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Overview of Profiling for Hemodialysis

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1 Overview of Profiling for Hemodialysis
Overview of Profiling for Hemodialysis © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

2 Objectives Upon completion of this program, the participant should be able to: Define profiled dialysis Discuss the goals of profiled dialysis Define mechanisms involved during conductivity profiling and UF profiling Apply what is learned to individual cases in the clinical setting Read the slide © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

3 What Is Profiled Dialysis?
The manipulation of dialysate conductivity or rate of ultrafiltration (UF) The goal of profiled dialysis is: To control sodium and fluid removal To maintain patient equilibrium To minimize or eliminate the side effects of dialysis © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

4 Why Use Dialysis Profiling?
Patients may survive longer Improves tolerance to dialysis treatments Currently in dialysis treatments without profiling, there is a 30% - 40% incidence of side effects, including: Nausea, vomiting Hypotension Angina Cramping Vascular instability Applying profiling to dialysis treatments may reduce or eliminate untoward treatment side effects. © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

5 Patient Symptoms: Hypotension Headache and Loss of Consciousness
Cramping Angina Nausea and Vomiting © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

6 Hypotension in HD Contributing factors :
The ability of the heart to respond to the body’s needs Contributing factors : Decreased cardiac reserve Declining plasma osmolality High UF rates, volume depletion Antihypertensive drugs Autonomic nerve dysfunction Sodium and solute loss Blood vessels do not respond to low blood pressure © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

7 Treatment of Hypotension
Assess “dry” weight accurately Assure the correct dialysate concentrations Na+ > 140 mEq/l, bicarbonate buffer Use of sequential UF then dialysis Others Lower dialysate temp from 37ºC to 35ºC Proper positioning the patient Normal saline bolus Hypertonic saline And now, you can add Conductivity Profiling and/or Ultrafiltration Profiling to your list of treatment options. © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

8 Caution: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale, by or on the order of a physician
Read Instructions for Use prior to patient application Trademarks used herein are owned by or licensed to Gambro.Inc © Gambro Lundia AB Rev C

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