LLC Willbros Al-Rushaid Limited Willbros Far East, Inc. Willbros Suramerica, S.A. Constructora CAMSA, C.A. Willbros Transandina S.A. Willbros MSI Canada Inc.

5 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Willbros North American Offices Ft. McMurray, Alberta WILLBROS MSI, INC. (Pipeline Construction / Maintenance) Calgary, Alberta WILLBROS MSI, INC. Gillette, WY WILLBROS MT. WEST, INC. (Facilities Construction) Salt Lake City, UT WILLBROS ENGINEERS, INC. (Pipeline / Facilities Engineering) Grand Junction, CO WILLBROS MT. WEST, INC. (Facilities Construction) Tulsa, OK WILLBROS ENGINEERS, INC. (Pipeline / Facilities Engineering) Baton Rouge, LA WILLBROS RPI, INC. (Pipeline / Facilities Construction) Houston, TX WILLBROS USA, INC. WILLBROS RPI, INC. (Pipeline / Facilities Construction)

6 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Focus  Project management / Program management  Project definition and planning, route and site selection  Preliminary engineering and permitting  Detailed engineering  Procurement  Construction  Turnkey EPC projects  Project solutions  Optimization  Funding  Asset development and ownership

7 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Expertise  Field gathering and production facilities  Processing facilities  Meter stations  Compressor and pump stations  Onshore and offshore pipeline systems (natural gas, petroleum products, LPG, crude oil and water)  Fuel storage and terminal facilities  Underground storage facilities  Pipeline integrity management

8 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Project Capabilities PROJECT Pipeline Integrity Management Personnel Training Commissioning & Startup Construction & Construction Management LogisticsProcurement Permitting Engineering Project Management Financial Assistance Due Diligence / Feasibility Studies Operations/ Maintenance

9 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Engineering News Record, October 2004, ranking the top 400 contractors, has ranked Willbros the No. 1 firm in the pipeline sector

10 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Relevant Projects Wyoming

11 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Opal Processing Plant TXP-4  Williams Gas Processing Company and Willbros Group, Inc.  Engineering, procurement, construction and funding of a 350 MMscfd cryogenic gas processing plant designed to recover up to 10,000 bpd of natural gas liquids  Plant is owned by Willbros and operated by Williams 0203

12 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Jonah Dehydration Facility  Williams Gas Processing Company  Engineering, procurement and construction of a 1.0 Bscfd gas dehydration facility at Williams’ Opal hub

13 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Kern River Gas Transmission System  Kern River Gas Transmission Company  Engineering services for a 1,102 km (685 mile) 36-inch natural gas pipeline system from Opal, Wyoming to Daggett, California  With an initial capacity of 700 MMscfd, the system included three compressor stations, measurement and maintenance facilities, a communication and data acquisition system and a separate 30- and 42-inch pipeline system from Daggett to Bakersfield, California  Services included field and as-built survey; right-of-way acquisition; material receiving and control; and the preparation of alignment sheets, permit drawings, construction specifications and bid documents 8992

14 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt MAPCO Rocky Mountain Expansion Project  Mid-America Pipeline Company (Enterprise Products Partners LP)  Engineering for 692 km (430 miles) of 8-, 10-, 12- and primarily 16-inch NGL pipeline loops  Services included project scheduling; preparation of construction bid documents; block valve, scraper trap and regulator station drawings; hydrostatic test and commissioning manuals; surge analysis; slope stability and routing study; technical evaluation of line pipe quotations; preparation of system schematic drawings, design basis and pipeline material requisitions and design of tie-ins 9899

15 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt MAPCO Rocky Mountain Expansion Project (cont’d)  Williams - MAPCO  Construction of 21 turbine and electric motor driven NGL pumping facilities in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming  Performed some civil, electrical, and mechanical design at various sites 9899

16 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Northwest Pipeline Expansion  Northwest Pipeline Corporation  Engineering and procurement services for a 620 km (385 mile) 6- to 30-inch looped expansion of an existing natural gas pipeline system and requalification of 167 km (104 miles) of natural gas pipeline  Services included route reconnaissance, survey, mapping, right-of-way and environmental permitting support, crossing studies, preparation of construction bid package and estimates, development of a hydrostatic test plan, side slope review and construction support 9193

17 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Pony Express Pipeline Conversion  K N Energy, Inc., (now Kinder Morgan, Inc.)  Engineering, procurement and project management for the decommissioning of a 916-mile, 8- through 24-inch, crude oil pipeline, conversion to natural gas service and construction of a new 114-mile, 12-inch, crude oil pipeline and a 100-km (62-mile), 16-inch, natural gas lateral  Services included preliminary cost estimates and due diligence investigation, FERC application support, hydrotesting, permitting, field services and construction inspection 9698

18 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Medicine Bow Lateral  Colorado Interstate Gas Company  Drafting and field services to support the FERC application and construction of a 234 km (145 mile) 24-inch gas pipeline  The project included route selection and route maps, road and waterway crossing permit drawings, ownership plats and pipeline alignment sheets 9899

19 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Wasatch Sour Gas Gathering System  Union Pacific Resources Pipeline Company  Engineering services to perform a piping stress analysis on portions of a 60 km (37 mile) 6- and 10-inch gas gathering pipeline system designed to transport 65 MMscf/d of sour gas at 1,760 psig  Services were provided for the southern portion of the system consisting of 6-inch laterals, six well sites, one flare site, two inline heater sites and three gathering trunkline junctions  The project included a metallurgical evaluation and the detailed design of the anchoring and piping modifications required for code compliance 9494

20 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Arlington, WY, Merino, CO, and Hugoton, KS, Compressor Stations  Williams Natural Gas Company (Williams Gas Pipeline – Central)  Engineering, design and procurement specifications for construction of two grass roots compressor stations consisting of one Solar Centaur T-4700 compressor and one addition to an existing compressor station consisting of two Solar Centaur T-4700 compressors and one Solar Centaur T-5500 compressor.  Design and specifications for piping systems and vessels, skid-mounted unit valve assembly, separators, fuel gas skid, coolers and auxiliary piping. Design of new buildings, plant primary instrument/utility air system, utility power and the new standby power generator system. Design of a new plant power distribution system (MCC), all AC and DC power, control and safety circuitry. 9797

21 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Husky Oil Company  Ralston Gas Products Plant  Detailed design, procurement assistance, plant evaluation, specifications, as-built drawings, O&M manuals, process facilities inspections, air quality studies and modeling  Byron Sour Gas Treating Plant  Detailed engineering, material specifications, procurement assistance, field engineering assistance and inspection, air quality studies and modeling

22 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt 0002 Shell Pipeline Company  Shell Pipeline Company LP (formerly Equilon Pipeline Company LLC)  Engineering and drafting services for crude oil, products and LPG pipelines, stations and terminals in support of Equilon Pipeline's Central Region operation  Services included data gathering and verification of equipment specifications at field locations, development of Protective & Control Device (P&CD) drawings, review and analysis of data for pipeline integrity assessment, structural design, pipeline relocation, drawing maintenance for DOT compliance and drawing organization and updating

23 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Go-Forward Agenda Wyoming

24 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Willbros’ Wyoming Focus  Assist oil and gas producers  Feasibility evaluations  Optimization studies  Stranded gas solutions  Project development services  Engineering and construction services  Project funding and equity participation in midstream assets  Operations

25 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt Willbros’ Wyoming Focus (cont’d)  Continue proactive dialogue with clients contemplating natural gas midstream and transmission assets within Wyoming  Continue to support state government efforts to facilitate sourcing and transmission of natural gas to market

26 p\mktg\presentations\Wyoming Gas Authority ppt WILLBROS

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